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One day challenge
Star – queen
chidinma Jerry .m.
Deya’s dad held her hand well and sent her to his back.
“Kang hye?”he said
“Let her go, you are not her only guardian and as such you are not the only one who can decisions in her life”she said and took deya’s other hand.
Her dad nodded
“Good, let her ruin her life the same way you ruined yours” her dad said and angrily rushed out.
Alison looked back at some men from the crowd who turned and followed deya’s dad.
Deya hugged Mrs Madison in full tears.
Austin met with the boys in hugs and i met Alison
“Hey” I said
She angrily hit my chest
I smiled as I moved her into my arms and hugged her.
“Am sorry”I said
She smiled
“I can’t belive Mr Kim kidnapped Mrs Madison just because he wants to stop deya from singing.. should I file a charge?”she asked
“The case is weak..after all Mrs Madison worked as maid in his house so the court might say he has no motive for his action and it wasn’t kidnap”I said
“I know but I also know that he has a bigger motive for his action and i will find that out” she said
“I know you will” I said She smiled and hugged me tight after a while we unlocked and she still held my hand as she looked at deya.
Deya hastily looked away and took her mother’s hand.
She was obviously very jealous I smiled As Allison pinched my tummy
“Do you love her, like for real?”she asked.
I nodded
“And do you ThInK she loves you for you, not the money or the hotness..does she love you for who you are?”she asked.
I smiled as I remembered everything deya said that night when I tested her by asking her for a night.
“Yes she does, she loves me for me”I said she smiled
“Well you are free to be with her, I will uhmmm just talk–“her tears streamed down
I wiped them carefully and hugged her she smiled and held me tight
“I will tell my dad that I love someone else.I will talk to my dad before you bring deya to Australia” she said I smiled and nodded
I unlocked
“Hey, you will find someone else,who will love you for real”I said.
“Well i don’t know if I will be able to love anyone else” she said and brought out her gun then kissed my cheek.
I smiled as she rushed out some men followed her.
Deya came over
“Uhmm how is she?”she asked
“Shes fine”I said she smiled as she looked around.
I know she’s wondering if she can hug me in public.
I smiled and gently took her hand her mum came over and hugged me.
“Deya I love your mom so much..it seems i will leave u for her now”I said deya punched my tummy and hugged her mum tight.
Just the right mum.
Nana looked so confused and devastated.
I know very well that she planned this with her dad.
I can’t believe she can be so wicked.
Her dad rushed up and met with her.
good luck I texted deya
She smiled
Is miss Blake still in in this challenge.
Deya hugged her mum who pushed her further so she ran up.
I moved in with the boys
“Where Is Austin,”I asked
“Dunno”jace said i looked around when I saw rose.
She smiled happily as she bowed to me.
I smiled.
Jeremy and Evan walked up.
“Oppa hy”she said in a smile I smiled she is too cute.
She bowed to jace who smiled shyly.
Does he like her
“Oppa where can I see deya?”she asked.
She talks like deya.
“Uhmmm just follow–
“I will show her”jace said i walked out.
Jace’s pov
I just enjoy seeing this girl.
“Uhmmm are you sure”she asked as she looked at my guards then looked at me from hair to toe.
I signalled the guards to go
“Ummmm yes..let’s go” I said.
She bowed and stood well then walked slowly soon we got to the stair
“Uhmmm are you still a student?”I asked
“Uhmmm are you talking to me?”she asked in surprise.
I nodded
“Yes, queens high” she said I smiled and nodded.
She looked around
“Uhmm are we climbing the stairs”she said and tried moving I took her hand.
She quietly moved back
“Did I do something wrong?”she asked
“Can I have your number..I will like to call you sometime”I said
“Well i lost my phone” she said.
I nodded and handed her my phone after removing my card.
“Uhmmm Noo I can’t accept this ..how will i pay back?”She asked
“Uhmm by being my friend”I said.
“I don’t make friends with boys like you” she Said
“Huh”I added
“Oppa bye” she said and ran away.
She suddenly stopped
“Uhmmmm which way?”she asked I smiled.
“What do you hate about me?”I asked.
“The fact that to u are rich?”she added
“What is wrong with rich boys”i said
“You use and dump poor girls like us”she said
“Hey don’t judge me with your ex boyfriend”i said.
She smiled
“I don’t have an ex boyfriend Mr ” she said.
I smiled as I ran after her
“So show me deya”she said
I smiled and walked her up
“I didn’t know you where outspokenly stubborn”I said she smiled.
Austin’s pov.
I ran after alisson. I like her, at least we can be friends but she is so stubborn.
Hmmm how is Bryan coping with this girl..
She walked very fast with some boys.
“Detective”I said she turned and directed her gun at me I smiled and raised my hand innocently.
Her men left in front.
“Hey”I said
“I have to abduct someone now,”she said
“Can you at least give me your number”I said
“I don’t give out my number she said.
“Uhmm that’s a lie”I said she handed me her personal phone.. with the contact on the screen.
Only mom,dad,kid sis nelly,Bryan.
“Dont you have friends”I asked
“No. what! do you want to check my work phone too? “she said and handed me the phone all I saw was detective this defective that.
“Why are you — Allison please be my friend” I said
“Austin you are a womanizer. hundred percent. Now I already did a research on you when I saw you follow me into the plane. I know what you want but am not that kind of girl now leave me alone or I will–“she raised her gun I smiled.
She walked out.
I still ran after her
Nana’s pov
I met dad
“Nana you defeated her before and i know you can do It again”my dad said
“But dad”i added
“3million votes..Nana You are a born winner so go there and do not fail me”he said i nodded and rushed up.
I walked into deya and her mum in the stair I ran past them.
After a while I saw deya coming up the challenge floor.
Bryans pov
I feel so scared and so not scared at the same time.
Its now or never deya.
Deya and nana faced the Mic and nana sang first.
God she sang so beautifully..her voice was just perfect.
First voice of Korea..She still has the talent.
Finally it was deya’s turn.
She smiled as her mum waved at her.
She held The Mic
mom this song is for you.
Thank you for telling me to dreame.
She smiled.
she told me,dreame odeya dreame.
the world is yours my baby
no matter where,,no matter when, dream my baby dreame.
my mama said,my baby dreame,
dreame like its all you have.
even if the world is falling apart
dreame odeya dreame.
now here I am
am far from home
trying to dreame mama.
even if the sky, would rain fire down.
i will dreame..mummy I’ll dreame.
even if that darkness floods my cloud..
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I will dreame, mummy i’ll dreame.
everyone clapped.
My mouth was still open.
Mrs Madison rushed up and hugged deya.
I waited patiently and after 1hour’s Diego Walked out.
“Wow this is tough”he shouted.
Everybody laughed.
“Kim Nana in one hour has 6 million votes.
Everybody screamed her dad clapped deya already looked discouraged.
“And odeya Blake in one our has………..

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