Episode 38

I was going to start running to school then I remembered that it was a Thursday morning, there was no need to hurry because Thursday mornings in our school were for fellowship or moral instruction as they called it then, which always last till nine or ten o’Clock. I changed direction and headed to Kelvin’s place to wait for him. Getting there he was almost set to leave, Melody and chisom were also waiting for him too. I went in and greeted his mum, his dad did the same business as mine so, he was barely around too. His mum was always fond of me, She always call me Aguiyi (Crocodile), a name I took from my namesake. When I was done chatting with her Kelvin was already set so, we all left.
We got to school by 9:30am, at the gate we could still hear the voice of students at the Auditorium praying. Our Chaplain was an Evangelist of the Pool of Bethsaida ministries, if you know them then you’d know how they’re fascists in Prayer. We walked in majestically like we owned the school, went to our Class and dropped our bags, we were going to start going to the Auditorium when we heard them reciting the Grace. I left for the clinic immediately to take my Medication. When I returned the whole class was rowdy, nobody had settled down yet. I Sighted Sharon with Chidimma chatting and laughing, I smiled to myself I remembered I no longer had to worry about how I was going to ask her out. Of course the first person I was always going to greet was my Seatmate so, I went to meet her at Chidimma’s seat where she was engrossed in their chat.
“Hey, Cherry”. I said to her and She turned with a surprise look on her face. I’d been dying to call her that name from the first day she came to our school and I learnt her name was Sharon.
” What did you just call me?”. She asked and I was scared,maybe she didn’t like it.
“You don’t like it? Am…”.
” No just repeat it “. She said.
“Cherry?”. I repeated and she smiled, came close and grabbed my hands.
“Only my mum calls me that”. She said still smiling at me.
“Well, I guess it has to be Me and your mum now”. I teased and we both laughed.
” So, what should I call you now?”. She asked and Chidimma interrupted suddenly.
“Like seriously you don’t know your boyfriend’s Nickname?”. Chidimma said.
” No am not calling him that”. Sharon said to Chidimma and she held her mouth jokingly. Currently I was just lost in the moment smiling, not because she didn’t know what to call me but, because she didn’t object Chidimma’s words that I was her boyfriend.
“Godson?”. Sharon’s voice called me out Of my thought and I smiled.
” I said what should I call you?”. She asked.
“You can call me anything you want, as far as is not Arrogant”. I said and we both laughed. I might be joking when I told her that but, it was the truth, the last things anybody should call me was Arrogant or Paranoid.
“Okay duly noted”. She said and we both laughed again.
” Are you both acting a Play or what? “. Our form mistress asked, we didn’t even know when she came in so, we sure were shocked.
” Sharon and Godson, you want to become my new headache in this class right? Don’t worry I’d soon change your seats “. She said then ordered us back to our seats and we both went to our seats smiling as she started teaching. It was soon break and Sharon wouldn’t let me leave till she was ready to. We went out with our hands clung, she chooses any place we went. Even though we weren’t dating yet but seeing us together you wont believe we were not an item. We went to the tuck shop together, i bought meat pie and viju milk then we went to sit at a corner. We both ate the pie together then she started feeding me with her hand till the pie finished then she bought another one. The eyes of students mostly our seniors were all directed at us as she returned and tried feeding me again ,I refused and she refused eating anymore too so, I called a primary school boy and gave him the pie and the drink we remained. We stood to leave and she refused to move until I held her hand, I frowned at her but she just folded her hands and watched me. I really loved to hold her hands but I didn’t want to do it in front of other students at the Tuck shop. I thought of what to do then an idea struck me and I smiled at her.
“What?”. She asked faking a frown.
” Nothing, just so you know. The money we just spent, my sister asked me to give it to you”. I informed her grinning wickedly and she was stunned.
“Oh you Glorious cheat!!”. She yelled and ran after me as the other students laughed at our little drama. I ran around the school playground with her chasing me then I ran to our class and relaxed on my seat, she came and leaned on me as we both gasped for air. When she got enough strength she picked a Textbook and hitting me on my head while I laughed.
“You cheat, you just duped me”. She said as she kept hitting me. We never noticed any other persons presence in class because most seats were scanty but, all our classmates were around.
” hey Lovebirds we’re having a talk here, you can join us or you can go outside and stop distracting us”. Smith said with jealousy all over his face. That was when I saw the whole class gathered at a corner staring at us.
“Lovebirds really?”. Sharon said and started walking towards them.
“Yea, maybe we should just go outside”. I said to irritate smith and the whole class laughed.
They were discussing about the means we were to convey ourselves to Kingsley’s Family house. Chidimma advised that we informed the school so they’d provide us with a bus but bully disagreed, saying that the school board might not allow us to go, and even if they will, they’d surely postpone the visit.
“And Kingsley’s parents would surely be aware of our coming which make our visit to no longer be a surprise”. He concluded. He never really bought the idea of the whole class going but, rather just the Outlawz.
” Okay then how do you suggest we go then?”. Chidimma asked him.
“Well it mustn’t be all of us? Let just the boys go, we can always figure our…”. He tried suggesting and Sharon stopped him.
” That’s out of the question bro, we’re all going or no one is”. She said and the girls chanted “Yes!” In agreement which got me laughing.

“There is no need to argue about this, we’re all one in this class except those who feel they’re different so, of course we’re all going”. I said and the girls clapped, Sharon in particular winked at me. She is the only reason I wanted all of us to go, despite the noble speech of oneliness I just dropped.
” you all have a point, but This is how we are going to do it. We are going to charter bikes, two two per bike going and coming and for those of you living around Hilltop you’d just trek your way home or board a Keke when we’re through”. Kelvin said and looked at Chidimma to know if she was okay with it, she just shrugged and the meeting dispersed. Sharon grabbed my shirt immediately we left the gathering.
“So, where did we stop?”. She asked but the school bell answered her instead and she sighed.
” How lucky you are “. She said and left my shirt.
” I never imagined “. I said then laughed myself to another headache, she led me to my seat once she noticed I was in pain.
“The headache’s still not gone huh?”. She asked as we got to my seat and she sat with me.
” I still feel it now and then”. I said and bent my head on my desk but she carried my head on her shoulder and cuddled me like a child.
“Don’t worry you’ll be fine”.she said.
A girl whom hasn’t agreed to date you but, still treats you like she’s already yours, what’s the need for the response. Once a teacher came in, she dropped my head on the desk gently and massaged it with her left hand. the headache soon stopped but I didn’t want to spoil my owned fun so I just leaned back on and enjoying the sweet hands of my future girlfriend.



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