there was a knock on d door. “greg go check d door” “yes sis” he came back. “sis there’s a man outside looking 4 u” “a man?” “yes a man, he said his name is mark” “mark?” “yes mark” “OMG! he’s here” “whos he sis” “its a long story” i stood up and opened d door “hi” “hi angel” “celine” “wat?” “celine is my name” “wow nice name” “thank u” “can i come in” “yea sure” he came in and sat down. “u live here?” “ehm i dnt get u” “dis place dnt suit u girl, i wouldn’t let anyone sight me here cos it would be shame to me. let me change ur life angel” “i thought u said we will talk abt business” “yes, its abt business and baby i want 2 involve u in my life” “i cnt get involve in your life cos it means i wont live my normal life cos u would want me 2 act all rich and saucy and dat is not part of my life” “so u mean wat” “exactly wat i mean” *Richard Pov* i got 2 her street and i stopped and came down 4rm my car

i didnt knw d way 2 her house cos last time she didnt show me her house. i really dnt knw how 2 get her now. i think i just ve 2 ask someone around. “hello good afternoon” “hi” “ehm pls am searching 4 someone” “who” “its a lady” “wats her name?” “P.A” “wat” “sorry, aji 3” “i dnt get u” “am sorry i dnt knw her name” “how do u expect me 2 help u then? excuse me am in a hurry” “wait! wait! s–t!” wat do i do? i was moving around and i saw a familiar car parked outside a house and it looks so familiar 4 me 2 ignore. i went close and inspected d car and it was mark’s. she lives here? yea i was d–n right she is working with my brother. dis is one hell of an evidence. i got closer 2 d house and was confuse, its a flat but i was confused abt side is d front and which side is d corner cos d both entrance looks similar. i followed d order side and as i was abt 2 knock the door flung open and i was greeted with a bucket of soapy water and d next thing i heard was a shout. “help!! ghost”

*Celine Pov* i was discussing with mark and chuks was watching tv while greg is watching d dishes in d kitchen then i heard greg’s voice shouting “help! ghost!!” he ran inside d sitting room looking horrible. “wat happened greg” “i saw a ghost” “ghost wat ghost?” “ha ha ha greg i don dey tell u no dey follow me dey watch horror movie 4 night u no dey hear” “see chuks its not all abt horror movie, i knw wat i saw” “ok tell me wat u saw” “sis i wanted 2 pour away d water am using 4 washing. i poured it away and heard d sound of a spoon dat fell down then i saw a ghost wearing white and worst of all i poured water on it, am dead” “sis are u sure he is not going crazy” “angel i think we should go check wat he saw” “yes” i wanted 2 leave but greg held me back. “sis dnt go” “no i ve go check wat u saw” “i dnt want u 2 die” “i wont die i ve 2 go” “ok since u’ve made up ur mind, incase u die i want u to knw i luv u and also tell dad i miss him wen u get 2 heaven”

“see greg u no well, i no get ur time chuks lets go” i went to d kitchen while chuks and mark followed behind and i went 2 d kitchen door and saw a man standing in white looking wet. “oh my God! am sorry sir i apologise on my kid br…. you?” i was trying 2 apologise wen he raised his head and it was my ex boss. “wat are u doing here” “P.A ..” “am not ur P.A” “am sorry but am here 2 see u” “why” “we’ve 2 talk” “fine but first u are wet, come in” i was helping him in wen he stopped. “big bro?” “yes kid bro. u looking amazing in dis condition” “just shut up, P.A wats he doing here i thought u said u are not working with him” “dis is my house not ur office”

“dis is my house not ur office” “yea fine, i knw dis is ur house but we need 2 talk” “just come in first u are wet” he came in and i gave him towel 2 clean himself up. mark decided 2 leave after him and my boss exchanged a dagger stare. “angel i have 2 leave now. u can call me if u’ve made up ur mind abt d job” “yea i will, thank u so much for ur help” “dnt mention, its my pleasure 2 help an angel like u cos not everyone knws ur worth” “ah stop dat” “ok then see u later” i walked him out and came back. “i thought u said u are not working with him so is there any other definition 2 dis” “listen, me talking 2 him 2day is all thanks 2 u. u fired me 4 wat i knw nothing of. dat job was my only hope of survival and u took it away 4rm me. well mark voluntereed 2 help me get a job and u expected me 2 say no 2 his offer? no way cos i got mouth 2 feed, i got fees 2 pay and a sick mother 2 take care of so i had no other option”

“am sorry but i thought u were working with him and i was angry and at d same time scared 4 my life but pls i need u back” “wat? u want me back?” “yes, i need u back. i never knew ur worth before but now i knw.pls come back” “am sorry cos i ve a new job offer” “wat do u mean” “mark is getting me a highly paid job” “wat? see i will pay u tripple” “wat? i really dnt want 2 be involved in ur business” “pls just come back.” he turns 2 chuks “guy talk 2 ur sis now” “big sis, he said he is sorry now. if u dnt want 2 4give him just consider d pay it will save us alot” greg came 2 meet me. “sis accept so dat we can ve access 2 fruits like b4” “wat is he talking abt” greg went 2 meet him “my sis ve been stealing fruits 4rm ur company” “just shut up greg” “wow! i suspected dat cos i always wonder y u come 2 work empty handed and go home with full bag” “so now wat” “u’re coming 2 work 4 me” “watever” “so u resuming on monday” “i ve’nt accepted yet”


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