It’s the third day again since the executive director has failed to see us. He keeps postponing the appointment as though the next day would never end and I am getting tired. Thanks to my personal assistant, I wouldn’t have made it over again here as of today. Although I am rest assured how dire this contract is a need to me but when the weight of merely submitting my proposal to the executive director is weighing down on me, I wouldn’t help but start thinking of giving up. My house rent is much over due and I need to pay up my team before they get around seeking pastures elsewhere in other firms of no match to mine in both experience and expertise about what historical writing really is.
Mr. Johnson! The receptionist called me, as I jolt out of my deep thought.
Yes ma. I replied and walked towards her

The Executive Director will see you now. She said eyeing me up
Thank you Mrs. Titi. I wear out a heartwarming smile as my personal assistant, Felicia tailed along.
It’s been over 25 minutes since we’ve been in the office of the executive director of Johnsine arts writing limited. The young man in front of me, Dr. Ben has been flipping through my proposal for over 20 minutes. His office is well furnished with 2 monitors in front of him with large volumes of books stacked on his desk. There are two mini couch and a table just beside his desk and I believe it’s his sweet spot or probably a VVIP corner. The air conditioning device gave an incessant hum to the chilly conditioning of the room. Meanwhile Felicia, was siting just beside me fixing her stranded ness by whatsapp chat.
Mr. Johnson! Dr. Ben said removing his eye glasses on the table.
Yes Dr. Ben. Have you seen what’s in there sir? I asked wearing a Cheshire plastic smile.
Yes of course I can see what you’ve pieced together here but unfortunately, it seems you still haven’t gotten the drills about this yet. Dr. Ben said
I don’t understand sir. Please expansiate better. I said while adjusting my chair.
Well, you see Mr. Johnson, this competition we are talking about will go global and entries are anticipated from several African countries too. You see, I would advise you go check out our past winners. Dr. Ben said then brought out a picture of a young man who won a noble prize the previous year.
Take a look at this man. He is Ola_Olowo. Have you read any of his writes-ups before? Dr. Ben asked
No… I haven’t. I replied taking a look at the picture then, passing on to Felicia.
You see, this competition is not about imaginative writing. Although your writing looks so good, it lacks authencity. We need something real. Go check out his work. He has won the last two edition of the competition. Last year, he won for “The Legend of Ikogosi”. The previous, he won it with his writing called “The group assignment” He explained further.
I shook my head sorrowfully over again
What would you want me do now sir? You see, this competition means a lot to me and my team and we really have to win this publishing contract. “Then make something real, write something real and also do something real. Dr. Ben answered


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