Episode 36

We both stood staring at each other, actually I was lost with words to say to her. Kelvin had said I should use any words that came to me but currently I was like Kylie xy, I had thousands of words to say at a time in my head and I couldn’t pick one to start with. She soon started to give me that her confused stare so I had to say something so quick.
“Hey”. I said breathing uneasily.
” Hey”. She replied, her look was making it more difficult for me that it got me speechless again.
“So….. Are you gonna explain or why am I here?”. She asked. Explain? This girl isn’t even making it easy for me at all. It was already obvious from my heart beat that I was going to flip up again and she’s just going to worsen it by asking me to explain why I flipped the first time?
” Explain?”. I asked pretending I was confused and she sighed.
“Okay, you sent for me now am here so?”. She asked with her arms still folded to her chest.
” well, I only called you here to apologise. I never should’ve walked Out on you”. I lied and she looked at me in disbelief.
“That’s all really?”. She asked looking into my eyes but I looked somewhere else and nodded.
” okay then, Apology accepted “. She faked a smile but I still saw the disappointment on her face. Now it’s not just Kelvin and the other two outlawz that I just disappointed I’d also disappointed Sharon and knowing this, I also felt disappointed with myself.
These flip ups taught me a lesson. Wooing a girl is like asking her to marry you, no one tells you when you are ready, you only know in your heart that you are. I relaxed back on the wall when she left for her seat, the look on my face has already told Kelvin and co that nothing happened and they all hissed in disappointment, Melody couldn’t hold his own words.
” upon all the ike wey una pack keep for this bobo head, him still go fall hands”. He said as he walked towards his own seat.
I leaned back on the wall and watched as Kelvin and bully looked in disappointment. Thank God the Others didn’t know what was going on the if not, then I don’t think I was going to be around anytime soon.
“My friend why are you standing like someone that just lost his whole savings in a lottery? Will you run to your seat!!”. That was our Home Economics teacher hurrying in to teach, She’s already missed 45 minutes of her time but, luckily she had double period. Before I could get to my seat she’d already started teaching. Sharon smiled at me, once I sat down.
“Did you really lose a lottery? Because your face looks like someone that actually did”. She said and I smiled too but, that wouldn’t stop her from asking what’s wrong with me.
“Care to talk about it?”. She asked.
” well, let’s just say I failed a Test”. I didn’t want to continue keep her blank but, I wasn’t still going to tell her.
“Which subject?”. She asked with a look of worry on her face, when I saw it I smiled.
“Outlawz”. I said and she hissed in relief.
” this your outlawz stuff hope you guys ain’t taking it seriously?”. She asked me but our Homec teacher came to my rescue.
“Miss Nnaji Sharon come out here. Since you can’t stop talking while I teach, maybe you can help me in teaching today”. She said and the whole class laughed. It turned out She was looking for a girl to demonstrate more of the signs of adolescence in girls but, nobody volunteered then she caught Sharon not paying attention. She soon sent her back since she hadn’t developed much as a teen in fact she wasn’t a teen yet, she was just eleven plus then. She came back smiling and we both watched as our Homec teacher picked someone else. Her name was Charity, she was just thirteen then but, she had developed everything completely as a teen. We all watched and laughed as the teacher talked about her growing parts while she covered her face.
” this could’ve been you”. I whispered to Sharon and she pinched me as we both laughed leaning on each other’s shoulder. The teacher kept on teaching till the bell for dismissal was rang, then she Left. Everybody started packing to go except me, I sat still thinking about how today started, how Sharon and Chidimma had escorted me to the clinic. How I met Sharon’s mother and how she also met my sister like it was planned, it wasn’t just coincided. And how many times I was this close to asking her out rather I let it slip. This day won’t be complete if I didn’t get to tell her.
“Are you also going to apologise for not walking me to the car pack?”. Sharon asked staring at me with her school bag already strapped to her back.
” of course not”. I said and hastened packing my books, in no time I was set. Since we don’t have to walk together looking over our shoulder, watching out for Jenny, we were going to walk freely today.
“Shall we?”. I said to her stretching my hand for hers and she grabbed it then we started walking out slowly laughing with no reason. My laugh soon stopped when my eyes caught Kelvin’s, his words: ” today or no more ” rang in my heart, It was really today or no More. Miriam joined us soon as we stepped out of the classroom, she smiled as she saw our hand clung to each other.
“And finally they were seen walking together, not worried about my inspector sister so, They lived happily ever after”. She said and we all laughed.

” cartoon freak “. Sharon teased. They both kept talking and laughing while I barely paid attention to what they were saying, I was rather thinking of how it would be if o went home today without telling Sharon my mind. Then, Sharon sent Miriam away and faced me with her arms folded, anytime she folds her hands with her eyes straight to your face, its time for interrogation.
” Okay, I’ve sent Miriam away. It’s just me and you now so, say it”. She said.
“Say what?”. I pretended.
” what you’ve been trying to say since morning. Why you sent for me twice, come on you ain’t going to walk home with it in your mind, are you?”. She asked but I still kept quiet.
“Listen no matter what it is, go on and tell me, I’ll be okay”. She Looked worried as she waited to hear. I have never been this scared before not even when those guys ambushed us yesterday, well it was my first time.
“Am listening”. She said still staring into my eyes.
“Okay, I’ll say it”. I said and she balanced like she was preparing herself to hear whatever I wanted to say.
” I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now but I didn’t know…. “.
” I understand so, go on and say it”. She cut me before I could finish, she wasn’t smiling and it was making it more scary for me.
“We’re friends right?”. I asked and she nodded.
” and I know it’s not been so long we met but, it’s obvious we like each other “. I started then paused to see how she would react.
” Yes, so?”. She asked still not smiling and I swallowed hard.
“So… So I think we’ve got to a point where we’re both certain of what we are to each other”. Those lines were so hard for me to say, yet she reacted indifferently. She came too close that our body was touching, her forehead was
Rubbing against mine, it was as if she wanted to kiss me.
“Okay, so?”. She said with her glued to mine, with that position we stood I can’t say a word so, I drew back a little and she smiled.
” so uhm ……uhm I don’t even know how to say this “. I said honestly and she laughed.
” Well, you don’t have to”. She said.
“Why?”. I asked her confusedly.
” Because I already know what you’re going to say”. She was now smiling in her usual way.
“Really? So what is it I was going to say?”.
” Well that doesn’t matter. Am going to think about it then give you a reply soon”. She said and started leaving then came back and hugged me.
“It wasn’t so hard, was it?”. She whispered in my ear still holding me tight. I was still shocked and speechless, she’d known all these and she still allowed me the stress? Its really Girls and Drama indeed.
This hug was a Headline, it was at the car pack where almost the whole students, pupils and parents were walking to and fro. They all saw us but nobody said nothing I didn’t care and of course she didn’t too, they’d all believe us to be a couple when it was still Complicated. She broke the hug soon then started walking towards their bus, she turned at intervals to wave me bye before she got into the bus but , I still stood there watching the bus.
“Hey dude are you just going to stand their forever?”. Miriam shouted from the side window and winked at me then I waved her bye and left with all the paparazzi camera eyes on me.


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