( Odeya )
I looked at 4 of them,I thought they where
5.whoops!! they are all pretty and expensive.
The pretty hotness was closer to the friendly
looking one then the remaining 2 where
behind.he looked at me for a while, its obvious
he didn’t recognize me, I mean why would he
recognize me..I shouldn’t be in dreame high.
he rolled his pretty eye .
” in the future, you should be less clumsy” he
said and walked past me.I looked at them and
they walked past totally.Thank God,now my
identity is secure..he didn’t recognize me.
” guys we have history class” a student said
and they cleared out.. zaina left with her
crew.Min ah came to me
” do you know Bryan from somewhere?”She
asked me
” who is Bryan?” I asked back
“The first guy”she said.
“No,”I said.
“Ok.”She replied.
” can I ask you something?”I asked.
” Yes”she said.
” that student who died,did Bryan really stone
her.” I asked
“Bryan? Bryan rarely comes outside,he doesnt
talk,he doesn’t smile,he doesn’t care.
Bryan wasn’t part of the stoning and even if he
was there he wouldn’t stone but he Wont also
save her,there’s a kind of live he has,he rarely
associates with human beings.. he just doesnt
really care so whatever happens is free to
happen.”she said
” but every body mentions his name calling him
bad”I said
” well i don’t think he is good enough too cause
even if you are on fire he Wont turn..I don’t
know of its pride of just introvercy.”she said.
” so which of the boyfriends threw the first
stone?”I asked
” Austin.. of course, I wasn’t in school but I
don’t think Bryan was there.”she said.
I smiled
” so why didn’t tell them your real identity?”
She asked
” well because I am commoner”i said.
She closed my mouth with her pretty fingers
” what!!!! What are u doing in this hell
zone?”She asked.
” well i got admitted by haleys dad” I said.
” do u know why commoners suffered in
dreame high?”She asked
“No”I said
“Well the students rioted against scholarship
but the school board didn’t listen and gave
scholarship so the whole students bulied and
treated commoners bad until the either ran
away or committed suicide. After this the
scholarship was closed also meaning no more
commoners.ODEYA if you get found out you
Wont survive it and secondly your admission
won’t be steady it would start shaking and you
might loose it” she said.
” I will try my best to stay safe” I said.
“PLease do ” she said.
Evans pov.
We sat in our room up stairs, yea we normally
attend class from here but not when sir barder
is in class, the man is so mean and he Wont
attend class unless everybody is present and if
you don’t attend his class he would send an
appeal to sir edwardo and sir edwardo doesnt
play with studies. We all watched the class
from the projector, jeremy sat pouring himself a
glass of wine, he likes wine. jace loves food as
well as bryan, though Bryan won’t show it. I
love chocolates ..Bryan went to meet sir
barder,you won’t believe he took the 99th
position again,we have been laughing our
brains out.
” jace this new girl is hot” I said as I watched
her from the projector,eating a pen in
class..what a girl.
” Yea, shes pretty. I heard she’s under political
money, she looks like them” jace said.
I watched Jeremy who was looking at her for a
while as he sipped his wine.
“Political money? I wonder who her father is”
Jeremy said.
“We can still investigate, Austin said walking in,
I thought he traveled.
Austin is just the baddest in our crew,so bad.
” Austin I thought you traveled?”Jeremy said.
” I have an invite to Lenora’s show at
blinkz,who is coming with?”Austin asked.
” am going” Jeremy said.
” we all are “, i said looking at jace who nodded.
” where is our 001?” Austin asked.
” I think sir barder called him?”jace said
” don’t tell me he took the 100th position
again”Austin said and we laughed.
Class ended and we watched from the projector
as the whole students faced the new girl.
” so miss political money,who is your father?”k
asked her.
We all started laughing when the girl ran away
and the whole class ran after her jeremy
” I think that girl is a commoner”Austin said.
” I don’t think so,she’s a friend to Haley
Darren,the senators daughter” jace said
” good because we don’t need commoners any
more,the news and chaos was much”I said.
” I still think she is a commoner” Austin said.
” why?”Jeremy asked
“Ok guys, lets investigate her. she is my own
scape goat and she’s hot sooo, if it turns out
that she’s a commoner I won the bet and
number 2 I will use that to lure her into my bed”
Austin said.
We smiled.
” what If she says no,not every girl is as cheap
as you think” I said.
” If she says no,I will make dream high hell for
her”he said.
“Thats possible but she’s not a
commoner,she’s pure political money” I said.
“Then it’s a bet,I will prove that she’s a
commoner and all of you will help me get her or
ruin her ” Austin said
“What if you don’t prove her a commoner”I
asked him.
” I will do the next Saturday clean up alone” he
said and i love the sound of that.
“Ok game ” jace said.
” am in” I shouted.
Jeremy didn’t talk ,he just watched the preview
quietly as the girl ran round about the
compound, he chuckled.
“Jeremy?”Austin said
“Waaaaat… sure” Jeremy said.
” Ok Austin,we are waiting for your almighty
proof” I said.
” thats easy, we have a meeting with Mr
williams later tonight and am leaving after the
show Saturday”Austin said.
” cool,” I said.
” what’s her name?”Austin asked, he loves
women like mad but that girl is hot.
“We don’t know”jace said.
I had been runing for a while now, immediately
I heard
” hey political money, you didn’t tell us your
fathers name” i ran for my life.
I was looking for a place to hide and finally I
found one.
I snuck up and climbed the stairs soon I
arrived. I took a deep breath as I looked
around.I looked down and saw Bryan omg..am
so lucky.
But what is he doing here alone. it’s so pretty
down here and he doesn’t even know someone
is here.
he is so cute,he looks like a baby.reminds me
of David, that’s Mrs Patrick’s son, I take care of
him sometimes.
I leaned on the pavement and watched bryan
quietly,why don’t u have a friend to stay with
pretty hotness?
He suddenly sang out, ok he is trying to write a
song. I heard in class that he has the lowest
grade,always taking the 100th position,so cute
and funny.
he sang
one more chance, baby one more night
I beg you,……let me in.
all I need is one last dance,baby one last
song song.
with you.
What a golden voice,I might as well spend my
whole day here watching you.. i wish I was your
friend maybe I Will give you this cream for the
hot water mark.
He wrote some stuffs down and for a while, who
said he was wicked? he seems so calm.
Omg , am so hungry..I ran away from lydia
making me starve now am runing away from
queen zaina, somebody just kill me let me die.
He was done writting, He dropped the paper
and picked his milk shake so cute the diamond
ring on his finger shined. Why does he enjoy
being in this lonely place.odeya how did you
find this place? I looked around and that was
when I saw the signs
Ok then, am dead.
I wanted to leave but He was trying to open the
milk shake cup and he couldn’t, ordinary cup!!
He can’t open it ,hahaha so funny, he really
can’t open a cup , how many maids do u have?
He was opening it from the wrong direction then
he exclaimed angrily
” ahhh annoying, open already” he said softly.
And I didn’t even know when I spoke
“Put your finger under from the left edge ” I
said, oh no WHAT did I do? i used a finger to
cover my mouth and he successfully opened
the drink he smiled then he looked up and I
moved in.
I think he saw me,omg no where to hide.
” just come out,whoever you are”he said.
Omg odeya hold your mouth.
I watched him drop his cup on the chair then he
rushed up after me.
Why do I keep getting into trouble


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