Episode 34

Kelvin asked ugochi to go wait for him at the tuck shop and she left.
“So, what’s up?”. He asked me once ugochi left.
” am cool”. I replied and he smiled.
“No, I mean with you and Sharon”. He said and I shrugged.
” well, nothing’s up”. I said.
“You asked her yet?”. He asked as we started walking out of the class.
” No”. I said and he seemed surprised.
” I do not think it’s time yet”. I lied.
“What. You’re going to wait for eternity?”. He spoke with seriousness like it was his relationship. He continued when I didn’t respond.
” is it that you don’t understand how you feel about her?”.
“Ofcourse I do”.
” Then why the wait?”.
“Well the truth is I don’t know what to say to her, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to say it”. I said out loud and he smiled.
” Are you kidding me?”.
“Would it be wrong if you asked her for me?”. It sounded like a good idea to me but he laughed at me but, didn’t say Anything till we met with ugochi at the tuck shop. Kelvin bought gala sausage roll with coke for the three of us, he sat with ugochi on a small bench while I stood close to them leaning against the wall. They were already eating theirs, feeding themselves at intervals while I watched in jealousy.
“You never wan smack your own?”. Ugochi asked me when she noticed I wasn’t eating yet which got Kelvin’s attention, he laughed when he looked at me.
“Are you practicing?”. He asked me.
” what?”. I feigned ignorance of what he was asking about.
“Are you rehearsing your steps on how to ask
her to date you?”. He asked again almost laughing but I didn’t say anything. He then asked ugochi to go call Sharon, and she left to call her. I didn’t know what he was planning so I had to ask him.
” So you’re going to ask her for me?”. I asked him and he started laughing.
“Come on dude, how will it sound if you were her?”. He asked after laughing and I didn’t say anything.
” you’ve got to ask her yourself”. He Said.
I wanted to say something then, I saw Sharon walking towards us but, hadn’t seen us yet so, I bent down and sneaked out of the Tuck shop. Then ran back into the classroom. Getting there I met Chidimma and she looked surprised to see me.
“Godson? Where is Sharon?”. She asked walking up to me.
” what? I should be asking you that”. I pretended not knowing where she was and she seemed surprised the more.
“Ugochi came here and told her you wanted to see her at the tuck shop and she left immediately so?”. She said with curiosity.
” did I? Well I didn’t ask to see her and I never sighted her in the Tuck shop “. I lied and walked off the class immediately to avoid more questions. I was going to go to the Merry go round when Kelvin called me back. He kept laughing as he walked up to me, I couldn’t stand it so, I turned and started walking again and he ran up to me.
” guy stop nah, I be like Sharon for your eye “. He said trying to control his laugh and I gave him a dead stare.
“Oh calm down, why you just dey panic?”. He asked.
” Aruba I no like this parole oh”. I said and he sighed out loud.
“sister Eunice is looking for you”. He said. I wasn’t surprised, I knew she was always going to come. I was about to leave but Kelvin called me back.
” you already told her about Sharon? “. He asked and I was shocked.
” is she asking about her too?”. I asked him and he shrugged.
“She is already with her”. He said.
” How? “. I asked confusedly.
” Sharon was the first person she asked of and luckily she was still there with me at the Tuck shop “. He explained and I didn’t feel going anymore. I should have known, she wasn’t just going to come because I was attacked yesterday, she was still curious to meet this my Valentine girl and now she had killed two birds with a stone.
” What? You ain’t going anymore? “. Kelvin asked but I said nothing.
” come on dude I was expecting you’d be happy “. He continued.
” It doesn’t seem right”. I said
“What doesn’t seem right?”. He asked.
“The things she’d say to her”. I said and tried to leave but he drew me back.
” Things like?”.
“Like how I always talk about her, how I so much love her and all that. I know my sister well enough to..”. I was yet finish when he started laughing and I couldn’t say why.
” is that all?”. He asked when he could control himself but continued when I didn’t say a word.
“That makes it easier dude, pray she says that then you wouldn’t have to say it anymore because you must ask her today or no more”. He said then asked me to go on and meet with them at the Admin Block and I started going sluggishly. I saw them from a distance, chatting and laughing, it was no doubt my big sister and Sharon could tag along. They both had the same character, mere looking at them you wouldn’t believe they were just meeting for the first time. I stood there contemplating on if to go or not when an SS1 boy bumped into me and I almost fell down, instead of apologising, he scolded me to stay off the road.
“Young man leave the road!!” He ordered, I was going to give him the coldest response ever but someone interfered for me.
“Actually you’re the blind boy that needs to watch where he is going”. Sister Eunice said as she came closer with Sharon. The boy couldn’t say anything else just buried his face and left.
” Good day sis”. I greeted and she smiled then came closer to examine my head.
“How are you love?”. She asked still looking at the injury and I nodded.
” So, what did you discuss with the principal? “. I asked trying to skip anything that’d bring in Sharon whom just stood there smiling.
“That’s not necessary anymore, Godson”. She said and gave me an asking look.
” what?”. I asked her.
“Ain’t you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?”. She asked pointing at Sharon and I sighed out loud.
” Actually I’m not his girlfriend, but I’m really happy he talks about me, which means is not just me talking about him at home”. She said and they both laughed.
“Sharon meet my big sister Eunice While am here”. Eunice said to me.
“Oh he already knows that, he just wants to remind me why I was sent to school”. Sharon said giving me a disappointed look but I couldn’t say anything to her then my sister turned to her.
” Not really, my brother is a very shy type. Am sure you already noticed that”. She said to Sharon and she nodded.
“Yeah and proud too”. Sharon added and Eunice laughed.
” yes that reminds me. He hasn’t asked you, has he?”. Eunice asked Sharon.
“Asked me what?”. Sharon looked confused and Eunice gave me a weird stare.
” I don’t know what you two are talking about but, I’ll leave you to it. See you at home sis”. I said and gave my sister a side hug then started walking back to class. Sharon tried to call me back but my sister told her to leave me. I couldn’t stand whatever my sister was about telling Sharon next because I already knew it had to do with me asking her to be my girlfriend.
“Am going to tell her!!”. Eunice yelled but I didn’t care, as long as am not there to hear it.


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