Episode 37

I bounced in freedom as I went to catch up with the Outlawz, the burden that seemed to hang in my heart had finally been lifted Much more easier than I thought. It was an unusual mood but expected amongst the Outlawz as we walked home today, we all walked nervously and in silence too. Yesterday’s Clash hadn’t worn off on some, Kingsley’s absence was being felt too. I was the only one that was a bit cheerful and Melody was quick to notice. He kept looking at me at intervals until he spoke out.
“Wizzy wetin dey sup?”. He asked and they all turned to stare at me, I on the other hand didn’t understand his question.
” Via which Level?”. I asked confusedly and he burst out laughing and jumping.
“Finally you don clear that LT as e dey go abi?”. He asked.
” Na true oh this bobo just dey jolly since we comot school, na so?”. Bully added.

“I no clear nobody nothing oh”. I denied still smiling so, they didn’t buy my words. They all started saying o was hiding something and that I should go on And say it, they kept pushing me to say it except Kelvin, he soon ordered them to stop.
“Make una free the bobo with him matter nah”. He said and they all stopped then he winked at me and I winked back. He got the message I passed but not the details, might think we were dating already but i didn’t care this time because I already had this confidence that she will say yes. He started talking about how we were going to convey ourselves to Kingsley’s Family house tomorrow, since we were not going on the school nor our form mistress’s knowledge but on our own. We didn’t remember to discuss it with the rest of our classmates in school, he said we were going to charter bikes to and fro and we all agreed on it. We soon got to the place where we normally dispersed and we all bade goodbye to ourselves with our gang shake. Kelvin joined me as he always does when he wanted to know the latest with me and Sharon, and I told him what he needed to know without him asking. He was glad I finally told Sharon how I felt even though she was yet to give a response. Of course I didn’t tell him how easier she made it for me. He said he was sure she would accept, because it was she loved me so much. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who believed that Sharon was going to date me, he also advised that I gave her time to decide by her self and I shouldn’t freak out even if it takes time. He didn’t need to tell me that, I couldn’t muster enough courage to ask her out so, where would I get the one to confront her for a reply. I was willing to give her till eternity long as she was going to say Yes. I got home that day with a decision to avoid my sister, I wasn’t mad at her but, I didn’t want her asking me about Sharon before it’d lead to her coming to my school tomorrow. Luckily she wasn’t at home when I came back, I knew where to take my food and I ate while still in my uniform. Which I wouldn’t dare if she was at home because she takes care of my Laundry. After eating I undressed, wore a plain trouser and a shirt with my cover palms, locked our house and ran out to stay with my mum at her shop. I enjoyed staying in shop that day, I ate everything I wanted just by looking at them and my mum would let me have it. I was licking the fan vanilla ice cream she bought for me when sister Eunice came back. Turned out she helped my mum to buy her wares in the market as she came back in a keke filled with provisions, I helped the keke man in offloading the goods while she went to discuss with our mum. I sneaked out immediately I was done arrangement the goods and went to a PlayStation close to our house. When I played off the #120 I had, I sat there watching others play till it became dark before I went home. I joined my dad in the sitting room to watch wrestling, in that way Eunice wouldn’t even ask me anything. We were both served our dinner in the sitting room because we were so obsessed with the Jeff and matt hardy match, actually my dad was But me, I was only pretending.
After we’d finished eating my Dad soon started snoring on his seat so, I sneaked into my room and pretended I was sleeping too. My sister soon came to check up on me like she always did every night, she switched on the ceiling fan then covered me with a blanket, she sat close and watched me for a while then pecked my forehead before she left. I almost laughed out loudly when she left, I felt this kind pride I never felt because for the first time I’d played my sister and she didn’t notice. I laid there just staring at the fan as I thought about tomorrow, it was still too early for me to sleep, my earliest time to bed was 10:00pm and it was just 8:30pm then so sleeping was a no go for me. Then I started thinking of Sharon, how it would be to have her as my girlfriend. As I was still thinking, a game came to my head: “The Love Calculator” you known that Flames stuff where you divide your crush’s name with yours and all that. I jumped out of my bed tore a Sheet and a pen from my bag then returned to the bed to start the calculations. First I Checked our first names Godson/Sharon and it’s result was “Secret Lovers”, then I checked our second names Chidiebere/Chidimma and it resulted to “Lovers”. It’s true this thing was just a fairy tale joke but it was just giving me the answers I wanted to see so, it for once seemed to make sense. Sharon and I had harboured feelings for each other so we were definite ” secret Lovers ” and now I have finally asked her out so once she says Yes we’ll become “Lovers”. I smiled wholely to my thoughts, I even Checked with our surnames Nnaji/Okoro and it resulted to Marriage, that one got me to laugh out Loudly then I realized mum and my sister were still awake in the sitting room and I was supposed to be asleep so, I tucked my self in quickly and used a pillow to cover my head in case my sister comes back and in no long time I slept off. I had a nice dream about me and Sharon that night even though I don’t Remember the details but it was a lovely one.
I was woken up by my sister in the morning, it seemed she had been trying to wake me for a while because she sighed loudly once I opened my eyes.
“Hey! I know you’re having a nice dream but, you’re going to the late for school so jump down and go take your bath”. She said and jumped down from the bed as I rolled and stretched.
” and who said I was having a nice dream? “. I asked her, she turned and smiled at me then showed me the sheet of paper I was writing on the past night.
” your love book did “. She said then threw the paper at me, I just stared at her in surprise. I was so glad that I’d played her at night but only for her to find out at the dying minutes because of my carelessness.
” Tell me, were you sleepwalking or did you wake up at midnight to write all this? “. She asked, which I didn’t respond of course. Then she asked me to hasten up and go take my bath, there would be no chores for me today too. I Checked my alarm clock and it was almost 7:00am. I jumped immediately took my tooth brush and ran into the bathroom swiftly. In no time I was already eating breakfast, after that my sister changed my bandage then I dressed up. I was ready for school by 8:15am. Sis.Eunice gave me two hundred naira before I left then an extra two hundred again.
“Give that to Sharon for me, and I hope you are going to show her your Love calculation results”. She winked and waved me goodbye.



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