Episode 39

Soon it was school over, and we all started arranging our bags, Sharon left to inform her sisters that she wouldn’t be coming with them in the bus, so did some other ones who hadn’t told anyone. chidimma didn’t bother,I guess she had already told her mum at home, even though it’d be a surprise for her mum to permit her like that. it must have taken some doings.
They all returned soon and we trooped out together, other classes watched us in amazement. chartering bikes wasn’t a problem for as they always stop by at our gate to look for passengers once it’s school over. Kelvin turned to us once we were outside.
“Kingsley’s house is number 11 Elias Odili street, its a very popular street so, all bikes should know there and don’t pay more than #150 for two”. He announced then walked up to his girlfriend and grabbed her hand.
” Now, y’all can choose your partner “. He grinned then left with ugochi to board a bike. All the guys that had girlfriends boarded with them, Bully boarded with his crush peace, Melody with Cynthia in fact almost the whole Outlawz left with a girl. I saw Sharon standing with Chidimma and I felt like not going anymore. then Felix walked up to me.
” ain’t you going with your girl?”. He asked but I said nothing then he pushed me to go meet her.
“Go ahead and ask her dude, you should know better already”. He said and I went to meet her. luckily they were yet to board a bike, I didn’t know what they were discussing.
“Hey Cherry “. I said to her and she turned and smiled then Chidimma blocked her.
Young man I’ve booked your Cherry already”. She said and Sharon laughed, then gave her a surprised look.
” Really? well the last time I checked nobody booked me, and guess when I checked? right now so, am quite free!!”. She said and turned to me, I smiled.
“that’s nice then. are you going to ride with me?”. I asked then she folded her hands and looked up like she was giving it a thought.
“Maybe I will. if you ask me nicely”. She replied and Chidimma sighed out loudly which made me laugh.
” Okay then please ride with me “. I asked with a smile on my face and she smiled then stretched forward her hand. I made to grab her and she drew back.
“Hold me like a Gentleman”. She said and I laughed.
” I’ve never been gentle so I don’t really know how”. I said which made her and Chidimma laugh. She came close to me and threw her right hand under my left arm; the way brides hold their grooms in the Movies, then turned to Chidimma.
“See you at Hilltop?”. She said and we both left to meet a Bike man.
“So am coming alone”. Chidimma said faking a frown.
“Well you can come sit on the tank”. I teased her and she hurled her pen at me, I caught it and told her thanks.
Sharon climbed the bike and I sat behind her, then she blew a kiss at Chidimma who was already boarding a bike behind us and off we went to Elias Odili. It was my first time sitting on a bike with a girl so, you can imagine the feeling. She rested her back on my chest, at intervals she would rest her head on my shoulder and I loved the feeling.

We got to Kingsley’s compound, they lived in a duplex built with bricks, their gate was quite a tall one that a thief would have a problem scaling through. We waited outside the gate till we were complete before Kelvin knocked. Their gateman opened and once he saw it was us he didn’t even ask nor protest just let us through. Kingsley was sitting at their corridor when he saw us, he up with his walking stick and started shouting in excitement.
” oh boy see men oh!!! Who
dey check this men, make dem clear road oh!! “. He shouted as he started coming down. He came out as fast he could and hugged Kelvin, shook him in the gang way and did the same with Bully and other Outlawz except me because I stood at the back with Sharon and Chidimma. They were both surprised to see him so hale and hearty, me too. I didn’t expect to see him bouncing up and down yet. He asked everybody to come into the sitting room but Kelvin said no because we were many so, we’d rather stay outside then his mother came out. She was so excited to see us, she invited us to come in and while we were hesitating, Kingsley added.
” You haven’t seen our sitting room oh so, come on “. He said and we followed him in. We really underestimated the sitting room, it was wide enough to be a playground for nursery kids. He stood at the entrance with his stick and welcomed us in one by one. All these while Sharon’s hand never left mine so, when Kingsley saw us together, he hesitated and smiled at us both. I understood his smile but, I don’t think Sharon did.
” So it’s now official?”. He asked.
“what?”.Sharon asked him too and he pointed at our hands clung. I shouldn’t have said anything but I thought Sharon wasn’t going to say anything as she sighed loudly and kept mute.
” Well it’s Complicated “. I said.
” No, nothing’s Complicated. we are not dating and that’s it “. She corrected and my heart sank into my stomach immediately.
“Yea, exactly”. I managed to say, the stare on everyone’s face when she said that could be used for a meme. I wasn’t myself anymore throughout our stay there, I was just thinking all through, I couldn’t relate to what they were saying. So, all this Romance since morning was just normal to Sharon, the way she even said it like she didn’t remember I asked her out yesterday and she kept me on pending, it was then I really couldn’t wait for her answer. Kingsley’s mum Shared malt and biscuits for all of us. Everybody was drinking, eating and catching Kingsley up With things in school except me, I lost appetite for anything.



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