Episode …53 written by youngzubi LAST EPISODE ************ WARRI NO DEY CARRY LASS ——————– —————— for wia i sidon for ground,plenty tins just dey run inside my mind,the injury wey those wicked officers give me nobi my wahala at all,dem beat shege enter my body,dem yan sey i won kill fellow prisoner,but dem nor allow me make i yan dem how e take happen,dem nor gree sey nah the macho guy waka come find my trouble,just becos sey nah me over power and injure am, dem just allow me make i recover from my fainting for two days before dem come carry me enter dia torture room beat rubbish enter my body,since den nah so so punishment i dey do,the one wey dey pain me pass be sey dem still charge me for attempted murder join the one wey i don murder tomorrow nah the day,my trial for court,whether i go live abi die nah tomorrow go determine,as malaria don nack me sotey i begin see illusion for dream,that stupid old man nah handwork of malaria,e bin get wen i dey possessed wey be sey i dey always cause trouble for street like madman,i don stab plenty people,if i never shuk you knife e mean sey you never provoke me,but nah the day wey i almost use knife stab one area boy for street to death,the case carry me go station tire!,nahim my ma’le begin carry me shuk head enter different church for warri till one pastor like that deliver me,im yan sey nah possess dem possess me but i don free,naso i take stop my violent life but if i dey nack woman em! i nor sure sey the pastor see that one and i like am, as i sidon dey tink,i begin hear noise for outside but the prison structure nor fit allow me see through the iron door,i try stand up but the chains nor gree me move at all boooomm!!!!!!,the noise too loud as a very bright light flash everi wia,i begin try free from the chain,e be like sey the prison get attack,i begin hear scream as gun sound fill everi wia,with sound of the gun i nor need make peson tell me sey nah correct one,next tin i begin notice sey all the prisoners don free as i begin hear dia scream as dem flood the whole compound i just dey wonder watin dey happen as hot we- we begin catch me becos explosions just dey happen for everi corner,then i notice as figure rush the cell wia i dey,the peson kneel down begin fix something for the entrance door,as im finish naso he shift go back “are you in there?,Step back!,hope you heard me move back!! gbooo!!!,the prison door wia i dey scatter as i sight white guy figure with sniper for im hand as im begin rush me for wia i manage squeeze my sef im rush me and shine touch light for my face then look one pad wey im carry for hand “good,hey! dude you gat to be quick,we dont have much time here,the white guy yan as im comot something from im pocket begin unlock the chain wey dem use chain me i just confuse as i just open mouth dey look the white guy,pkeekim nor gree me talk as i nor expect any tin like that “have this,he yan as im trow one pistol gun for my body,i grab the the gun and stand up,i look the guy then yan”,thank you bro,viam! i dash outside “hey dude no no!!,you have to follow my lead!!,the white guy yan but i don already reach outside immediately i reach the compound i sight fire burning everi wia as smoke full the sky,human flesh just dey smell,i tear race as Stevo dem enter my mind,i begin run go the long prison but everi wia don empty wen i reach,so i run go back as me and the white guy wey free me jam “here!,he yan as im point one place like that “yo people is safe there,so quickly lets go join them we dont have much time we have to leave!! now (note! this story is written by youngzubi,join his fb group..youngzubi stories For more interesting stories,add him up on fb:young zubi Desmond) “i follow the white guy as we begin run,some dead officers dey ground as some prisoners wey never run begin butcher dia body with weapons,dem nor even won hear sey the officers don die we burst out shuk head enter one place like that,nahim i sight my guys all of dem rush me immediately i surface “spana!!!,so dem nor kill you!!,sentino yan “rock man no dey die!!!,Stevo yan as we begin dey shake ourselves with much more united happiness then one huge figure jump down from one truck wey pack beside the road,as i sight am my heart shake,if nobi sey i stand with my guys i for don pick race i leave my guys sharpaly as i begin match forward near the big figure step by step jejely in slow motion im don too huge,as all him muscle pose ruggedly,i begin wonder if im inject himself becos all the veins wey dey im hand stretch dey show,im body structure don over change as im chest now stand,im just resemble ( the rock) i carry head up look im face and call am “mike! “kid bro!,im macho voice echo deeply “how come?,you still dey alive,how you take locate me “its a long story bro “so you dey around all this while,i yan still confused “not so bro,after the incident i had with big mama,i left the country,i planned everything perfectly well,everything was ready so immediately i hit my target i flew to Jamaica,am sorry kid bro,but i must commend the strong man you have become,here is my crew members,they are all my boys,we work for the top white bosses,as assassine and mercenary, this guys here are gods with weapons “i look as four whit guys wey dress ruggedly with bullet proof vest and different types of sniper in dia hands,the guys look sharp “but how come you take locate me here,i yan “he did,mike yan pointing a figure wey match outside with Bluetooth wey dey blink light for im ear “bobo!!!!!,i shout as i rush am “bro thank gawd you survive, i for no forgive myself,bobo yan as we begin shake “we met in China months ago when we went down there to assassine a Chinese master,we jam ourselves for hotel wey we log,but i yan am sey make im no tell you or anybody as i carry am go back to Jamaica after we don accomplish our mission,wen im receive ya massage we begin prepare sharpaly even as ya massage yan sey if you nor reply am by evening sey make im fly come niger begin find help,bro you wise die!,like you yan as we nor see any reply that evening we begin prepare to come nigeria sharpaly,we go your house but every wia don luck,we begin spy till we jam one Bola lady we dey parade around ya house with moto every day,so nah she give us all the info wey we take locate here,”mike explain “wow! wow!,”bobo you try my guy,i yan “wia spata?,bobo yan “nah spata betray me,im just sell me!,i yan “watin!! ,h-how??,bobo yan “nah long matter,i yan “we go hit Mrs jolade hard!!,but for now we go lay low,i don work for big mama for years,she nobi wetin you dey see,that woman nah devil, if we must destroy her and take our revenge then we go just leave her for now,we go return for her matter,we go die her matter for years if we must kill her,so kid bro calm your heart,we go revenge but for now you need to rest,follow me back to Jamaica,mike yan “i turn look my guys,dem give me thumbs up,then i turn and face my brother “till death do us apart bro,i yan “till death do us apart kid bro,we die for each other as blooders,but for now we lay low (note! this story is written by youngzubi,join his fb group..youngzubi stories For more interesting stories,add him up on fb:young zubi Desmond) THE END……..



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