Episode 33

I tiptoed to my seat and Sharon was busy writing something, she didn’t even look at me. That was when I remembered I’d pissed her off in the clinic but, I have this boundary with apology, it was one of the hardest things.
“Hey”. I said to her and she looked at me.
“Hey”. She replied and continued writing. I didn’t know what to say to her so, I just stared as she kept busy with her pen.
“You’re feeling better now?”. She asked me while still writing.
” yeah “. I voiced out slowly and she stopped writing and smiled at me.
” that’s nice”. She said and faced her book again, we stayed quiet for a while.
“What’re you writing?”. I tried to see her book but she closed it.
“Nothing”. She said, she wasn’t smiling but, I didn’t even care.
“Oh come on, is it a love letter to your boyfriend?”. I teased trying to open the book but she threw my hand off.
” Godson it’s not funny”. She said and I stopped. I kept staring at her as she poured her anger on her book, I had to continue Talking.
“I met your mum outside”. I informed her even though she already knew.
” really? Good for you”. She still didn’t look at me.
“Actually nice of you not telling me she was in school”. I faked a mood but she didn’t buy it either.
“Nope, not when you sent me into the class, couldn’t have known”.
I now knew she was really pissed,and I had to say sorry at least.
” okay then, am listening “. I said and folded my arms.
“What?”. She asked, finally looking at me but confused.
“This is the part where you’re supposed to tell me how pissed you are and obviously what I did to make you so mad at me”. I said smiling at her and she breathed in deeply.
” Godson am…”. She tried to whine but I stopped her.
“Shhh it’s about the clinic right?”. I asked and she gave up.
” of course it is”. She replied and looked towards the board.
“You know I did it for…”
“Yes you think you did it for my good but do you really think I don’t know what’s good for me?” She said quickly almost shouting.
“That’s not How it is”. I defended.
” maybe but that’s how you made it look”. she said with all seriousness and I just couldn’t say more but just stare back at her.
“I know my main reason for being in school is to learn but, you didn’t have to remind me. After all if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have left the class in the first place”. she poured out her mind completely. I grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes, for a moment I was lost but I regained myself quickly.
” fine, you win. I kind of misjudged you and I know you understand why so, please let’s get past that. Okay?”. It seemed heavy for me to say but I managed to and she nodded. I gave out a sigh of relief and we both smiled as we kept looking into each other’s eyes, it was a perfect time to make my proposal but, all I didn’t just have was the words and the courage to say them.
“So, what were you writing?”. I asked trying to pick the book but, she blocked me again.
” Non of your business “. She said smiling.
” I was right, that’s a letter For your boyfriend “. I said then she put up an angry face which I knew was fake so, I laughed.
” Have I ever told you?”. I asked her.
“What?”. She asked looking curious and I drew my face closer to hers.
” You look more stunning when you’re angry”. I teased and she slapped me playfully as we both laughed. We both kept playing and laughing as no teacher was coming to teach us yet, Chidimma had gone to look for our computer teacher twice but, didn’t see him. Turned out he wasn’t currently present in school so we used his class as a free period. It was just my voice and Sharon’s that could be heard in the class but, we didn’t seem to care.
“Hey you two am going to write down your names, you’re disturbing the peace in this class”. Chidimma shouted from her seat after a while smiling at the us. We continued playing anyway, it got to a point where we started dragging the book she was writing in.
“Wow you two. I love what I’m seeing”. That was Kelvin’s voice and it got me to pause when I heard him, I turned to see him and the other six guys standing at the door. Nobody knew when they came in, Sharon and I were the only ones to know yet.
“Look who we have back. I thought they had detained you guys and I’d planned to lead the other fellows to raid on their stations till we got you back”. I joked and we both laughed, we had our normal gang shake and hugged.
” So what did we miss!!”. Melody screamed running to the front of the class, that was when the whole class noticed their presence, that brought back the spark in our class. Everywhere became as noisy as hell, lucky for us it wasn’t long before we heard the bell for break. I wanted to spend the break with Sharon, to learn if being around her always was going to give me the courage I’d needed but, first I had some catch up with the outlawz so I had to stick around for a while. We all (the outlawz in total) gathered at a corner in the class as Kelvin narrated their ordeal with the police. It wasn’t quite a long story. They were Taken to the station like Kingsley’s father had said and they narrated what happened yesterday to them, then they were asked to lead the police to the place we were attacked and they did. The police combed the whole farm clean but found no one before they were brought back to school. After the narration, Kelvin made it official that chinonso was no longer an outlaw and nobody should address him as such but we should rather see him as a friend he is to all of us, he also made it that anyone that wanted out is always permitted to leave. Then he brought up Kingsley’s case.
“Yesterday, because of fear we leave our fellow kinsman for bad bloods them hand yesterday disembark. Na big loseguarding oh but that one don pass. But make una know say from today no matter wetin sup no outlaw go leave him fellow behind, if we dey enter together we dey fall out together”. He said.
” na so”. We all chorused.
“Tomorrow all of us go play go kinsman them house, go show am love….”.
” well no just you Guys, the whole jss2A will be going “. Chidimma said and forced her way into our little gathering with Sharon and ugochi. Some of the outlawz started to murmuring but, Kelvin asked them to keep quiet.
“So, are you girls also planning join the gang?”. Bully asked them.
” You see I don’t know about this your gang, group cult or whatever but, Kingsley is also our classmate “. Chidimma said with all boldness.
” Yes and we all have the right to pay him a visit “. Sharon said too. Ugochi couldn’t utter a word rather she was staring at the floor because her boyfriend (Kelvin) was just staring at her. I bet she was scared of what Kelvin might be thinking in fact, if it wasn’t Chidimma’s hand that was clung to hers, she would have ran out. Me on the other hand was also staring at Sharon, when her eyes caught mine she winked at me. Bully was going to ask them to leave but, Kelvin told him to let them.
” they have a point, Kingsley deserves all the love we can show, he earns it for being our Classmate, so come tomorrow we all are going to pay him a visit “. Kelvin concluded and dismissed the gathering. The three girls walked up to me and Kelvin, Chidimma did the talking.
” For the first time in many times we both agreed on one thing “. Chidimma said referring to Kelvin and he shrugged.
” I always knew the day would come so, enjoy it while it lasts”. Kelvin said smiling, still looking at ugochi like he was going to eat her up.
“And you should also know that ugo had no hand in our involvement”. Chidimma tried defending ugochi and Kelvin laughed.
” oh really? Well I saw how she was trembling “. Kelvin said, then cuddled ugochi into his arms and we all smiled. I folded a sheet of paper I held and hurled it at Sharon and she smiled.
” Hey”. I said to her.
“Hey”. She replied smiling. I wished she could stop smiling for a while and let me say what I had in mind but she didn’t.
” Am sorry Godson but I have to borrow your girl for a while “. Chidimma said then dragged Sharon and they Left. I just watched ad they were playfully arguing as they left the classroom.


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