Edited by: D’ghandi

Its been over 6 months since I have attended a wedding ceremony of Sister
Blessing at Modakeke in Osun State. In two years gone by, I used to while my
Valentine festivity at a Viewing centre.What better way could a Bachelor as I do
have spent his Valentine’s night other than at a viewing centre on a Champion’s
league night? . Unfortunately, this year’s Valentine season falls on an Europa
League night. Meanwhile,Barcelona isn’t an Europa League team. As a result,
Valentine is going to be as good as sleeping on my 6 ft inch sized bed upon arrival
from work. Suddenly, my phone beeps to jostle me out of my deep thoughts. It was
Bro. Peter.
Hello Bro. Gbenga. How was work sir? Bro. Peter’s “MIZ” kind of voice
transmitted over the phone.
Hi Sir.. I replied
After an exchange of pleasantries and talks, then he dropped the bombshell.
Hope you didn’t forget Sister Dayo’s wedding happening in two days time
“Ding dong”
An alarm rang in my head. I have totally forgotten about the wedding.
Don’t tell me you have forgotten already. Bro. Peter asked again making me jolt
out of my thought.
Errmm.. I begin to stammer
Seriously Bro Gbenga? Bro Peter asked while continuously interrupting my
What are you thinking? Ehn…as he busted into his habitual genre of laughter
I have oooo..seriously Bro Pete. I said
I love calling him Bro. “Pete”. It reminds me how Mary Jane calls Spiderman
“Pete Parker”
You have no excuse bro. You only have to be there. He reiterated over the phone
then hanged up.

How could I prepare for a wedding I had never thought I would attend in 24 hours?
I asked myself while I drifted into the dreamland.
It was Saturday already. I had managed to pick at one of my “Senatorial style of
dressing”. Its been my first wedding attendance in over 8 months- a reason I
couldn’t help aesthetically showing up in a grand style.
Ghandi and I drove down to the wedding venue in our respective Sky blue 2016
model Camry which matched our outfit perfectly. We pulled over outside the event
centre and walked into the hall in where I met with some of the DLCF family
Don’t tell me you’ve come to steal the bride away. I heard someone teasing behind
me. It was no other person than Bro. Peter.
I turned around and was startled by his outfit. Well dressed in a white but purple
spiceups native attire, a well starched Agbada as sculpted like that of the late
Kolawole Olawuyi and a nice and well designed Hausa cap which fits right into his
head. !
I should be asking you that Bro. Pete. I replied. And wait, if I ever had found a
sister, I would have handed her to you so as to make an invitation for two wedding
ceremonies I would have. I jokingly replied and we both laughed.
Then we walked over to the table as reserved for the campus church. It was a near
full house. Bro George (the anchor man & the current President, Bachelor’s
association of Nigeria (BAN), DLCF Ijoko chapter), Bro Ibukun, Bro Seun, Sister
Mabel, Sister Ife, Sister Damilola ( Deputy Chairlady, Sprinster’s association of
Nigeria (SAN), DLCF Ijoko Chapter), Sister Yemi, Sister Oluwatoyosi and some
others that I can’t even remember were in attendance. Sister Dayo was looking
really radiant and stunning. And her hubby? Don’t even let me start describing
how Handsome he was. Ondo no dey carry last na. Our husband materials are
always complete with an extra to it. The M.C was fascinating throughout the show.
Sooner than we anticipated, we were called to come and snap with the latest
couples in town.
On returning from the shooting platform upon where we struck pose for shots.
Someone ran into me and spilling a glass of wine on me.

Oh my God, Oh My God! I heard the person say as I looked away from my wine-
steeped outfit at the person who had caused me that much an embarrassment when

it occured to me that it was one of Sister Dayo’s Bride’s maid who was the culprit.
I am so sorry sir. I was much in an awry when I accidentally bumped into you. The
lady kept apologizing as my mind drifted into a long sway from where we both
were. I couldn’t let go staring at her. Oh my! I was mesmerized and hypnotised by
her beauty. Is she human or an angel? I managed to soliloquised over again. Oh
my! She is one of the most beautiful creature of God whom I have ever beheld!
God really took his time out to create this epitome of beauty whom I have been
staring at all this while during her Hetter skelter trying to clean up the mess of
wine which she inflicted on me.
I am so sorry once again sir. Please accept my apology. She said again after she
had done cleaning me up.
What’s your name? I asked stuttering
Fiyinfoluwa Adam. A colleague of the bride. She said as I watched her walked
And that was where it all started!
And how I met Fiyinfoluwa. Like a kid’s play, we seamlessly got along within
some days and our friendship was effortlessly growing. Our compatibility was
more like the MFM formation with Liverpool. (Which MFM were you thinking?
Mo’ Salah, Firminho and Mane)
Valentine’s day came. Fiyin and I met after the day’s work at Shoprite mall and did
some few shopping, we both see a movie together till late at night.
Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. After a year, the relationship
between Fiyinfoluwa and I blossomed. On the Valentine’s eve of 2020, I proposed
to her right inside the bank hall where she worked. It was one of the happiest
moment of my life. Then our wedding plans sets in and the D-day came when I
was meant to customarily premier an official visit in honor of the wedding
It was not my first time in Oyo state but my first visit to Awe. I was welcomed into
their home like a king. The reception I received from her younger siblings was one
of its kind. Within minutes, my favourite food was served and for the first time, I
was eating at the dinning table with her entire family. The tantalizing aroma of the

“Gbegiri” and “Ewedu” with assorted meats in one plate and another of hot Amala
beckoning which triggering hormonal release for relaxation.
Father, lord! Help me not to lose my home training because all of these
preferences. I prayed inside of me while we all ate in silence.
After the lunch with the family, her Dad and I took out sometime to talk and he
laden me with a bunch of questions which I believe cant be likely even on “who
wants to be a millionaire”. Above it all, we were able to finish up the question and
answer session with football talks and fortunately for me, he was a Barcelona fan.
Fiyinfoluwa later joined us in the sitting room amidst the football talk with her
father. Not long, her mother came in and she sat opposite me. Fiyin’s dad later left
us as he has some meetings to attend.
Omo mi, (my child) welcome to our home. Fiyin’s mother broke the silence.
Thank You ma. I replied with a smile of satisfaction.
But your name is quite familiar. She said
Oh really? I asked not knowing the angle where she is coming from.
Gbenga Olowo right? She asked again
Yes ma. I replied
Did you by any means know anybody by that name Olamide Olowo?
Fiyin and I looked at ourselves at the same time then busted into laughter.
After some time, we stopped laughing
I am Ola_Olowo ma. Where did you get that name ma? I asked
You are? Wow. Interesting. She exclaimed then she walked over to her shelf and
brought out a copy of my first published book, “My NYSC Diary”
Ha! Mummy, you got my book?
I was astonished.
I am a literature teacher . I ran into one of my co-teachers reading this book and
she recommended me to read of it . I must confess you are really gifted.
Thank you ma. I replied stylishly

But I still wonder why you chose to marry someone from Ibadan after all of the
things you wrote in detriment of the state capital here. She said making reference
to the book.
I don’t understand ma. I stammered
Are you not the one that wrote this? She said as she began to flip through the pages
in the book.
“Ibadan people will have an accident, stand up, curse the driver, then fall down and
“A typical Ibadan man sprays all his money at a party and trecks home”
“The world cannot end tomorrow because Ibadan girls still use spoon to drink Viju
“Ibadan girls know more INCANTATIONS than bible verses”
“With the current recession, an Ibadan parent will still collect tithe and offering
during morning devotion”
“If an Ibadan man was the owner of blackberry, BBM smileys would have tribal
“It is only in an Ibadan fast food, that you will see “Meat pie N120..Meatpie (with
Gen) N1500”
“Ibadan guys are free because that girls think KFC is a football club”
“One Ibadan girls just said TFC and KFC are twin brother, Taiwo and Kehinde
friend chicken”
“It is only in Ibadan that driver use hand to control traffic even when the car
indicator is still intact” You will be hearing “So poo rowo mi”
Errmmm..i scratched my head.. I could not have agreed that what I have written
some years ago was going to boomerang?
I remembered vividly that one of my fans once told me the write up was going to
get me into trouble. Now it has!
I was under a tensed pressure sweating. My palms was wet. Fiyin was of
bewildered countenance. I was left dumbfounded.

Mummy, that was just a story ma. It was never meant to make mockery of the
people from Ibadan.
Will you shut up my friend? She barked.
I learnt you were given an award regarding this book. She asked again
Yes, yes ma. I still surprisingly couldn’t help stammering over again.
So after winning an award on abusing Ibadan people, you think you can now marry
one of us? Its not possible. She said
Mummy! Fiyin called her mum
Shut up there! Her mother shouted at her
Mr. Writer, see. You cant marry my daughter o. Okay? Don’t let me see you in this
house again! Okay? She Shouted as I scrambled to my feet and walked out.
Gbenga! Gbenga! Fiyin called me but I turned a deaf ear.
Days turned into weeks and Fiyin’s mother never reconsidered her decision. Fiyin
told me that a family meeting was held but all efforts put into appealing Fiyin’ s
mother were futile.
3 months later, Fiyin fixed an appointment with me at our meeting point after the
close of the day. When I met her later in the evening, her face was looking gloomy
and knew it wasn’t going to be a good hangout night.
Gbenga, you’ve put a Midas touch on my life since we met at Dayo’s wedding.
You are a good man of every woman’s dream. I would have been the happiest
woman on earth if I eventually get married to you.
What do you mean Fiyin? Why are you saying all of this? I asked
But what is the essence of a marriage without the mother’s bliss? Fiyin asked
I kept quite staring at the juice pack laying in front of her yet untouched.
Then she brought something out of her purse.
Gbenga, I am sorry. It’s a tough decision for me but I think its proper for me to
return this to you. She said
What? It dawned on me!
She plunk my engagement ring right on the table

I am sorry Gbenga. She said as she walked out on me in teary eyes
I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t figure how my publication many years ago could
haunt me. Oh God! I started crying at the spot when someone interrupted from
I wasn’t responsive as I was lost in a deep thought.
Drops of tears was trickling down my chin.
Still the man who was hitting me in the back insisted until I looked around to see
Bro. Peter in a weird countenance.
Bro. Gbenga. We have been calling you since na. Lets snap with the couples joor.
You are keeping others waiting. He said to me.
I looked around where I was and realised we were still at Sister Dayo’s wedding
Haha! Bro. Gbenga, have you been crying? Bro. Peter asked as he walked to me
I wiped the tears away instantly! not. It’s tear of Joy. I am happy for Sister Dayo.
I said redundantly as I joined the rest of the DLCF family to strike a pose with the
Then it was time for Sister Dayo to customarily throw the wreath at her friends.
She walked elegantly ahead of us and looked over her shoulder twice then the M.C
counted down to one. Sister Dayo threw the wreath aback at us. The wreath was
coming in my direction but Bro. George managed to edge me off with his
shoulders then Bro. Peter caught it.
We all screamed with joy as our able Bro. Peter was gloomy and dissatisfied.
I gave Bro. George a thumbs up for pushing me out of the way. It was fun seeing
Bro. Peter holding the wreath. As we were walking back to our seats, I held Bro.
Peter by the shoulder while teasing him
Congratulations bro! Am going to best you ehn.. Don’t worry. I laughed
hysterically. He pushed me away then I accidentally bumped into someone with a

plate of food in her hands and the food stained her cloth and the plate shattered to
the ground.
What is the meaning of this rubbish? The lady said angrily
I looked up to reckon the face of the lady and I was shocked to the bone marrow.

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