chuks stood up and went 2 him. “see sir, dnt mind her she will come but first lets talk man 2 man. i am chuks and i really like u” “wow! thank u am richie by name” “sis i like him alot. he isnt a jerk like u said he is” “wat? she called me a jerk” “yea and she said u are annoying too” God dis brothers of mine can be embarrassing and even chuks is even talking 2 him like long time friends. finally its 4pm and my boss decides 2 leave. i couldn’t believe he stayed dis long. “so bro richie u promised 2 come some other time” “yea i will chuks am gonna miss u cos i enjoyed my day” “me too, i’ve always wished dat my sis was a guy then everything would be fun 4 me but now i ve” “am happy 2 ve u too. so do u mind being my kid bro” “sounds cool” “so P.A would be expecting u” “dnt even think of dat” “well i ve nothing to worry cos i trust my kid bro here would do d job right chuks” “sure bro” “u two are something else” “ok see u guys later” *richard pov* i was happy dat she would come back cos i miss her

i drove home feeling fulfilled, i really dnt knw how i feel but am happy 2 ve her back. i went in and saw my mom coming downstairs. “mom am back” “oh my! wat happened 2 u son? u’re messed up” “its an accident mom am ok” “should i call d doctor?” “mom am ok dis is just water” “but who did this” “nevermind mom the goodnews is dat i finally found her and shes resuming soon” “goodnews cos now i will rest 4rm ur troubles” “let me go and change mom” “ok son” i went upstairs 2 my room thinking abt my day and was satisfied. *celine pov* now am in a dilemma on wat 2 do abt d two brothers request. working with mark would make me independent but working with my boss makes me still a driver. my boss offer is tempting imagine paying me tripple of wat his brother wants 2 offer. seems like dis is a battle of wealth and power now.mark is not a jerk afterall but i think i rather remain with my boss cos d devil u knw is better than d angel u dnt knw. so i will just tell mark am out

and then resume on monday with my boss. while thinking my kid bro chuks tapped me. “sis are u ok” “yea am fine” “i want 2 talk 2 u ab….” “dnt think abt it cos i’ve made up my mind” “u have? meaning u wont work with my new friend” “why wont i” “u would?” “yea sure am missing his arrogant attitude already cnt wait 2 resume” “always knw my sis has d right decision” “just go away” chuks left and i went 2 my mom’s room. my mom condition is really something else only if we ve d money 2 fly her 2 spain 4 brain surgery then she wont be like dis. why didnt God create everyone 2 control lots of wealth? well he knw best. i called mark on a sunday afternoon and told him am not interested in d job again and it didnt go well with him but i really dnt care. its a monday and i went 2 my boss house and saw him staring as if he was expecting someone. “goodday boss” “wow u came” “yea i did” “thanks alot so shall we?” we drove 2 d company and now we are in his office. “i think its time i give u rules” “wat!”

“now dat u are back i will give u rules and regulation” “wat? but….” “dats rule number 1, u dnt question my authority” “huh?” “rule 2, u dnt prove sturborn” OMG! dis boss of mine is something else as he continued reading d rules a knock was heard on d door. “get d door” “yes sir” i went 2 get d door and was greeted by d amazing figure of cute being. “hi” “hi” “i hope am in d right place” “wat do…..” “Ricky?” “Richie” they both hugged each other. “wow! wen did u return back” “just yesterday and i decided 2 check on my pal” “come in and have a seat” “thanks bro. wow! missed u so much” “sure thing na” “u now work with ur dad?” “yea” dis guys seem 2 forget dat i was even present. “boss, can i step out?” “who’s she” “oh shes my…” “no let her speak 4 herself” “am his driver” “his driver? Richie

is dat true?” “yea” “i heard of female drivers but never knew it existed in Nigeria” “i was surprised too and she dnt just drive alone she guards me with her life. she even took a knife 4 me wen i was almost stabbed” “wow! girl at d expense of life?” “its my duty cos wen i was trained i swore 2 be bullet shield” “wat? where did u train” “my dad trained me while i was a kid and i also went through some lessons wen working with ALPHA RAY” “wow! i luv dis” “she amaze me too” “so wat is ur name” “am celine davis” “9ice” “celine davis?” “yes”

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