episode 3

“10yrs later” its been yrs now am done with schooling with a first class in business admin. but i didnt get a job and now am d breawinner of d family. well mom had an accident 2yrs ago while hawking and she went into state 4 2 yrs now. i do any job dat cross my way 2 help mom with her medication and my brothers fees. Now am advertizing some newly produced soft drinks and am being paid 4 dat but its not too much and 4rm here am going 2 my salesgirl work at a restaurant. Am done 4 d day and its 9:00 already and am abt 2 get a cab wen i got an alert 4rm “Alpha Ray”. its a kind of body dat deals in driving, bodyguarding and i trained there and i just got an alert to drive an important personnel. i took a cab 2 d said location and i was waiting 4 d said person by his car and he isnt out yet. the person is wasting my time and at last d dude came out drunk with his drunk girlfriend. “and who are u wat are u doing beside my car?” “u requested 4 a driver” “yea a driver and not a woman” “and wats d difference?” **

“u are a driver?” “yes” “wen did d country start recruiting female drivers” “i dnt knw sir. so where are we heading” “royal blues hotel and heres d key” we entered and drove off, the ride was peaceful until his girlfriend starts blabbing. “wow! mark 2day was great i never believed i meet those prominent pple ever in my ever” “well with money everything happens and everything will be as u want it” “dats y i luv u mark” bla bla and they started kissing and almost making out in my present and i forcely pulled d brake. “do u want 2 kill us” “pls can u be patient we are almost @ d hotel” “wats ur own” “ma u were distracting my driving” “just shut up and drive @least we are paying u” “am not interested in driving u again just pay me 4 d one i did” “no way if u dnt want 2 drive us u can just leave” ehn i came out drew him out and flipped him down and took his wallet. “wow dis is cool cash” “give me my wallet a—–e” “my pay is 20 but i will just take 10 jerk” “i will sue u in an american court” “f–k u



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