he mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve but a reality to experience. And to be the object of someone’s obsession is very horrible. Obiora (Ken Erics) is a young happy man who got married to a very beautiful lady Amara(Chinenye Uba) who disappeared mysteriously on the night that […]

Omotara – Latest Yoruba Movie 2020


Omotara Banks becomes the most sought after in her career because her energy, passion and charisma distinct from her colleagues until an awkward gesture create a different world for her. Related: My iron woman – part 16 and 17 Find out more in this captivating movie starring Wumi Toriola, Bukunmi […]

Owo – Latest Yoruba Movie 2020


Money is not the only tool that drives people but the interest and behavior that comes with it. Will this adage pose a befitting master to an illiterate but knowledgeable mechanic who discovered a whopping amount of money in his account and the supposed owner who craves to have it […]

My iron woman – part 16 and 17


Written by: Abike Episode 16 & 17 Writer’s POV Niniola came out wearing a white tank top and a pink bum short, with a puffy fashion pink slippers, her natural hair was all brushed to one side, She came out smilling wide to Jamal’s mom, she said Niniola:You are welcome […]

My iron woman – part 15


Written by: Abike Episode Fifteen Jamal’s POV Actually I can’t get anything for now, am having different kinds of feelings, Am I having feelings for her or what, does she feels the same way I do to her, I was just thinking about her in my office suddenly David and […]

Beautiful love song – part 37 and 38

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………….beautiful love❤song🎻[i know,i can’t be yours💜] ADESOLA ADEOMOWOLE.M. EPISODE 37❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ now,enjoy💗💗💗💗 🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕 “did you see anything??“I warned you not to come closer”I said,i can’t even look into his face, when am not high.He kept on looking at me quietly…Gaaad,I might have irritate him with the smell of my period flow.He […]

Beautiful love song – part 35 and 36


beautiful love❤song🎻(🌹🌹🌹Krishna🌹🌹🌹) ADESOLA ADEOMOWOLE.M. EPISODE 35❤❤❤❤ now,enjoy🚺🚺 🆕🆕🆕🆕 “ma’am, I don’t deserve any eviction. I also pay fee like other students” I said,speechlessly.“what money does a wretched fellow like you have to pay? Dice high pay 7million won per session,now tell me where you get such money? Lilly asked in front […]

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