Episode………..51 written by youngzubi
Nobi the End,life Must Turn Around
——————– ——————–
Two police officer match inside immediately big
mama waka comot,the two police dress in
nigerian police uniform,for wia i lay down i fit
see the keys wey one of them hold for
hand,from no wia better smile just enter my
face,nobi sey i dey happy but as nah only two
policemen dem send come release me from the
bed,i turn look the window,then i relax as those
police men bend Down begin unlock the chains
wey bin dey hold me since,maybe nah prison
dem won carry me go,i begin wonder,
i just hate my sef onto sey i underestimate the
two policemen,becos as i won jab up wen dem
free my hand,the kind slap wey jam me eh!,i
begin blink my eye as i nor fit see even the
window again,dem expertically seize me up as
dem handcuff my hand and legs,the handcuffs
wey den put for my leg limited my pace,so i nor
fit stretch my leg go far talkless of
running,infact as i stand with the small pain
wey i dey feel for my legs nah still the
policemen support me as we begin match go
i tear mouth open in surprise immediately we
step outside,the kind police wey surround the
whole hospital,i look outside the gate from the
hospital entrance wia i stand,nah three police
van park outside,then for my front nah
cameras,different tv stations,dem begin drag
dey struggle to come forward meet me wit dia
microphones,like sey i be president police
people begin pursue dem, they begin clear
road for me as i just dey turn from one direction
to another trying to hide from dia stupid
camera,i begin thank God as oga frank bounce
outside nahim all the journalist rush go meet
him,im begin yan wit dem as plenty
microphones and mobile phone full im front
“move!!,the police yan
as nah hospital clothe i wear,i begin wonder if i
still wear boxer sef,i nor fit touch any part of my
body as the handcuffs just seize me up from
making some certain movements,we pass the
gate nahim four young police officer salute the
two wey bin dey drag me as dem open one
van,dem force me inside as the two police wey
bin dey drag me sidon for my two sides
“una forget to chain my mouth o!,i yan looking
the police officer,but dem just bone face dey
look front,e just be as if nah tree i dey follow
yan as dem just focus
one van wey police people full first move
before,the one wey carry me follow am as
another one follow us for back nahim we begin
go wia i nor know
“bros!,i yan looking at the one wey sidon for my
right hand side
“bros!!, bros! bro
“shut up!,the police yan
“at least answer me nah,i be ya fellow
nigerian,abeg nah wia we dey go?,sheh nah
una station abi una office wich one eh! bros?
“bros, i for continue dey shout “bros”but the
idiot bros shuk hand inside im back pocket
comot pliers
“if i hear peem! you go hear weee!,try me!!,the
police guy yan holding a pliers
nobi peson yan me sey make i kukuma be a
good guy,i silent die!,person fit hear my heart
beat sef,each minute i go turn look whether the
bros don drop the pliers but lie lie!, the guy turn
am into handkerchief sef as nah the pliers im
dey use comot sweat wey dey gather for im
hours later we arrive for front of one long
station like that,the place long die,as fence
surround the whole place,police people stand
for all the road till we reach the gate,nah still
police people stand for the gate,sharpaly dem
open the gate as we drive enter the
compound,the moto park as those police
people jump down from dia moto carry gun
come surround our own moto, then the two
police wey dey sidon wit me open door
comot,jejely i shuk head outside and waka go
“why una still dey point me that rubbish after
una done chain all my body,
“i swallow spit as i begin follow dia lead
i begin look the environment, omo i no need
make peson tell me sey nah prison i dey so,i
begin see different small and long building
every wia,some small building get ties for im
front maybe nah office,but all the long building
nah grass full im side with small small hole wey
dey serve as window ontop the walls,no
window at all
i sight some guys with rough hairs,some get
bushy beads as all of dem wear yellow overall,i
just dey survey the whole compound,till we
enter one room abi hall,the place dey smell die
nahim those police men yan me sey make i
dem begin comot all my clothes then one man
carry scissors step forward,i begin pray ontop
my spana head,i begin pray sey e no go be my
preek dem won chop comot so,the man near
me but nobi my preek im grab instead nah my
afro hair im begin chop off with the scissors,i
breath come down,afterall my hair fit grow back
but spana lie lie!!
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after dem don cut my hair finish,i begin imagine
how my head go take be,i begin imagine the
shape wey my head go dey now,nahim i begin
look around maybe i go fit see mirror but nah
one man wey carry yellow overall i see,the man
carry the cloth give me naso i wear am,i happy
sey nothing hook me again,but i dey 100%
sure sey i no fit run abi escape from here lie
lie!,police full every corner
dem drag me enter one office like that,the fat
man wey sidon inside dia carry one file come
out,im begin write things down dem carry my
picture,thumprint wit all the questions and
information wey dem gather before another
officer finally come drag me begin go the long
Chai naso i take enter prison,i just dey wonder
as we shuk head inside the place,nah long
passage tear the long hall into two half,cells
dey the both sides as prisoners full every wia,i
begin see different kind of apko-bi,i sight guys
wey get muscle die,while some be like
thread,all of dem begin make noise as dem
sight me,some begin jam dia hand for the iron
protector wey dem use close the place
we continue walking inside the passage till we
reach the middle,i look inside the place but e
be like sey nah only that one empty,so dem
push me inside and luck am tight,
i stand begin watch as the police men turn
begin go,i just rest my chest for the iron dey
look till peson tap me for back,i jab up instanta
turn as my head jam one tall giant for chest
i think sey nah only me dey inside that
particular cell,i carry head up look the huge
guy,the guy nah tall giant as nah for chest i dey
reach am,the whole prison turn silent as
everybody begin watch us from dia own cell,
“i move back and face the guy as im too face
me dey look me face to face
bow for the boss! you this bushitt!!!!,im macho
voice echo for the whole prison as every body
begin hail am dey shout
“boss!! boss!! boss!!
“shut up and bow!!!,the guy yan
i look as most of the prisoners dem keep qa-
yet begin bow dia head one by one
i still dey try understand watin dey happen but i
sight my sef flying up nahim i jam wall gboo!!
then land for ground gbosaa!!!! “ahhh!!! i
hhheeeeeeeyyy!!!!! boss!! boss!!! boss!! the
prisoners begin hail the giant guy again
i try stand up but better pain waya me for
leg”ahhh!!! i shout and kneel down as vex full
my body tears begin blind me as my eye turn
“stand back!!!! i shout as the giant begi


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