Protected – Episode 19
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I watched him sleep last night, he looked good
while doing so, I could not sleep, I mean am
sure julliet and Justin think I seduced their
Am finished.
I think I have to woman up and talk to them.
Yes I will do that.
Put things in perspective, if they no longer
want me in their house, I will understand.
There was an upside to last evening though.
I spoke with kele, it was lit.
I explained everything, ok maybe not about
justice, I just told her about all the trials I went
through when I first got here.
She was sympathetic, told me Andrew is back
now if I wanted to return.
Good to know, keep my options open..
I shared my address and she shared deets on
what was happening in onitsha
Apparently my aunty and uncle are always
quarrelling now.
Seems she doesn’t do any house chores
again, I always did everything.
And seems that she has caught him cheating,
mutiple times.
He even hit on kele.
Sometimes I ask myself if I am actually related
to them..
It’s the morning after and I have to get to the
I have some sauce to make.
Justice left my room about an hour ago when I
was still sleeping.
I have to cook but I still have to talk to Justin
and julliet.
I quickly have my bath and I go downstairs.
It’s so nice wearing something new, this short
jumper feels nice.
It’s in a lovely shade of green.
I think it was in last year’s summer collection.
I can’t believe am wearing something so
I Pat my body with a smile as I get to the
I quickly make some rice, sauce, side dishes
like deboned chicken, some Salads and a
plate of fruit.
(Have I told you guys I want to be a world
class chef?-bebe)
I get this recipes from the internet and the food
There have been some trial and error.
If julliet knows how much food I waste in my
quest to make these sophisticated dishes, she
would scream.
But they turn out alright.
Today I will be needing food as a gift of the
I hope it bribes julliet and Justin.
I set the table and I ring the bell.
Am so nervous.
Julliet comes down first rubbing her eyes.
Seems master sage went home yesterday.
Alec follows and for some reason he looks like
he is sweating.
“Yo, magic”
“Yo, Alec”
Justin follows and i think maybe justice has
gone to work.
“Justice Is working out, that’s were Alec is
coming from too”
Julliet says this when she sees my gaze at the
I grimace, so much for keeping it cool..
I turn to her and Justin.
“It’s not about the money”
I blurt and she blinks.
Well you can take the girl out of the village but
not the village out of the girl.
Where are you from Magic,? blurting out that
kind of stuff, in front of Alec no less.
Justin replies me though.
“We didn’t think you were with our brother for
the money, magic.”
It’s my turn to blink.
“You didn’t?”
Julliet answers.
“It was so obvious the other day, you were
trying to make him jealous by flirting with
I blush.
She goes on.
“We like what we see magic, we like the
changes he is portraying since you came, ok ,
maybe not the first changes.”
She says it jokingly.
“You are good for our brother and we like that”.
I smile but I say.
“Am not rich, am a nobody”
Justin says this time.
“Good thing you are now a part of the Maxwells
family, eh?”
I blush at his kind words.
I am so grateful to this people.
“Ok so now that that is done, can we eat? Am
Alec says and I smile.
He is so grown up for his age.
I open the plates and the smell of the dish
wafts out.
“Looks good baby girl”
I almost squeak, he came up behind me.
He kisses my temple and he sits.
“Good morning famz”
“Eww Justy, slang is not for you”
Julliet says and I frown.
“Who is famz?”
“Famz is a shortened form of family”
Alec says while stuffing his face full of chicken.
I almost die.
Magic, you village girl.
“We have to bring you up to speed on slangs,
girlfriend, tots have to”
Julliet says and I nod.
“Tots is a shortened form of totally.”
She says.
Le sigh.
This people.
So breakfast went well, I mean after my
blunder, they gorged themselves on my meal.
That is one place I can never go wrong.
After the meal, justice went to the office.
Justin left too and dropped Alec at school on
his way.
Julliet went to the office too.
She looked like a hot secretary, all dolled up in
a suit with a turtle neck and cropped jacket.
I am shopping.
Well, am trying to get some groceries.
We are fresh out.
As I lift a small sack of potatoes my phone
Ha, my phone.
I bring it out and I see multiple texts.
Text 1-julliet.
‘please grab some Coco pops for Alec and
some ice cream and some Matini mixes, we
might have a girls night!’
I send her a quick thumbs up smiley .
Text 2.- Justin.
‘Get some grapes please, I have a craving’
I send a quick okay.
Seems everyone knew I was coming to the
Text 3-Big guy.
I didn’t programm his number like that, he did.
‘whatcha doing?’
I smile, leaning against the wall, dropping my
shopping basket.
‘Am at the store, you want anything?’
‘you are not ready yet for what I want baby’
‘what makes you think so’
I can’t believe I’m so bold.
‘shop baby girl, see you at home’
I smile as I close the messaging app and I pick
my basket.
As I lift my head my heart goes cold.
I blink and I loose the vision.
I think I just saw the gangster from the murder
I look around but no one is near.
Maybe I just thought it.
Maybe it was because I spoke about it with
kele last night, my subconscious is still scared.
It’s playing tricks on me.
I nod as I continue shopping.
When am done I move to the liquor isle.
I get some Matini mixes and some whisky.
You might think I am a pro but no, I had to
browse that.
As I pick a bottle that say ‘cherry wine’, am
pushed from the back and I fall, the bottle
crashing and breaking as it hits the ground.
A big piece lodging in my palm.
Blood instantly Wells up, I think I cut it very
I turn and I see Selene standing there looking
“That’s right you gutter slum, that’s what you
get for embarrassing me”
My hand hurts so bad, and am losing a lot of
A store attendant comes forward and begins to
help me up.
People are watching.
I just smile through my pain.
“It’s actually pathetic that as beautiful as you
are you do not know how to use pronoun”
She frowns.
“Gutter and slum means the same thing, bozo,
maybe you should check your dictionary
I say this and the store attendant chuckles.
Selene growls and walks away.
Now that she is gone I almost cry.
My hand hurts so bad.
I feel my self getting dizzy.
Oh hell.


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