“Any move and u die” “are u threatening me” “no, y would i? there would be no need 4 dat cos i knw u are wise 2 knw dat i run dis town so dnt u dare come here 2 drag my place with me or even be a threat cos i would kill u” he went bla bla bla and thank God my driver arrived. “thanks 4 d lecture bro” i left him and hop in and we drove off. *celine pov* i was wondering y he came here. “boss did u come here 4 business” “oh! dats my dad company” “really? DE GEORGE is ur dad? are u crazy?” “wat was dat 4” “ur dad company is kwn 4 its wine making world wide and u were thinking ur a-s out if u should get involve or not” “its a complicated issue” “well its nice u finally got ur senses back” “i didnt accept d offer, u should ve seen wat my dad did 2day. he arrested me with is security and took me 2 his company by force” “ha ha ha” “wats funny” “everything its funny seems ur dad is d type dat gets watever he wants in watever way” “yea and am thinking of accepting his offer willingly cos i want 2 kick some butt” ***

“Whose butts” “my big bro butts” “the one u scared of” “yea but am not scared of him anymore cos dat fool threatened 2 kill me” “wat? he is such a jerk” “yea and i’ll teach him not 2 take my meekness for weakness” “so how do u do dat” “i’ve got plans 4 him just be in ur best dress 2moro cos u i’ll be my personal assistance and we would give him something 2 be busy with” we got 2 his house and i dropped him off and he reminded me of our plans the next day and i went home 2 prepare.the next day i got dressed up and my kid brothers were wondering. “big sis arent u going 2 work” “dats were am going greg” “but u look like u going 2 work in an office” “chuks u so funny, well i got something 2 do 4 my boss got 2 go now” “yes sis” i left n went 2 my boss house and he was out already, he looks gr8 in his ash colour suit. “gudmorning boss” “yea morning u look gr8 in ur white trouser suit” “u also look gr8 seems ash s ur color” “lets go” we drove in lyk wise someone, i opened d car 4 my boss n i saw him “you!!”



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