my one week leave has ended and i resumed work.i met my boss utside entering his car. “goodmorning boss” “wat cre u doing here” “sir my one week leave has ended so i am here 2 continue my work” “sorry ur service is no longer needed” “sir i dnt get u” “i said u are fired” “sir wats my offence” “u wanna knw? d issue is dat d friend of my enemy is my enemy” “i dnt get u sir” “u knw dat my brother is threatening my life and u are now working with him 2 kill me?” “dats not true sir” “but its all over d news dat mark proposed 2 u. i gave u a week 2 rest but u used it in dancing all over d place” “am sorry sir but i needed d money” “couldn’t u ve asked me for money? u knw pretty well i would give it 2 u” “am sorry sir” “gosh women are worst in pretence and u knw wat i wouldn’t be a fool 2 believe u now out of here” “sir pls am not working 4 ur brother pls” he drove out not answering me. “God wat do i do? y is he thinking dat i am against him together with his bro? where do i start 4rm? wat do i do
its been really tough 4 me since i lost my job, my boss doesn’t want 2 believe me dat i ve nothing 2 do with his brother. the little money with me i decided 2 get involve in a business so i engaged myself in selling cold water and drinks. one day y selling a car stopped and without me looking i thought its a customer. “wat would u like 2 buy” “my lady wat are u doing here” i looked up and saw mark, wat does he want with me? he’s d cause of me losing my job. i pretended i didnt see him. “am talking 2 u, well if u are busy i can come back” “wat do u want mark” “i want 2 knw wat my angel is doing in dis goddamn forsaken place” “wat am doing here its my business so leave me d f–k alone” “but dis type of life dont suit u. come with me ok” “no way” “hey angel leave dis stuff lets go” “no let me be, u made me lose my source of income and now am managing and here u are again” “come with me dear i would help u with wat ever money u want” “i dnt need ur money”

“am willing 2 help u” “i dnt need ur help” “if u dnt want my money i can get u a job” i stopped 2 look at him and he was nodding. “u can do dat?” “yes of course” “but how” “i own dis city remember? emm! am heading somewhere so let me drop u home so i will check on u 2moro” “but i ve 2 finish my stuff” “dnt worry abt dat take dis” he gave me some bundle of note. “just manage it, so i’ve paid 4 ur stuff can we go now” “ok” i nodded and he assisted me with my stuff. he isn’t much of a jerk though. he dropped me off and promised 2 come next day and he left. i just hope am not falling into a trap.******

*richard pov* its been a week since i sacked her and i missed her too but am disappointed dat she’s working with my brother. i dnt ve any evidence but prevention is better than cure. i ve been searching 4 a driver and my mom is also helping me but its not yielding a positive result cos they dnt match my taste. its a saturday morning and am talking with my mom. “mom i cnt believe u not doing anything abt getting me a driver” “i thought a list of drivers was given 2 u 2days ago 2 make ur choice so wat happened” “i dnt need them mom” “so wat do u want me to do” “i need a female driver mom” “dis is Nigeria its difficult 2 get a female driver. but does men are experts” “but mom i need someone like my previous driver” “seems no one can fit into her shoe” “exactly mom, so mom we cnt get anyone like her?” “well except it has 2 be her” “wat do i do” “go look 4 her, u sacked her so its ur business. i knw dat she was flirting with ur bro”

“i think so mom” “and its a disgrace 2 us. a common driver” “well mom i think am gonna look 4 her” “wat 4” “i dnt want 2 resume work without her” “is she d reason u havent been going 2 work 4 a week” “wat? mom got 2 go” i left my mom went upstairs and changed into a white outfit all through and i looked like wow. i ve 2 look 4 her no matter wat. i havent been going 2 work cos its lonely without her and i miss her sturborness. i went downstairs and met my mom still in d sitting room. “are u going 2 ask a lady on a date” “no mom, want 2 go and search 4 her so i can apologise 2 her 2 return” “wat? u want 2 apologise? no way. we own dis town and any decision we make must be worshipped. u just go 2 her and tell her 2 resume back and if she doesn’t then she face d wrath” “no mom dis is her life and i cnt dictate 2 her. i just ve 2 make things right. i knw wat 2 do mom bye love u” i entered my car and drove off to search 4 her. *celine pov* today being a saturday i was watching a movie wen i heard a knock


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