episode 2

“yea, me too” i turned and saw him looking splendid and he looks lyk one of those rich kids too.”hi am richard attends prestige academy,u?” “am celine davis attends monabata” “phew! sounds lyk a public school, u poor ryt?” “dnt insult me” “no, am not just want us 2 be friends” “wow! dats cool” “richard! ve been looking 4 u” “mom meet my new friend” “friend? wat ve i been telling u abt class?” “mingle with people my class but mom its not all abt class its abt d heart. i feel free with her mom” “shut up, now listen u scumbag didnt ur mom teach u 2 stay away 4rm people with class?” “dat not fair ma” “celine wat happened” “oh so u are her mom? now tell ur puppy 2 stay away 4rm my cub” “yes ma” “wat? mom? excuse me ma, d fact we are poor dnt make us less humans so u dnt ve 2 insult my mom and i” “so u also didnt teach her good curtsy? 4 dat u her fired!! i cnt take insults 4rm anyone not alone lowlifes lyk u” wat? i didnt hear d last word but did she say fired? shes d boss? but did i do any thing wrong? *****

“pls ma dnt do dis to us” “mom u cnt just fire her 4 no reason” “shutup son and go 2 d office” “pls ma ve mercy on my mom and i am very sorry” “woman take urself and ur rascal out of my hospital” “pls ma, if u fire me my family will die of hunger” “do u think i care? wont it be better if u parasites just die and let we d rich breath fresh air” guys dats it cnt take it anymore “excuse me mrs class, we being poor dnt make us less humans so dnt sound lyk God u bre not him” “shut up celine” “no mom, d fact dat we are poor dnt mean anyone can mess with our pride. we will live ok with or without dis job so mrs class swallow ur job and keep it 2 urself but mark dis day and knw dat d rich and poor ve one fate in common which is death. mom lets go” “wat? how dare u?” “the rich behaves lyk God but no they are not” i left with my mom and i knw mrs class is really shocked. u guys dnt ve 2 blame me 4 wat i said 2 her but she started first. i abused her but she disrespected my family pride and i wont let dat



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