Episode……50 story by youngzubi
Naso life be
i open my eyes as a fluorescent bulb brighten
the place wia i dey,i try move my body but e get
watin dey always pull my back,so i turn my
head side ways as better headache samah
me”aahh!!”i shout
“hello ma he is awake,i hear as a voice yan
beside me,i turn begin survey the place well
nah that time i notice sey nah hospital bed i
dey,i look further as i discover six policemen
surrounding the whole room,i begin try
understand myself
the door open as one fat man like that waka
enter the room,im wear white overall wit
something wey resemble ear piece for im
neck,the man bend down begin touch me as im
reach wia i dey lay down
after few minutes the man waka comot,i begin
hear the man discussing wit a woman for
door,wit watin i dey hear e be like sey nah the
woman carry me come,becos she dey ask the
fat man whether she fit see me now
“yes ma,he is ok now and will be discharged
this evrning,i hear as the fat man yan
“oh! finally,thank you doctor,the woman yan as
the door open,big mama shuk head inside with
oga frank
like peson wey dey under spiritual anointing,my
head heavy me as the whole thing begin come
back to my head,anger full my body instanta
nahim i made to jump up and rush dem but my
two legs together wit my hand hook with strong
iron chain
“oh you still have strength,but you have been in
coma for two weeks now,if to sey you dey that
kind strong why haven’t you wake from coma
since then?,big mama yan as one police man
carry chair come drop for am,she sidon as oga
frank pursue im boys comot
“sergeant David!,
“take your boys outside we need some
privacy,oga frank yan as those six police
officer salute him and match outside closing the
door tight
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i begin wonder watin dem won do me this
time,abi the one wey dem do me never
reach,the pain,heartbreak and betrayal e never
do dem
“Mr spana happy to see you back,oga frank
“strong man gone weak!,i made you and now i
won destroy you
but why?,Mama why me,after i don save ya
life,after i don help ya husband climb the
ladder,after i don kill at ya own will nah like this
you won take pay me back why!!!!,see i go…
“shut up!!,just close up!!,her eye turn red and
wet,reason i begin wonder,nah she wey betray
me how come she dey vex pass me,abi did i
wrong her unknowingly??,onto sey i need to
clear my doubt i yan
“Mrs folade explain watin be ya palava,i yan
“good!,i happy sey you won know watin my
problem be,see nobi you be my problem and
nobi you cause my problem,nah ya elder
brother mike
“watin??,i jab up instanta but the chains pull
me back, how you take know my elder
brother?,i yan as suprise and confusion full my
head,why everi tin just dey turn strange?,why
life just change all of a sudden
“oh! you’er surprised yea you suppose be,she
scoffed and yan
“wait wait tins never clear for my mind,sheh
nah my own elder brother mike you dey yan abi
nah another peson becos my brother don travel
tey tey! after im get one crash wit cultist people
wey be sey dem nearly kill him,so you better
nor try to twist tins hia,i still normal my sense
never comot,i yan
“problem wit cultist?,wait o sheh nah watin
mike yan una be that?,big mama yan sitting up
“oga frank scoffed and yan, mike mike smart
“now listen spana,ya brother mike duped me
and my husband,mike and striker nah very
close friends just like u and spata
“spata! nobi my friend!!,i shout as my eye turn
red my lips begin shake
“easy easy boy,let me talk,so as i bin dey yan
you before,onto sey striker my personal and
chief security guy and ya brother sabi each
other well,striker waka come beg me sey make
i employ mike ya brother make im join as my
guard,after plenty begging i decided to take
him naso ya brother take comot from hotel wia
im bin dey work as bouncer come join my
security guards, after i don collect and gather
all the information wey i need about him,i
employ am
after 6 years wey mike don dey work for me
and my husband,we begin like him.sotey my
husband begin trust everything for im
hand,mike begin handle all my husbands
money even some of im secret documents we
trust dem under ya brothers care becos of sey
im dey handle tins well and have proved trust
worthy,that two stoery building wey im build for
ya village nah me build am for am onto sey im
dey serve us well,
but e get watin happen for one certain
time,during election period wey my husband
dey busy dey struggle to win,my husband waka
go borrow very huge amount of money wey im
won use to contest for the election,together
with some wey im carry from our savings nahim
my husband lock am inside house under ya
brothers care
but unfortunately ya brother get im own plan,he
target the day wey we comot,im kill all the
guards wey we leave for house wit am and
pack all the money and disappear
the tin shock my husband reach bone sotey e
nack am stroke,we begin pump money ontop
im health matter again,believe me after
everything my husband turn broke and im loose
the election too
we begin search for ya brother everi wia both
Nigeria,togo,Cameroo n and all those country
wey near us but we nor see kpeekim,ya brother
disappear without trace
“but nah cultist im yan for the last text wey im
send to us,i yan
“cultist my foot,she yan
“Mrs folade you wicked!,i shout
“relax never start ya insult, make i finish,so as
we search finish without any better result,i send
more people go warri wia una dey live to go
gather information for me,nahim dem halla me
for phone the next day sey dem don see
mike,quickly i enter road begin come warri,but
wen i reach and see the peson, i was
disappointed to see you,una resemble wella
but i sabi mike if i see am,those people only
use the picture wey i give dem,but onto sey i
sabi mike physical i nor need make peson yan
me sey una be blood brothers
after few hours of monitoring you inside one bar
like that,em! yea 360bar for warri nah for inside
the bar i sidon dey watch ya moves till i found
out sey out of all the guys wey sidon wit you
nah spata be ya closest friend,then better idea
enter my head,i begin draw map on how i go
take use you recover all my loose,i won pay ya
whole family including ya brother mike back,i
won hurt una,i won make una feel the pain wey
i dey feel, so i secretly meet with spata,at first
im begin form strong head,i yan am everything
and my aim but im refuse saying that una don
be friend from belle,but after i offer am mouth
watering offer im stumbled and fall for my offer
as spata agree to my plan nahim i yan him sey
make him drag you come lagos,and if you think
back you go remember sey na spata begin give
you reason sey make una come hustle for
lagos,everything wey follow was planned,all of
dem nah setup ranging from you meeting my
daughter inside the car,her invitation to the
show,even spata dey inside the hall that day
wey the show tin happen,i just use am come
near you,Florida and Mrs Stella wey give you
700million for ya sex,all of dem nah part of the
plan just to entice you,spata made everything
possible as nah im dey behind it all
i send my daughter go abroad immediately i
notice sey she don dey fall inlove wit you,as
not to spoil tins for me i transport am go UK
Florida nah my first daughter,very obedient as
she dey follow all my instructions,with her
husbands wealth now i don recover all my lost
infact wit the kind money wey the man get,i don
recover everything back times 2,my husband
rank don over high sef wit ya help,so as i don
achieve my aim nahim make me won also pay
ya people and ya brother back by killing you
before the justice,as the plan take perfect, dem
catch you red handed with Florida husband
head,you no fit deny am
“so nah me wey go pay for my brothers sin,i
“yes ofcourse you go die!,shebi nah me made
you,and for ya jazz,spata don already change
that una neckles tey tey! before una begin go
that mission, dat one wey hang for ya neck nah
just designer chain,she yan
“i go fall back Mrs jolade i yan
“hmm that one nah after dem don pass
judgements ontop ya head and then kill you
finish nah that time you go fall back abi,she
i begin look ceiling as i watch the fan roll,naso
plenty tins take dey roll inside my head,i nor
just know wia to begin think am,so everything
nah setup from the beginning,all the money,the
women,the hustle and the ritual nah
setup,tears just dey flow my eye like water,life
just useless, tins twist turn upside down within
a minute even spa* nooooooooooooooooooo­
o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


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