Episode 32

After receiving the necessary medications the nurse asked me to lay down and sleep for a while as she left and I did. I don’t know if I had slept much when Miriam woke me up, I didn’t need to bother about how she knew I was in the clinic of course Sharon told her, I sat up immediately I remembered Sharon.
“Where is your sister?”. I asked Miriam and she smiled wildly.
” what?”. I asked her confusedly.
“Can’t you stay a moment without her?”. She said trying hard not to laugh and I gave her a serious but, she didn’t seem to care.
” you know I have been wondering how did you both survive when you hadn’t known each other”. She said walking to and fro.
“Miriam!!”. I barked at her, lucky I had taken medications or my head could’ve banged that moment.
” okay am sorry”. She apologized.
“Better”. I said and made to lie down again.
” About my sister, that’s why am here “. She said as she folded her hands and relaxed her back on the wall.
” Really? “. I asked her.
” yeah she is with my mum “. I was startled When I heard her.
“What do you mean?”.
” I mean my mum is here, and she wants to see you”. I became worried on hearing her, there was no need to ask why she’d want to see me. Jenny has done her worst, who knows the words she used this time, I can’t meet her, I do not want to be humiliated like victor. I’d rather stay put at the clinic. I smiled inwardly at my idea.
“Well I can’t”. I said and she frowned.
” you can’t or you won’t? “.
” Miriam are you also in support of this? Will you also enjoy watching her humiliate me just like jenny would?”. I asked her sincerely and sat up, only to hear her laugh. I was confused to hear her laugh at such situation, even though I knew her to always find everything funny but this one.
“Is that what you think?”. I didn’t give her any answer.
” well I don’t think my mum’s here for that, by the way jenny is not even aware of her being in school”. She said then came and sat next to me but I stood up as soon as she sat down.
“Am I supposed to jump up to That? Miriam I thought you were my friend. ” I was beginning to feel betrayed.
“Yes of course you are, a friend to my sister is my friend too”. She said and I faked a little laugh.
” oh yes, and an enemy to your other sister is your? “. She sighed out loud to my question, stood and walked up to me.
“That doesn’t apply to you”. I smiled and nodded unconvincingly to her words.
” Godson, you have to trust me. My mum is never going to humiliate you”. She was serious this time, I could read it all over her face but, I was still scared to go. I was still there contemplating on if to go or not when the nurse walked in and checked her time.
“Oh, you’re good to go and there is also a woman waiting to see you outside. I think she is your friend’s mother”. She said and smiled at me, then walked into her office.
” Shall we?”. Miriam said smiling and I had no choice but to go with her.
We had just walked out of the clinic when I saw her mum at the place she sat, she was sitting on the bonnet of Of a Camry which later turned out to be hers, viewing the school surroundings. I paused for a while when I saw her, I was having a double mind. Miriam came back when she noticed I wasn’t going anymore, she folded her hands and stood with me.
“Okay we’re just going to stand here till you’re ready”. She said I looked at her and smiled.
” Maybe you should just stand there”. I said to her and started walking again. I had to convince myself that she wasn’t here on a rude mission, if she was she could have come find me herself. When we got there Miriam went and hugged her, while I just stood there, Sharon wasn’t there anymore, I guess she’d sent her back to class or to go get jenny. I hoped it wasn’t the latter.
“Good afternoon Ma”. I greeted her as soon as she broke her hug with Miriam and she smiled at me.
” How are you boy?”. She asked and I nodded.
“Godson, am I right?”. Her accent was just like her daughters, same with her smile but I still wasn’t comfortable yet, as my legs couldn’t stand steady on the ground. maybe that’s what she saw when she gestured for me to sit with her on the bonnet as Miriam left and I did immediately. She asked about my head and I told her it was healing, then she told me how sorry she was to hear it. it was now clear to me that she didn’t come to create a scene, if she was I would have been least of all be kneeling down, that’s exactly what Chidimma’s mother would have started with.
” You know I remember you. the boy that gave my daughter quite an impressive reception on her first day right?”.she asked and I nodded.
“and now I hear you’re flirting with her, is that true?”. I didn’t sense any anger when she asked me the question so I wasn’t scared to answer her too.
“hmm,Maybe”. I answered and she laughed.
“I like you,at least you’re not denying it”. she said looking into my eyes.
” yes,and that’s because I do not know what they meant by me flirting”. I whined and she nodded.
“well that’s not necessary anymore. I trust my daughter to know what is safe and what is not”.
” well Jenny doesn’t think so “. I said boldly and she smiled.
“Oh tell me you wouldn’t do the same for your younger sibling?”.she asked me and I shrugged.
“I don’t know, I don’t have one”. I was now chatting with her more freely like I was chatting with my own mum and I wasn’t surprised anymore why Sharon had such a good heart, she is the carbon copy of her mother. Same beauty, same smile and same free mind. She smiled when I told her I had no junior.
” you shouldn’t be worried about Jenny “. She said and caressed my head.
” Well if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here “.
” No, I’m here because my daughter told me her friend was injured yesterday and she didn’t think it wise to let him go by himself “. She said staring at me and I became speechless. I didn’t know Sharon could proudly defend being with me around her mum. She cuddled me into her arms when she saw that I’d become mute.
” I have to trust your friendship with my daughter because she trusts you but, Try not to turn her against her sister okay?”. She said in such a tender voice and I nodded. I was still confused or should I say surprised, did she just permit me to date her young pretty daughter? How many parents would permit that.
“And one more thing, we’ll stop being friends the day you make her cry”. She said and we both laughed. She gave me #200, I wanted to refuse at first but with the kind of stare she gave me I had to take it. I started jumping to our class with joy.
How the things you’re scared of turns out to be the things you adore. Ever since I realized what Jenny was up to , the last person I wanted to see was their mum. Only to finally meet her and realise I should have prayed to meet her since.
When I got to the class, everywhere was quiet even though there wasn’t any teacher currently around nor our form mistress. Then I also noticed that my cousin and the others hadn’t yet returned, I became bothered and I guess they were all bothered too, that explains there sudden quietness.


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