“celine davis?” “yes boss” *Richard Pov* The name really rings a bell and am not sure its who am thinking she is. my friend Ricky left after sometime and i was thinking. #flashback# “my name is Richard attends pretige college, wat of u” “am celine davis attends monabata high school” “sounds like a public school and dat means u are poor” “dnt insult me” #flashbackends# I Was scared if shes really d one am thinking abt so i had no option than 2 ask her some questions. “rude girl!” “boss” “come over here” “wat did u say ur name is?” “but sir ever since u heard d name u became restless so i really dnt knw if all is ok” “all is ok just want 2 knw u more” “ok sir tell me abt ur childhood days” “sir am sorry dis is my personal life” how am i going 2 do dis ? maybe i should just tell her d scene at my mom’s hospital. “listen, i just want us 2 be friends dats y i want us 2 talk. ok listen 2 my story. wen i was 15 i went 2 my mom hospital and met an angel” ***

i am sure shes d one but i need a confirmation and i think sharing d scene with her will make her open up or review herself. ” wen i was 15 i told my mom dat i would follow her 2 work dat day cos shes always busy and never had time 4 me. it was a wednesday so i followed her d office and was in her office till afternoon wen i was feeling bored and decided 2 take a stroll round d hospital. its my mom’s and i ve d right 2 be anywhere. on my way i saw d angel in her uniform running 2 a department and 2 be sincere i was taken by her beauty and for d 1st time in my life i believed d existence of love at 1st sight and i followed her to just know her more and i met her talking with a woman who i later learnt was her mom and d woman went inside 2 get something. i was thinking of a way 2 talk 2 her wen she spoke up and she said she hate d smell of hospitals and i said d same too 2 get her attention and it worked we where talking and about becoming friends wen my mom showed up and cos of d girls

personality she fired her mother 4 no just cause and they left and since then i havent seen her” “wat a story” “yea” “ur fired them for no reasons? dats not fair atall” “dats my mom 4 u” “well, i pray i dnt get into her bad side” “celine, is this story familiar with ur childhood” “i dnt get u sir” “u are celine davis right” “yes” “and celine davis its her name too” “are u trying 2 say am her?” “yes, ok let me ask u dis; did ur mom ever work as a cleaner at any hospital during ur childhood days” “no” “u dnt remember coming across any richard then” “even if i did i certainly dnt think its u” *celine pov* it was like a dream 2 me, i never believed i was staring at d adult version of my childhood crush. i knw its just 4 some minutes we spoke but within dat mins i liked him and he has ever since been my memory. how couldn’t i recognize him all dis while even his mom. i think its better i just hide d truth 4rm him b4 i get into trouble with his mom, mark and even him**

i just ve 2 hide d truth 4rm him now but i knw he would soon find out the truth but i would ve thought of something then. “do u want me 2 do anything 4 u sir” “dnt try 2 change d topic celine, why are u trying 2 who u are 4rm me” “am not hiding anything 4rm u sir u are just mistaken me 4 someone else” “i dnt knw why u are hiding but i will definately find u out” “boss dnt waste ur time on wat does not worth it” “u can leave now celine” “yes boss” *Richard Pov* am d–n sure dat she is d one but i will ve to find out myself so i called my detective friend “hello vince, i need ur help” “wats it man?” “i need u 2 do a background check on my driver” “ok, name pls?” “celine davis” “good dat will be ok 4 now i will get back 2 u wen am done” “pls u ve 2 come up with something fast cos its d–n urgent” “yea i will” “thanks bro” “ok bye let me get to work”

now am certain dat vince will come up with something but i have 2 do my own search and dat will be with chuks. yes i will see chuks later 2day and get some answers 4rm him too and i will force out d truth 4rm celine with evidence. i didnt question celine abt d issue anymore but she is really avoiding me well i dnt care until i get my prove. i left office late so dat means i wont meet with chuks 2day but 2moro will never pass me by. so celine just drove me home and left. i met my mom in d sitting room and i was tempted 2 ask her about mrs davis, the woman she fired 10yrs ago for no reason but i knw better than 2 do dat cos it means she will just wipe off every possible trace of me finding mrs davis d way she did 4yrs

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