I went back in to meet our basic science teacher already in class, She asked me where I was coming from and I lied to her that I went to the clinic before she let me go to my seat. The only thing I know about what she was teaching was the topic ” Friction “, we’ve been on the topic since last week but this current date my attention wasn’t at her teaching at all. It wasn’t a new thing though, ever since Sharon came into the picture I hardly paid attention in class and I wondered where it was gonna get me that term because, I wasn’t a guy who believed in notes but, just understanding while the teacher teaches. My Notes are always written mostly by girl whom want me to sing for them and that happens only when I’m in the mood. I was only thinking about what my sister was going to tell Sharon and how she was going to react to it. Chidimma kept turning to look at me at intervals, I guess she was wondering where her Best friend would be, knowing our absence in class after break Meant we were together, and now I was back alone.
Sharon never came back to class until the teacher left. She came in sat down quietly, looking at me without saying a word. I also glanced at her then looked another way once I noticed her eyes still glued at me.

“Go on, say it”. I said to her and relaxed properly on my seat.
” why did you walk out like that?”. She asked.
“I had to leave you girls to your gossips”. I said and maintained a straight face, she didn’t say anything and I already knew she wasn’t okay with what I said so I looked at her and I was right.
” Am not going to apologise for that Sharon “. I said to her and she smiled.
” am not asking for your apology “. She said.
” then why is your face like that? “.
” you just tagged your sister a gossip too how do you expect to see my face? “. She asked, I was happy in my heart to hear her defend my sister but I didn’t show it.
” what’s wrong with it?”.
“She’s your Big sister for God’s sake”. She counseled seriously and I acted like it was normal.
” whoa, look who’s judging me. maybe you didn’t know that about Jenny too”. I really felt like swallowing back my words because it did touch her. She kept quiet for a while before she continued.
“I do respect Jennifer”. she said calmly, I didn’t want to argue with her over it anymore so I conceded.
” okay, but all the same. calling a lady a gossip isn’t wrong. every woman is a gossip”. I insisted but she disagreed.
“except my mum”. she said and folded her hands.
” except my mum too”. I said and we both laughed then maintained silence for a while because some eyes were already directed at us, I could sight Kelvin giving me a thumbs up as a go ahead. Not as if he even knew what we were saying.
“So, what did she tell you”. I asked her curiously after a while.
” well, you already said it. Leave girls to their gossips “. She said and I decided not to ask anymore, after all I was the one that walked away from them in order not to hear it so why am I being curious all of Sudden? Well the truth is I always was curious but scared.
“And talking about leaving, you know you still owe me an apology”. She said and started giving me that weird stare again.


” what do i need to apologise for again?”. I sighed out loud.
“For keeping me standing at the Tuck shop”. She said and folded her arms firmly, I felt my heart pound quickly when she reminded me of the Tuck shop escape.
” Did I?”. I pretended I didn’t know what she was saying.
“I was in the class with Chidimma hearing her sweet story when ugochi came in to inform me that you sent for me at the Tuck shop. I was glad at first because I thought you were going to buy uncle Palm’s meat pie for me, only to get there and meet Smart who said you just left and would soon come back but, you never did”. She narrated looking straight into my eyes, her eyes in mine made it hard for me to lie so I just kept quiet.
” Now, before you Apologise. You’d have to tell me why you wanted see me and also what made you run”. She spoke with Authority. Her demands were too expensive for me, first I can’t tell her why I needed to see her and also am not going to watch her laugh when she knows why I ran away. That’s what it’s always been about, just how she would react was what kept scaring me away. So, now I had to deny everything, well not actually denying because I never asked for any of this, Kelvin only felt like helping me.
“Well the truth is I never sent for you at the clinic so, Maybe ugochi was playing a prank with you or Smart was. It had nothing to do with me”. I denied boldly.
” Are you kidding me? “. She looked disappointed on hearing what I said and seeing that look on her face made me uncomfortable.
” So, you don’t believe me ?”. I faked a mood.
“No is not…” .
“Well it’s obvious you don’t believe me. You can believe whatever you want”. I stood up and left our side to Kelvin’s. He was standing near the second door with Bully and Melody, they all relaxed on the wall and faced the class. I shook their hands One by one in our usual way then relaxed on the wall with them. Kelvin asked me if I had finally told her and I said no. They all seemed to be surprised especially Melody.
“Wait Aruba so, all these Rap wey you and that LT dey rap since for this class na Stage play?”. Melody asked as he couldn’t believe we weren’t yet an item. Of course I wasn’t going to answer that question.
” Chai !! Na him I dey waste time since. You just decieve all man”. He exclaimed then Kelvin and Bully laughed.
“Na wetin you for come do?”. I asked him faking a smile and he looked at me with a frown.
“You think say na everybody dey dull Moment like you? No worry just one week I go done play my tape give her”. He bragged and we all laughed.
” DJ melody, if I hear say she reason you “. I bragged too.
” Na because I never follow am align before nah”. He insisted.
“Melody na true that babe go bullshit you. But wizzy why you dey lag like this nah?”. Bully started his own version with a question which I didn’t also answer.
“You no know greenlight if you see one? That shimah don’t show you clear signal for way forward you come dey misperform”. He continued.
” guys that’s not the point. I actually don’t know the right words to say to her”. I explained.
“Use any words that comes to your head, there is no special way of asking a girl out. In fact the weirder the better”. Kelvin counseled. Kelvin might be a street freak but in relationship stuffs he was an expert. They all kept encouraging and boosting my morale till I thought I was ready to face her so, I asked that they call her for me and Melody went to call her. While they left the words Kelvin and bully kept ringing in my head was ” be bold, don’t blink, be a real Outlaw, show her how serious you are”.
Now, there she was standing at my front with her arms folded, she exchanged greetings with Kelvin and Bully then the both left to Kelvin’s desk, I wish they hadn’t because they were the actual courage I had and once they left, it left with them.


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