*continued 4rm richard’s pov* 4yrs ago i decided 2 ask my mom abt mrs davis the woman she fired 10yrs ago. i wanted 2 knw her whereabout cos its through her i would find my first true luv which is her daughter and to also apologise on behalf of my mom cos i’ve always carried d guilt in my heart dat i was d cause 4 her being sacked. with d hope dat my mom will give me a clue about them she instead warned me not 2 talk abt those rags. i decided 2 visit d hospital to make enquiries like get her file or something but i was told dat no one like dat worked there but i later found out that my mom wiped out anything traceable. so i lost and looked up 2 destiny dat we would surely meet again. finally i ve found her but still need enough prove and i must surely get it. “son! wat are u thinking of? u’ve been standing there lost in thougt” “its nothing mom just thinking abt work” “hope u are getting use 2 it” “yea, i will join u later mom” “ok” i went upstairs

waiting 4 tomorrow. *celine’s pov* i couldn’t sleep at all cos i was thinking abt wat happened at d office 2day. who would ever believe dat my boss would turn out to be my prince dat ve always dreamed abt. i ve always wished 2 meet him again even if its for a second but now he came back as my boss. i really cnt let him knw d truth abt me. even if he knws d truth will he ever take me as his? wat about his mom? oh shut up celine stop thinking nonsence cos u cnt ve dat kind of life with him. i wish to let him knw the truth but its really risky so i just have 2 shut up and pretend. #Next day celine and richard went abt their work normally without anyone talking abt d issue. *celine pov* since i came to work 2day he is acting like we never discussed yesterday or like yesterday never existed.

he was acting like yesterday never existed, i was happy and sad at d same time. i was happy cos i was now free from questioning and trouble but sad dat he has moved on. i really liked him but am scared becos of his mom. i just have 2 stay in my position and try not to cross my boundary. work finally closed dat day, i wanted 2 drive him home but he told me 2 drive him 2 a boutique where he got some stuff dat kept me wondering wat he wanted them for cos they werent his size. when he was done he asked me to drive him to my house. “wat? my house? for wat reason boss” “have u 4gotten i just got my self a kid bro in ur house” “kid bro? who?” “chuks ofcourse and he asked me to get him things on my next visit so i want to surprise him with this stuff” “ok sir” i drove to my house not suspecting anything at all not knowing my cover is about to be blown away. “hey! bro richie u came?” “yea, chuks how u doing”

“am cool wat a surprising visit” “chuks so u didnt see me abi” “am sorry sis but was welcoming my big bro” “wheres greg” “he went 2 do his homework at his friends” “ok then” “bro richie wat did u get 4 me? i also missed u too” “hey! chuks grow up and stop acting like a kid u are 16 4 gods sake even d 14 year old greg dnt act like dis” “sis its not my fault” “celine leave d young man alone” “yes boss, i will be inside” *richard pov* she went inside and i took the opportunity to ask chuks. “do u like d stuff” “yea thanks bro” “u welcome, em chuks wat of ur parents since ve been coming i ven’t seen them” “my dad was a soldier before he died but my mom is alive but in a state of shock.” “god where is she now” “inside” “wat why not hospital” “we dnt ve money 4 keep her there but we cre saving 4 her surgery.” “can i see her” “no my sis will be mad at me 4 telling u” “did ur mom work in any hospital before” “yea”****

“did ur mom work in any hospital before” “yea, but i was young then” “how did u knw then” “cos my mom will always warn us not to get involved with d rich cos they will make our life miserable, i never believed that so i always argue with her that its not true but she gave me an instance saying; we are in this condition becos celine tried to become friends with a rich womans son which happens to be her boss in d hospital where she once worked. his mom came and saw but of them so she insulted sis celine and our family and also got her fired 4 no reason as if dat wasnt enough anywhere my mom went 4 work she doesn’t get one, all thanks 2 d rich woman who made our lives miserable. as if dat wasnt enough 4yrs ago we escaped death away 4rm assasins sent to kill us before we relocated to dis place and my mom later got ill” “u guys ve really been through alot” “yes o if not 4 sis celine we would ve been dead by now” “am here 4 u now ok”

“thank u” “i will leave now but dnt tell ur sis abt wat we discussed” “sure” “ok bye” i left thinking abt wat chuks told me. celine and her family have really been through alot. chuks said assasins were sent 2 kill them 4yrs ago but my mom cnt do dat. he said it happened 4yrs ago? 4yrs ago i asked my mom abt mrs davis and she wiped out all trace 2 locate them did she try killing them too? mom! why are u dis way? why do u want to take ur fellow human life all in the name of class? well bad news mom cos i found them and will take care of them. vince ven’t called me since. “hello vince” “richie ve been trying to get to u but it wasnt going through so i sent d details to ur email.” “oh thanks see u later” i hanged up cos i couldn’t wait to see it so i checked my email. Miss Celine Davis is d only daughter and first child of mr isaac davis and mrs trichia davis. she was born on the 4th of august 1996 and attended delighted children primary school and monabata secondary school.

she graduated 4rm unilag and trained in alpha ray as a bodyguard and driver and presently works with Mr Richard george. “i got u now celine u cnt deny dis fact anymore or will u? we will find out abt dat tomorrow” i went home and got ready 4 2moro 2 come it really feels like a big day 2 me and i really cnt wait. The next day finally came after the long night seems the night dnt want me 2 fulfill dis mission but nothing will stop me. i was waiting 4 celine 2 come and pick me up and she finally came i really couldn’t hide my smile. “goodmorning boss” “oh gracious celine how are u” “a-am fine” “am so happy 2 see u” “oh 9ice” “lets go to d office dear” we drove off *celine pov* i was shocked and surprised wen he greeted me with all smiles and dis is really unusual of him and i dnt knw but something isn’t right i can feel it. we got to d office and he went abt his work normally and 2hrs later he called me

“i miss u so much celine davis” “i dnt understand but we met yesterday” “i am talking abt d celine davis i met 10yrs ago” “i dnt knw wat u are talking abt” “stop pretending luv, its u stop denying d truth” “and wat do u think is d truth” “dat u are my lost luv celine davis and if u want 2 deny i ve got evidence” “wat evidence” “u are d daughter of mr isaac davis and trichia davis. ur mom once work as a cleaner in a hospital which happens 2 be my moms and u trained in alpha ray and now my worker. so wat do u ve to say and wait b4 u think of denying i also made some confirmation from chuks so u can deny if u want to with evidence” “Have u been doing a background check on me” “yea ve been doing some under ground work” “fine am CELINE DAVIS 4rm ten years ago

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