Episode……..47 written by youngzubi
spana on it again
——————– —
Like sey na missionary work i dey do,i put all
my spirit and soul down begin handle
Florida,with her laying down on the bed,i
spread her two legs,each time i look watin
gawd cave put between her legs the kind wave
wey dey pass through my body nobi hia,jejely i
lower myself begin s*ck her kitten as she begin
wiggle her waist,i comot my tongue come shuk
one finger enter
aahhhhhh!!!!,she jab up grab me head,i begin
look her eye to eye wit my finger still going in
and out,she open mouth,frown face dey breath
breeze for my face
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i just too like her body structure,she get hight
wella come get thick body join wit br**st wey
stand like rip pawpaw,only her laps alone fit
make impotent man cum,abi nah her lips wey
pink die!, i just confuse on between her lips
and kitten which one i go focus on
13mins later after she don cum two times i free
her kitten then grab her two standing melons
wey just dey vibrate since,omo e just be like
sey nah her melons fresh pass,as the tin take
full my hand eh!,naso i begin press am like
pikin wey im mama no buy toy wen im
small,trust warri blood,nah to burst the
melons,i go die ontop am today after all nobi
me tell am make e too soft,i shuk mouth for one
dey yab the second one wit hand
“aawww! spana why are you spending too
much time on my b**bs?,please make use of
that long tin,Florida yan
“eh! hia! nah that one you come dey talk small
small,you don hear sey dem dey remind bee
make im stink?,i yan as i stand up,she rub
spana as the tin receive current stretch
“wowww!!!,she yan
“waya!!! waya! ,turn ya ass baybyy!,i yan as
she bend down enter doggy style,abeg my
people time don reach o!, make i enter her
sokoto small
as spana finally enter her poni-baja nna mehn!
the tin just over sensational,e begin wash away
my soul dem,each gentle thrust dey sweet me
pass shuga
naso we take nack apako for good 4 hours
before we stop,after we don baff finish go
chop,omo she do some make up abi nah wetin
i go call am,but i sha sight her facing the big
mirror as she rub some tins for face before
joining me ontop her bed,she coil her sef for
my body nahim me sef grab her behind tight till
sleep nack me jazz waaa!!,omo nah till next
“i wake up next morning as i sight her
answering call,she stand dey waka up and
down and immediately she sight sey i don wake
she signal me to keep qa-yet wit her hand on
her lips
i sha keep qa-yet dey look her till she finish wit
her call
she drop the phone then loosen her night
wear,i just dey look her till she n*cked finish
then i stand up go meet her for wia she
stand,gently i place my lips on her own as we
begin k*ss,she close tight, e’ mean sey the
k*ss dey enter deeper
few minutes later she comot mouth,”fvck me
now,please dont delay,she yan
“i bin won ask her if any wahala dey but she
don already lay down for bed spread her kitten
open waiting to welcome spana inside
“i look her as nah to scatter her sobinto level
begin hungry me,so i drag her up then lift her
up as she circle he leg round my waste,she
hold my head begin k*ss my lips,naso i grab
spana direct am inside her sokoto,she free my
mouth sharpaly,jejely i begin enter small small
as she place her head ontop my left shoulder
dey moan better sound enter my ear
“i continue till my hardrock energy charge naso
the dancing step take change,wit force i begin
thrust in and out,7 thrust per second, come
hear shout
after 6 rounds she yan me sey e don do,me sef
i kukuma free her sharpaly,i don dey sweat
die,my body just dey shine as all my muscle
pump like balloon
i waka enter bathing room go freshen up,as i
waka come out i sight her sitting down jejely on
the bed wit one brown box ontop her laps,i
kukuma dress up then she call my name
“i dey wit you,
“em! my husband just called this morning,he is
on his way to Nigeria,and i dont know when he
will be leaving again,it might not be anytime
soon,so this might be our first and last
meet,she yan
“ok nah,that one nobi wahala,but if you need
my help you free to count on me anytime any
day,i yan
“yea thank you darling,yes i will still need your
service but this time it won’t be logistics
matter,nah killing job,she yan
“killing job?,i yan
“yea and nah tough peson,she yan
“when time reach,the peson tough,and please
let it be between us,she yan
“ok o!,i yan
“good,have this she yan handing me the brown
“i grab the box as she shift am come my side,i
open am look inside as i see sey nah some
currency dey inside,i node head
“Chai nah dollar be this o!,i yan
“yea thats my gift to you,big mama will still pay
you,but above all keep our secret safe,i dont
want big mama to hear about the killing i told
you,she yan
“no problem thank you very much Florida,i
appreciate,i yan and stand up
“my driver go take you home she yan
“as Florida driver shuk head enter road,my
phone vibrate inside my pocket for wia i sidon
for back seat,i unlock am look the screen,nah
credit alert from big mama both for the mission
money and Florida bedmatic payment all of
dem waya enter
“o boy i just begin shine teeth
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to be continued…….


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