Episode 1


Cal returned from The States His business trip has just been cut short as a result of the distress call he received from his loving wife, How will he ever be able to explain that some gunmen kidnapped his child at school while he was away! Their driver had gone to the airport to pick him up, the moment he stepped his feet into the house the sight he saw didn’t speak well, he met san all sprawled on the floor crying her eyes out and people all gathered around her to console her. For the past two day she had been like that all weeping for her loving 3yrs old daughter! The moment she noticed his presence, her tears increased and this pricked Cal’s heart, he dropped his briefcase on the floor and sat heavily on the available sofa closest to him.

How did it happen? He asked no one in particular, And she stood from the floor and rushed to him leaving the people consoling her behind, baby they took her away, ella has been taken from us she said as she clutched to cal’s arms who took her in a hug and smooch her hair trying his best to calm her down, words can’t express how he felt, to say he was confused is an understatement, He couldn’t imagine a kidnap of a little girl such as daniella would be issued by anybody! Who have i wronged he asked in his head! Just like they were thinking the same thoughts san spoke up, baby who did we offend that decided to take away my jewel she asked the confused looking cal.

The sympathizer too knew the couples were a loving couple, it would be very abnormal, for anyone to kidnap their precious daughter, why her? Was the only question on their lips. It’s ok honey it’s going to be fine , What are the police saying about this? They are still yet to find anything! Darling, Be fine love nothing will happen to her, Cal said! Assuring her! He stood up to go out! And where are you going to baby? I wanna see the DPO! He replied to her, in that case let me follow you. No baby she you are not fit to go out yet! Just refresh up and wait for me he said and kissed her, he entered the car and zoomed off to the police station.

San had managed to go freshen up, not after appreciating the kind gesture of the sympathizer, they had been her strength and adviser for the past two day. She went to the bathroom and took her bath, the maid help her make some food which she ate! After eating she went straight to her room for a rest! But at the hallway she passed daniella’s room, but just like a wipe her memory stunned her! And all the memories of her child came crushing on her head and she started weeping all over again.

How adorable her baby looked, a striking resemblance of Cal her handsome husband! The child looked so much like him, her fair skin always glowed so brightly and radiantly that even the sun couldn’t compete with it (Sky Prince terms), how chubby her dimpled cheeks looked, coupled with her succulent small pink lips, God had blessed her with a gem, she was just too adorable to be stolen from her, she could remember the child’s as she opened her room door, she perceived her smell by now her tears has increased to it’s peek, she could see her little princess bed and every fascinating thing about the room, the room had been designed to be very much like a fairytale princess room, San’s hand caresses the bed and it flickered on something, and the rhythmic tune of creches rhyme flowed through the air, it was a small device built in her bed to proved her lullaby at night, the tingling feelings increased her tears and made her miss her daughter the more. She couldn’t tell why, but the feeling that her daughter was no more kept ringing in her head. Hmmm…. So much for a mother.


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