sex NA FOOD story by youngzubi Episode…..45written by youngzubi GBEDU!!! ————- Sentino don enter am —————————– spana the apkako master ——————————— “as the taxi man drive enter no:21 Matthew balogun street wia sentino dey live,he waka come down after im don settle the taxi man,he shuk head enter compound,tenants dey busy as usual,some dey wash while some just dey comot go out,sentino begin greet dem till he reach im door,jejely he open am and enter house “everi wia quiet,Chai my baby go dey as bored as any tin,see as everi wia just be like grave yard,sentino thought as im smile wen he imagined how maya go take frown begin do like small pikin once she sight him,he drop bag for parlour begin tip toe quietly till im reach dia bedroom door,jejely he open the door and slide im sef inside the room but wetin im see shock electrical wave enter im body “ontop dia bed nah four legs im dey see,man own and woman own under as the man dey ontop the woman,dem come carry bedshit cover dia entire body “im eye turn red,tears from no wia begin flow down,how maya go take do me like this,he begin wonder, “ahhh!! fvck yo ass baybyy!!,”the man groan, “sentino vex,anger just dey boil for im belle like electric cooker,wit vex he rush outside go grab iron wey oga landlord keep for backyard as im burst inside the room again wit the iron well positioned,he begin hit dem like bag of fufU,he make sure sey the duvet nor gree any of dem comot,the man screamed in pain till im pass out together with the lady “go to hell!,maya you fit die! for all i care,”sentino yan breathing heavily as im trowey the iron for ground and match out outside sweating he waka enter kitchen go carry bottle of whisky begin drink directly from the bottle she look im wit surprise,how come he enter house without her knowing and wetin fit dey trouble im reach like this,why the sudden drink,im nor even come greet her as she never set her eyes on him for months now,so she drop the tray wey she bin dey carry for her laps sentino rest im back for the fridge then slide go down sidon for ground,then him eye jam maya gbam!,ahah!,how come she take dey inside kitchen and inside room at the same time,in surprise he watch as maya take drop the beans wey she bin dey pick,she stand up waka come meet him then collect the bottle from im hand “sweetheart what’s wrong,maya ask “ahah! m-a! a-ya!,sentino begin stammer “yes darling why the sudden change,why do you look so depressed?,she ask “wait o! nobi you dey inside our room?,i mean ontop our bed,sentino yan standing up as reality begin dawn on him small small “oh!,ne, ne,ne!,thats your big bro and his wife,shebi you refused to come home since,they actually arrived Nigeria this morning,so i decided to leave the room for them to use,at least let them feel at home since you’er not around i left the room for them to use,he’s been trying your number since morning but it kept on saying not reachable,”wait! wait! maya,sentino cut in sharpaly,maya you mean that nah my big brother,Vincent and im wife dey inside our room, “yes of course,hope you’ve gone to welcome dem,becos they will soon be going over to your family house in preparation for the wedding,maya yan “jesssuuss!!! maya abeg tell me sey nah lie biko,i, i, “he pick race begin go back inside the room “baybyy whats wrong,maya yan but sentino don already shuk head enter room ********************** Big mama sidon with her guards surrounding her as usual,she watch as the young lady drive enter the hotel premises with her security guards doing dia job,she happy sey the lady dey always listen to every of her instructions,see how big she don become just becos she dey follow her directions,she smiled to her sef as she sight Florida matching towards her majestically “looking gorgeous!,you’er such a beautiful lady Florida” “oh! big mama please no just start wit this your flattering now e’joo,Florida yan “hmm! have your seat, “thank you ma,Florida yan as she adjust her Ankara gown then sidon opposite big mama, “i love this your Brazilian hair e fit you die!,Chai nah to match you kit gan!,big mama yan “mama just dey take me play eh!,no worry i nor go even talk any tin again,Florida yan “ehn! oya na make we nor talk any tin,lemme see who go first break am,big mama yan as she made a frown face begin look Florida “hahaha!!,mama you eh!,oya i nor do again,i won talk but nah business nobi beauty and the beast matter again,Florida yan “ok o!,if you say so,oya wetin you talk say you want,big mama yan “i won begin rock that guy,see i don dey try tey tey!,but i nor just fit hold am again,abeg release am to me,at least e go still take like one year plus before we go carry out the deal,Florida yan “hmmm!,is that all, “yes mama” “ok,but you suppose know say spana nah my boy, “i know mama and nahim make me won pay you any price wey you tag on him,just connect me and him,Florida yan “ok that one nobi wahala,give me just a seconds, big mama yan as she drag her hand bag near then deep hand inside and comot her phone ************************ (note! this story is written by youngzubi,join his fb group..youngzubi stories For more interesting stories,add him up on fb:young zubi Desmond) aaah!!!!,i just dey see rubbish stars,as some get hunch back while some get black strips,wit spana inside bola’s mouth i sidon balance wella onto the bathing basin wey dey inside my bathing room,come on! baybyy!!,,we die hia!,mmm!!,no just stop at all at all,i close eyes tight dey welcome the sweetness of her wet lips on spana “she continue wit her good work till i charge finish then stand up,i comot spana from her mouth turn her around as her heavy ass face me,i rub spana head for her entrance then just for me to enter her from behind nahim my phone begin ring inside room “Chai nah which rubbish be this?? eh!,”go pick ya phone joor rubbish boy,Bola yan as she stand up “i hiss,waka enter room,you suppose no the kind feeling and vex wey just full my body as show take spoil, “hello! ma!, “hello spana,wia you dey? “i dey heaven mama, “yeye human being,abeg dress up begin come night rovers hotel,i dey dia dey wait,come quick o!,she yan “ah mama i nor well o!,infact as i drive comot for ya office nah check up i go do for hospital nahim the doctor yan say nah bed rest i need,i yan “oh! ok no wahala,take ya time and rest well eh!,just that e get one Florida lady wey won make you run some logistics wit am, “eh! Florida!,i shout as my eye brighten waa!!!! (note! this story is written by youngzubi,join his fb group..youngzubi stories For more interesting stories,add him up on fb:young zubi Desmond) to be continued….


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