“you!!” wat? i saw d jerk i drove with his harlot girlfriend. “you, are u not dat driver who took my money” “its my pay not ur money” “do u guys knw each other” “yes i would never 4get d flip she gave me and lady u would pay” “bro stop dis” “is he ur brother” “yes” “gosh! he’s more dan a jerk” “P.A lets go in” we left d a—–e and went in and i must confess dis company is huge. as we step in people were staring at us like we’re celeb and i felt ontop d world. it dawned on me dat my boss is d one everyone was staring at and just den a lady came forward. “hi sir, am lynda and u welcome” “thank u” “sir do u mind me getting u tea or coffee” see dis girl o shes flirting with my boss. “hmm, no am fine dnt need it” “but atleast just taste it” “he said he’s not interested, boss we were heading somewhere” “yea, sure” we entered his office and he sat down. “y did u act dat way” “she was wasting our tym” “really? or were u jealous” “wat? y will i be jealous” “if u are crushing over me, i advise u to check d mirror

Wat” “Yea check d mirror, u not my type so stop sending those cute chics away and hide ur face” “wat? who would crush over a guy like u? u knw how much of a jerk u are. so swallow ur pride cos i only saved ur a-s. u were not comfortable with her” “watever” “watever” everything was going smoothly and wat i enjoy most here is wen i steal alot of fruits. weeks later my boss bro was putting up characters. ok guys watch dis; there was a board meeting and wat i heard next was my boss saying “dad would u tell ur son 2 stop staring at my P.A” “wat? mark” “dad” “be serious with dis meeting” well dats funny, my boss is a jerk attimes he shouldnt ve voiced it out. The day ended and my boss and i walked out 2 his car and he found out my secret. “wats in dat bag” “nothing” “u didnt come with dis bag 2day” “yea but i bought something and put it there” “ok” we drove off and got 2 my boss house. we parked and noticed another car coming in and we were waiting 2 see d occupant only 4 us 2 see an unwelcomed guest “mark!!”

wat are u doing here” “am here 4 d lady” “4 wat reason” “just want 2 speak 2 her” “abt wat” “none of ur business” “no way cos i cnt trust my P.A with u” “yea just lyk my boss said tell me wat u want 2 say here” “ehm! want 2 ask if u can go on a date with me” “ha ha big bro u wont seize 2 amaze me dis girl is not ur type cnt u see” “well shes my type and i think i luv her” “wat? i think its tym 2 go in” “let her give me her answer” “there’s no need 4 dat cos she dnt lyk u ryt P.A” i was staring at him lyk wetin dey do dis one “wat makes u think dat” “cos i understand her body language, ryt P.A” “boss let me talk atleast he’s talking 2 me not u” “but..” “mr mark am sorry cnt go on a date with u cos i got important things 2 do” “yea yea we got an important business 2 attend 2,ryt P.A” wetin dis one see 2day. “but i got 2 talk 2 u i luv u” “wat? P.A i think its tym 2 go in” “but am not done talking with her” “but shes done talking with u P.A come and see d file i was telling u abt” “wat file” he drag me inside

*mark pov* wat richard just left with her. y is he acting so protective of her? shes his P.A or is there more 2 dat? i just fell 4 dis girl cos she seems so different. she care less abt herself, luv her work and worst of all so bold and courageous cos she stood up and speak 2 me fearlessly which no lady has ever done. i will definately get her no matter wat. *celine pov* weeks later i was feeling sick but still went 2 work. “hey P.A u dnt look well” “yes sir” “u shouldnt ve come 2 work. ok am giving u a week leave” “but sir i cnt” “no am serious n i dnt want 2 see u until d 1week ends cos u seem 2 sturborn” “tank u sir” “let me drop u off” he drove me 2 my street and i asked him 2 stop “where is ur house” “its down street but ur car cnt get through” “how do u survive in dis street of urs” “well dis is were i can afford” “ok get well soon” i came down and left, its 4days now and 2 my surprise d house is totally out of cash and i cnt go 2 my boss 4 cash cos men never give ladies anything 4 free wat do i do?



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