my mom’s medication is consuming all d cash at home and we cnt stay in dis house without money. worst of all i ve cancelled all my mini job wen i got dis one. i was at home wen my brothers came back 4rm school and chuks was telling me abt his waec fee. gosh! am going crazy. My brothers were watching tv and an advert was being displayed and it was a big street show which involves a dance competition and wow its 2nite and i need dat money. i prepared my self 4 dis dance competition. later in d night i went 4 d show n it was fun i was contestant 11 n we were like 30 contestants, people wey need money plenty o. there show was a tough one but finally it came 2 an end n d mc came out 2 address us. ” ladies n gentlemen its been a wonderful night n i know u enjoyed urself. we’ve come 2 d end of dis competition n we all knw who performed better and w’ll call her 2 present her d prize of 100000, its no other dan contestant 11″ wow i was shocked i was given my cash and d organizer of d show was called and its mark””

mark? y must it always be mark? i wanted c leave but was stopped by d mc dat d show is not over. he collected d microphone and started his speech. “ladies and gentlemen its i de citygod and i knw u’ve been enjoying urself especially d dance performance and i must say dat we gat talented people. well i must say dat dis show happens 2 create an opportunity 4 me and i must never lose dis opportunity” he came close 2 me. “baby ve been waiting 4 dis opportunity n now i got it. i knw we didnt meet in a nice way n we’ve been against each other but d truth is dat i cnt fight dis feeling anymore, i luv u so much n i want u 2 give me a chance 2 prove myself. pls do me d favour of being my woman” people were cheering and shouting 4 me 2 say yes but 4 me it will never be dis jerk. i felt like telling him something but let me save my strength and just walk away. “pls dnt walk away” “f–k u” i walked away and people was murmuring. i left away not minding wat people think abt cos i would never involve myself with dat jerk



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