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The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Drake’s POV
I was about taking her bomshort down when something stopped me.
What else but My conscience.
The guilt I felt. It was too strong.
I couldn’t go further.
I can’t do this. I can’t.
I picked up my shirt and wore it back.
“Drake, what’s wrong?” Claire muttered.
“Goodnight Claire,” I said and walked out.
I thought that I could.
Why can’t I? I couldn’t even try!
I felt like I was going to hurt someone so dear to my heart and who else but Clara! I felt so guilty like a boyfriend who was about to cheat on her comitted girlfriend.
I walked into my suite and fell on my bed and rubbed my forehead.
‘Clara why making me feel this way.
Why hurting me? why did you let me get so close to you.
Why did let me help you outta your heartbreak and you made me fall so deeply inlove with you. Something that I promised myself never to do! You made me love again only for you to go back to him.
How could you!
I thought going away from you would solve the whole thing and make me get you outta my mind but nothing has changed. I couldn’t even have sex with Claire! Even in my tipsy state.
Clara this wasn’t what I dreamt of. What I dreamt of was us, in a garden, holding hands and kissing as we professed our undying love for each other but why did it turn out this way?

That dream gave me some hope but that little hope had been shattered. It’s no more.
Clara please get the hell outta my mind, get the hell outta my thiughts. I wanna be my old self again!’
My phone began ringing in my trouser pocket. I ignored it and threw the pillows away.
“Damn!” I yelled and hit my fist on the bed.
My phone kept ringing.
Tears rolled down my eyes.
“I hate the way im feeling. I hate that im finding it so hard to stop! I want to stop it!” I cried.
The phone began ringing again. I took it out and glanced at it. Brenda.
I dropped it on the bed.
‘Brenda had been telling me how much she love me and wanna be mine. She’s been trying her best! and here I am, crying over a lady who never cared about me and my feelings. Who now chosed to be with her boyfriend after swearing never to.
How can I when there’s someone who is dying just to be mine!

But I don’t like her, I don’t like Brenda and I can’t see myself liking her even a bit of it. Im just so annoyed with myself!
I regret ever getting to know Clara. I regret ever helping her outta her damn heartbreak.
I regret ever falling inlove with her!
Why did I let that happen? why!’
The phone began ringing again.
I angrily picked it up to switch it off but saw it was Danelle calling.
I sighed. I couldn’t ignore it.
Im gonna tell her the truth if she must know.
I picked up the call.
“Hi Drake” her voice sounded too calm and unusual.
“Danelle,” I said amidst my tears.
I heard her sigh. “I know something is wrong and now even in your voice, im certain that something isn’t right. I just wanna know the truth, tell me the truth please,” she said.
I sighed.
I know she was gonna find out soon.
She’s a smart girl.
“Drake please I need the truth,” she said.
I sighed, “She still love him,” I said as more tears rolled down my eyes.
“What! you mean my sister?” she asked, her voice coming up.

“Yes, she’s still inlove with him. She had forgiven him and accepted to love him no matter what he did to her,” I said.
“What rubbish! How did it happen. She went to see him right?” I could feel the anger in her voice.
“Yes she did. I drove her. She came out with red eyes and when I asked if she still love him, she she told me that she don’t know. That was saturday and then the next day, she went to see him and it all started. She forgave him and said she’s still inlove with him and can’t leave him no matter the circumstances. She’s still inlove with Noah and I was just about telling her my feelings! I couldn’t bear it so I left maymack but leaving haven’t changed anything yet. I still think about her.
I wanna get her outta my mind but I find it so hard to. She’s clouded my mind. Danelle im deeply inlove with your sister and it’s something that I can’t stop but im gonna try harder, really harder. Goodnight Danelle,” I said and switched off thr phone.
‘Im gonna try harder to get her outta my mind!’
[Hamilto High School (Girls dormitory] Danelle’s POV
“He switched off his line,” I told Tessy with the pains I felt.
She sighed. “I can’t believe this, how can she accept him back. I mean that’s weird. Is she even aware of the consequences and challenges?” Tessy said.

“Love blinded it all. She never thought about it but im gonna make sure she get back to her right senses! what’s wrong with my sister!”
“How do you intend stopping her? she has already made up her mind,” Tessy said.
“I’ll scream senses into that skull of hers!” I said.
“Uhm how? she got no phone now,” she said.
“If it means going to Maymack, then I will,” I said and called my mom.
She picked up at the third ring.
“Mom can you even believe it!” I said.
“What’s that dear?”
“Sis just forgave Noah and not just that, she accepted him back. How could she! a prisoner! Drake told me everything. How could she go back to that drug dealer! mom im gonna stop sis no matter what it takes! mom, Drake loves her so much. I can see them together. Drake was there for her all this while!”
“Just like the drug dealer was,” mom said.
“Drake isn’t a drug dealer. He is a banker mom! he is much better and he loved her so much. He was heartbroken. I want him for my sister. Why’s she so dump. Drake is in pains!” I said.
“The worse now is that she smashed her phone because of the same guy she just accepted back. We can’t communicate with her accept going to maymack,” mom said.
“And I don’t mind doing that mom,” I said.
She sighed. “Clara is making a huge mistake. I wonder how the idiot got her to forgive him to the extent of accepting him back,” mom said.
“I’ll do everything to stop her and make her realize how much Drake loves her,” I said.

“Danelle please don’t let this come inbetween your examinations. Leave this to me. I’l go over to talk to your sister,” she said.
“Before you do, it might be too late. I can’t let that prisoner keep decieving my sister, never again!” I said.
Brenda’s POV
I wore my heels and picked up my phone.
The time said. ‘8:50pm’
“I’ll go now. If I find the damn girl with him, then im so gonna deal with her,” I said to Nikky who layed on my bed, chewing gum.
“C’mon babe calm down, we should be talking about the interview issue now,” she said.
“In not, im going to Drake, im tired of my calls being unpicked.” I said and walked out with my car keys.
I walked into my car and soon, I was on the road, driving to Maymack.
“Drake not picking my calls gotta end tonight! If I dare see the brat with him, im gonna make her regret ever going close to Drake.”
‘I don’t even wanna think about the damn contract that I couldn’t get. It was said to be given to one ugly looking Mary Miller. Ahh! well I know what to do, the stupid man just need money which is more than what Mary Miller gave or whatever else. Im getting that contract!’
I pulled into maymack and the first thing that suprised me was Drake’s car no where to be found in the large compound.
I stopped the car engine and walked out of my car, stared briefly at the girl’s door before walking to Drake’s car.
I got there and foud it locked. He’s out.
Wait, with the brat!?
I rushed to her door and found it unlocked.
I rang the doorbell and it was opened in the next second like she was right at the door about to open it and then I rang the doorbell.
I scanned her from up to down. She had her hair packed in ponytail. She wore a pourple with white dots pajamas and on her feet are white fur bedroom slippers.
If she’s home than where is Drake?
I pushed her outta the way and entered.
Is this the girl Drake said is more beautiful than I?
I scanned around before turning to face her.
“I heard that you are having some trashy thing with my boyfriend and now, im here to warn you- to stay clear off him. Count today a lucky day for you that I didn’t see you with Drake. If you don’t wanna face my wrath, get your ass far away from my boyfriend.” I warned.
She foled her arms.
“And who is your boyfriend?” she asked.
I rolled my eyes. “Drake Alvin, your neighbour is my boyfriend. So whatever you have with him, stay clear now or better still, move outta this apartment and far away from him. If you can’t afford the bills, I’ll pay it all, if you prove stubborn then im gonna keep you at the place where you belong,” I threatened.
She loosened her hair and repacked it, right in my front.
She walked to the door.
“Miss, you can’t just come to my house to threaten and warn me. Why didn’t you investigate well enough before doing so? or better still, ask your boyfriend what we are. I have nothing with your boyfriend. We are just friends and neighbours,” she said.
“I don’t care what you both are but grab my warning and get it into your damn skull. Stay far away from Drake, I repeat stay far away from Drake,” I warned.
She grabbed the doorknob.
“I have nothing with Drake and if you must know, your boyfriend haven’t been home for three days now,” she said and I raised my brows.
“So kindly leave and find him,” she said and opened the door.
I walked to her. “You mean Drake’s been out for three days now, where did he go?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” she said. I noticed the pain in her voice and the sad look on her face.
Now it’s obvious she had been expecting him and thought he was the one at the door and she rushed for it only to see me standing there.
I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll get through with this but take my warning, very serious. If you don’t wanna be in a mess, do what I said,” I warned and with that, I left – back into my car.
I dialled Drake line. Switched off.
I sighed worriedly. I hope he’s fine. Where did he go to?
I fastened my seatbelt and drove off.
‘Where the hell is Drake?!’
Clara’s POV
I sat back down on the couch.
‘What? why would she come to warn and threaten me that way? Why would she think i’ve got something to do with Drake.
Her boyfriend? Drake told me how much she hate her. Why’s she calling him her boyfriend. She’s too arrogant.’
I sighed when I glanced at the door 10:02pm’
“Where is Drake, where is him! Ahhh im so scared and worried sick. It’s been three days now.
I checked two more times that night before finally going to bed atound 12am.
I wonder when I slept off.
[Next Day: Wednesday] Same story.
I dressed up and went to work.
My worry had become too much for me now and I couldn’t help it.
I hope I don’t mess up at the operation room today. Thank God it’s just one operation scheduled for Dr. Rosh today.

I wonder what’s wrong? Drake just disappeared like that.
My fear became much.
More stories @
[Seashore resort: Beach] Drake’s POV
Walking along the beach shore of thick smooth sands.
I held Claire’s hand.
“So about last night, what happened?” Claire asked.
“I won’t lie to you Claire, she clouded my thoughts but I wanna stop it,” I said.
She nodded. “Actually I was tipsy that’s why,” she said.
I stopped and faced her, taking her other hand too. She stared at me.
“I wanted it Claire but I don’t understand myself,” I said with a sigh.
“You really are inlove and you need to go back to her and get her to become yours. Im sure your love would get her to be yours,” she said.
I shook my head. “I don’t want to. She went back to a boyfriend who kept lying to her for years,” I said.
“Really, lies?” she asked.
“Yeah and she found out in the most painful way. I stayed with her during those bad moments because I was nursing feelings for her already and I wanted to help her out and then make her mine. During those few days, I fell crazily inlove with her then she thought she had gotten better and she went to see him. She let him get her with his words and she forgive him and accepted him back,” I said, excluding some more details.
“Maybe she really love him,” she said.
“Yeah and that is why I wanna get her off my mind. I need you to help me Claire,” I said.
“How do you want me to?” she asked with her eyes narrowed.
“Let’s try it again. I wanna make love with you Claire and im sure that’s gonna be a step for me please.”
She chuckled.
“What do you mean? im not a whore,” she said.
“Claire you aren’t a whore, and I don’t see you as such. I just need to have this moment with you. Maybe we gonna fall inlove after and we’ll be happy together.” I said.
She shook her head. “It sounds awkward Drake. You wanna use me to get some girl outta your mind. Drake you gotta know that even if we have sex. It won’t stop you from thinking about her or from loving her.” she said.
I dropped her hands and pushed my hair back with a sigh.
“But I just wanna have that moment with you Claire,” I said.
“You couldn’t last night, then you think you can now?” she said.
I took her right hand and placed my other hand on her cheek.
“I will Claire. Please I really wanna have that moment with you. Please grant it to me one more time and I promise not to do such,” I said.
“C’mon Drake. I can’t say that for now,” she said.
I sighed. “Alright.”
We continued our walk. I held her hand again.
“Did I tell you?” she asked.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“I’ll be leaving tomorrow. My sister called this morning that they are coming back home tomorrow,” she said.
I sighed.
“Claire im gonna miss you,” I said.
She stopped. “Me too,” said and then wrapped her arms around my waist.
“And that is why im gonna give you this last chance,” she said.
I smiled and kissed her on the lips.
“Thanks baby,” I said and carried her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed on.
She pulled away. “Drakee,” she mumbled.
“I just wanna have you now,” I said.
“Let’s go to-” she glanced at the lodge.
“to your suite,” she said.
I smiled, kissed her and dropped her.
I held her hand as we headed back to the lodge – then to my suite.
Once we were in, and the door closed! I trailed biteful kisses on her neck as we fondled with each others clothe.
She moaned, making me want her more.
I pulled off her tank top, her boobs came in view. She wore no bra. I sucked on her nipples which she responded with her amazing moans.
My shirt was off.
I carried her to the bed and dropping her, I pulled off her yellow bomshort to reveal a piece of sexy yellow lingerie.
I dragged it off.
She pushed me to the bed and rolled ontop me then came to my ear. “Trying to avoid excuse this time,” she whispered and pushed her lips on mine which I reciprocated. Her hands found my belt.
And with the strong guilt that I was feeling but ignored it all, we began a hot sex session.

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