Sharon tried feeding me with her biscuit but I kept throwing away my face till she stopped, She was chatting with Chidimma so, I guess she hadn’t noticed my mood. We spent close to two hours at their place before we started leaving. we informed his mum, she tried giving us money but we rejected it politely despite her plea then she thanked us for coming and all those prayer stuffs. Kingsley escorted us out, and that was when I got to chat a little with him.
“Mi fellow what’s the Level”. He asked me as we walked behind others.
” Everywhere good Aruba “. I replied.
” Smart clear me details say those b——s scratch your face “. He said referring to my injury.
“Omo na small challenge oh”. I replied then he changed.
” How far you and that L.T nah? Smart play me latest, so wetin dey sup?”. I really didn’t want to talk about Sharon.
“Guy just freestyle that matter abeg, I no wan reason go there now”. I said to him and he Smiled.
“Just be patient mi fellow, patience”. He advised. That’s the last thing I had now, Patience. If she doesn’t give me an answer after today I’d try my best to forget her, I said in my mind like it was even possible. Sharon and Chidimma joined us at the back, Chidimma came to talk to Kingsley.
” I didn’t get a chance to say my own sorry back there at your house “. She said to Kingsley and he laughed.
” Well, that’s because you didn’t want to “. Kingsley replied.
” Well I think we should leave you two then”. Sharon said to them, grabbed my hand and dragged me along with her.
We’ve gone a little distance far from Kingsley’s house yet he was still going with us. Those living around Hilltop were all taking there directions. Sharon kept talking as we walked hand in hand, I knew she lived around the area so she was probably heading to their house and also with what she said to everyone’s hearing in Kingsley’s home I was still upset with her even though I was trying to hide it so, I Stopped.
“Come on Godson, our house is just five streets from here”. She said and tried pulling me along once more but, I stood my ground.
“Wait, my friends they are about to go so…”. I tried whining but she cut my words.
” You didn’t come with your friends Godson. You came with me “. She said trying to read my face.
” yeah you’re right but am sorry Sharon. I’m already late and my parents might be worried “. I lied and she smiled.
“You know this is actually the first time you’d call me Sharon today. And it’s not just about your parents, something else is bothering you. What’s it?”. She asked. I always knew she’d notice, that’s how similar she was with my sisters.
” nothing, Just that you didn’t really give me the answer like you promised”. I said and she frowned.
“It was Just Yesterday you asked me”. She said and I became speechless, I couldn’t even look at her face.
” it’s about what I said back there right? “. She asked and when I didn’t say anything she came and held my hands and Made sure I was looking into her eyes.
“Godson, if we’re going to do this. It’s because we want to and not because they want us to”. Those words cleared all my fears, there was hope after all, now I could do with the patience. She was right, we weren’t going to be dating because our friends think we should, I guess I was too in love that I no longer thought any other thing should matter.
” yeah you’re right, just that it scared me the way you said it “. I said honestly and she couldn’t help but laugh so hard that she nearly fell.
” Oh really?. So we ain’t young anymore? “. She asked when she could control herself and I smiled because that question reminded me of something.
” I remember when I asked my sister this same question.. ”
“Yea I know, she told me”. She said before I could finish and I wasn’t surprised, that’s how she knew I was going to ask her out.
” so my sister told you everything”. Î said and she shrugged.
“Well, maybe there is still some you’d want to say to me?”. She said with her arms folded and I smiled then went closer to her.
“What’s left to say is that I can’t wait to hear your reply”. I said and she smiled then drew back again.
” Okay what if I said no?”. She asked staring into my eyes and I looked somewhere else.
“Just don’t say no, because it’d spoil my day”. I said then she came and turned my face towards her again, I was gradually becoming my shy self once more.
” And if I said yes?”. She asked still looking into my eyes, I tried looking away but she held my face tightly.
“I’ll try not to make you ever regret doing so”. I said looking into her eyes too and she smiled, she left me and drew backwards a little then folded her hands and shook her head.
” Am sorry am going with no”. My heart sank again when I heard her but I just smiled, maybe she was joking.
“I Just want us to be normal friends, I just can’t be in this relationship thing. I know it won’t go down with you but I want you to understand me”. She explained and pleaded at The same time, there was no sign of joke on her face rather all I could see was pity. Was this what it meant to be heartbroken? Was it actually heartbreak I was feeling right now? My legs couldn’t stand steady despite the sheepish smile on my face, my heart was rather failing me.
“Okay, it’s….. Okay, I….I… It’s just okay”. I stammered while she watched, I thought I was going to cry. I was waiting for her to leave so I could find my way home, am not going to talk to anyone, all I needed was my bed.
She still stood there staring at me and soon she started laughing. I didn’t understand her act, was she going to mock me for loving her?
” Oh dear, were you really going to cry?”. She teased then came and hugged me.
“I meant the Opposite”. She whispered in my ear. I didn’t get the clue of what she meant in fact I seemed lost.
” Wait, I don’t get it. You mean?”. I asked. She broke the hug, stared into my eyes and giggled.

“You already said it. It’s obvious we like each other. I don’t Know about you bro but I love you. So, of course am going to date you “. She confessed and hugged me tightly this time, this time I hugged her too. We didn’t care about the fact that we were standing at the Roadside, there were passer-bys and our classmates stood few metres behind us, nothing else really mattered to us.
” Well, this hug has become too expensive for just friends “. Chidimma said which startled us so, we laughed as we broke the hug then she drew Sharon close to herself.
” Come on you know am not a snitch. Tell your bestie what’s new please”. She pleaded. Sharon turned and gave me a question look and I shrugged then she smiled and turned to Chidimma.
“Okay, just for your ears only. It’s Official!!”. She said and Chidimma couldn’t even wait to hear the rest, she started shouting and jumping in joy which attracted the others attention, they all still stood at the roadside with Kingsley. I understand the Outlawz were waiting for me but, the others I don’t know why they still Stood there. I guess they were all delaying in order to watch us, Kelvin gave me a signal and I winked at him then he maintained. Chidimma seemed to be so happy to know about us as she didn’t stop jumping, she hugged me and Sharon, bade us goodbye and started jumping off to catch a bike, She lived in GRA with her Parents. Sharon turned to me once she was out of sight, she wrapped her two hands around my neck.
“So you’re going to come see our house now, right?”. She said, her face was so close to mine but, unlike before I wasn’t uncomfortable.
” forgive me Cherry but it’d have to be some other time “. I plead and she faked a frown.
” first Favour on our first day and you’re… “. I sealed her mouth with my second finger before she could finish.
” I’ll make it up to you tomorrow “. I said and she smiled.
” Promise?”.
“Yeah,I promise”.
” Okay, tomorrow then. I Love you”. She said slowly and I felt the flies in my stomach as I smiled.
“Thank you”. I managed to say.
” for what?”.
“For loving me”. She Smiled and hugged me again then pecked my cheek before she left, our classmates couldn’t back on that sight as they started shouting in joy. I stood their and watched as she trekked, she kept turning to wave me bye at intervals as if she was never going to see me again, until she was out of sight then the Outlawz came and carried me up. We did the same thing to Kelvin the day Ugochi said yes. It wasn’t a secret at all, everybody saw it so, I couldn’t deny it.
12th March 2009 was the date Sharon became my girlfriend and that memory has been one of my bests.
Now I had a girlfriend, but I hadn’t figured out what it means to be in a relationship but I didn’t have to worry about that because for me and Sharon things always sorted itself out and after all I still had Kelvin and my big sis. All I had to do now was enjoy the moment.
Watch out for Sharon season 2
Hope y’all enjoy this season, I love y’all coolvalers. thanks



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