After d encounter with dat jerk i went home and met my brothers watching tv. “hey guys” “welcome sis” “hows mom? ve she eaten” “yea and ve given her d medication” “ok, ve some money so we will add it up to her medication” “let her get well soon cos her sickness is eating all d money” “everything will be fine guys” “sis wats happening in ur organization” “wat happened” “a rich politician is patronizing them 4 a driver and d pay will be huge” “how did u knw” “its in d news” “let me see, how come i didnt knw?” “sis if u get dat job we’ll be better” “yea, dats true lets just hope” my phone beeped and its a message saying dat alpha ray has assigned me 2 d said politician and am 2 resume d next day. “i love dis people” “wat happened sis” “i got d job guys” “wow good news” “dats a big catch sis” next day i resumed at d said location but i was waiting outside 4 my boss. *Richard Pov* “am off mom” “u are not leaving son” “but i ve an important meeting 2 attend” “goodnews son i just got u a driver and bodyguard” ***
wat? y mom” “i need u 2 stop d nonchalant behaviour of urs” “mom wat behaviour” “gambling son gambling” “but i dnt do dat @least i ve my own company. y would i gamble” “dat is 4 u 2 answer but dnt deny d fact” “mom its a lie” “really? so wat can u say abt d fight yesterday” “mom? u are spying on me” “deny” “ok, its true but i gamble cos i need money for my company 2 be stable” “then ask me 4 it” “no mom i dnt want 2 depend on u just lyk hw mark depends on dad” “but am ur mother” “i knw mom but dnt get me a driver and guard” “badnews son, ur driver is waiting outside” “mom” “and am not changing my mind so go get ur stuff” i left my mom and went upstairs. *celine pov* i received an alert 2 come inside. “gudday ma” “yes, lyk i said i want u 2 guard my son and most importantly be my watch dog. drive him 2 office and also 2 d restaurant but not a gambling office” “yes ma” “and ur name should be AJI 3” “yes ma” “go and wait outside” i was waiting outside and then i saw him come out and was surprised
i was surprised 2 see him cos he is a grown man. hw would i spy on a grown man its his life well dats d issue with d rich. “u re d new driver ryt” “yes sir” “go home i dnt need ur service” “am sorry sir, ur mom is my boss and i do all she says” “so u wanna prove stubborn” “am just doing my job” “then welcome 2 hell” “its my pleasure” we hopped in “where are we heading” “Ray west but stop by d restaurant 4 my breakfast” “yes sir” we stopped @ a restaurant. “dnt follow me” “but i ve 2” “shut up and stay” he went in and i followed him, he sat down and stared at me. “i thought i told u 2 stay” “am doing my job sir” “and dat is driving” “and also bodyguarding” “wat? a bodyguard? a woman lyk u should go 4 different job lyk modelling” “am not any woman and u ve 2 order something now, waiter” “wat do u want pls” “just coffee” he drank his coffee and we left, on our way 2 office he told me 2 stop @ mujab. “but dat is a gambling station sir” “just take me there” “i ve orders sir” he brings out a gun



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