sex NA FOOD by youngzubi Episode…….44 written by youngzubi GBEDU!!!!!!!!!!! ——————– ——- End of discussion pere! ——————– ———– Life Goes on ——————– ———– “how you won make i take believe sey the secret agent don die!, “nah wetin make i carry im hand come ma, “rubbish!!!” “mama nobi today i begin work for you,as tins take turn out,im head pieces sotey i nor fit see am,shebi nah head i dey carry come show you before,but onto sey the agent guy nobi peson wey you fit shoot abi take knife kill nahim make me use explosive, “ok,that one don shift,wetin you dey yan about the money,spana we get agreement,all this one wey you dey try talk nah just long story!,”co- operations”abi?,then agreement too suppose be agreement, “mama calm down first make we settle am jejely, “we nor get any tin to settle if you nor provide my money complete as i take give you,big mama para “good!good!,good!!,m oney abi??,no wahala i go pay your money back! but i go like clear tins first, remember i dey captive wen infomention reach me sey e’ get peson wey dey threaten you,immediately i free,sharpaly i begin follow up the matter,nah ya life and that of ya family dey ontop o!,but i put down my life enter the matter,nah brain i use do everything, within 24 out the 48 hours wey im give you,”i plan everything well and hia i dey with im dead body,you nor fit appreciate nah 50million wey follow am burn be ya headache,ok now see wetin happen just open ear make i clear the air once and for all as soon as i waka comot from dat police dem hand,i drive straight go ibaddan express way,nah Dia i go consult that our baba the “devil”,after i don yan all the matter give am,nahim he come begin do all im magic and juju tin,so as to fin solution,to show you sey dat red shadow nobi ordinary people e take Devil 5hours before im finally get solution,as im discover their only weak point wey be money”currency” notin fit kill dem except you burn dem together with millions of money,nahim be their only weak point becos dem dey worship money,so after the discovery,the devil yan me sey make i go plan how i go take burn im with money, sey if i face dem with gun or jazz e just over useless as nah only fire and money mixed together go fit spoil dia jazz,so nahim make me set am up with the bus wey contain 50million “ah!,you for tell me tey! tey! sey nah the plan be that,nah becos sey you promise to carry all the money come back make me dey para,no worry i go waya you and ya guys better millions,abeg nor vex eh!,big mama “mama the mama!! see eh! na now you begin talk,ah ah!,how peson go take face that kin battle finish e come be para you go take appreciate am,abeg use millions rush us jare,i yan “Hahaha!! nor just worry ya sef nah dem go rush you,she yan smiling “abi,atleast as i dey now nah just one matter remain,after i don treat the fvckup finish nah to go leave oh!,body nobi firewood “wich fvck up” “nor bother mama,nah personal matter, “ah! ah! ya matter nah my matter too,abeg talk something, “nah that police man,i won show that d.p.o sey police suppose be our friend,i go make am commit suicide ahswear “you mean Mr frank?, “yes oga frank, “dont even try it,she yan “wetin?, “see spana nor harm the man,abeg leave am,just die im matter,i promise to comperciate you again,i go pay for everi tin wey im do you but you must die the matter,big mama yan “hiyaa!! this tin you dey talk eh! e get as e just dey do me for body,asin e dey vex me,but i nor get choice sha since you be my boss,who i be to disobey,i yan “good,so dey expect una money soon,she yan “ok ma,till then,i stand up for wia i bin sidon for big mama office,office wey be sey e big pass parlour,nah glass dem take do the wall,as ties cover all the ground with two cushion wey get golden colour,two power horse AC hang up dey cool everi wia,her office table dey one side with office chair as she arrange the side wey cushion dey very well like say nah mini parlour becos centre table with flower vessel wey dey ontop,dey for dia her body guards stand for outside as her main men striker and co stand inside,i just stand hail dem but dem nor fit reply onto sey no greeting while in duty i waka go down for wia i park spata moto enter inside,then shuk head enter road begin go house wit spata Benz,so far so good ojere!,life nobi for lazy people lie lie!, i dey see how people dey always look me sey i be young rich guy,but iffa yan dem how the hustle take dey go,some if nobi all of dem go shout gawd forbid!!! “nah to go house and enjoy my Bola,best baby mama ever! “since mama yan sey make i die oga frank matter,Lemme relax for now,if i hear sey i forget im matter, lie lie…… hours later i reach house,spata sef don stand outside dey wait for me,immediately i shuk head enter compound he rush me sharpaly,grab im car key and zoom off,omo i kukuma waka enter house i enter parlour nah dia i jam sentino as im don dress up finish onto sey im won reach im ma’le place as one of im elder sister won do wedding ‘guy u look fresh nobi small” “abi”,nah money be fine bobo,obi no go remain a boy forever nah,sentino yan “coded!,greet ya people for me o!,i yan climbing the stairs “no wahala,ehn! spana!, “eh!” “hwfar about our payment nah,wen i go dey expect my money?, (this story is written by youngzubi,join his fb group ..youngzubi stories For more interesting stories) “oh! maybe e’ go be this evening,once big mama send am i nor go delay,i go divert ya own sharp sharp,i yan “tem! tem! i trust you, i don dey go and i go dey expect alert,sentino yan as im shuk head comot for house with mini traveling box for im hand “ok na,i yan as i waka go up stairs,i enter room but Bola nor dey inside,nahim i near bathing room,the shower dey on so e’ mean sey she dey baff as me sef need to refreshen up,i tear clothes comot for body as i dangle spana begin go meet her for bathing room i open the bathing room door jejely,shuk head inside,”you suppose know watin i dey see” wor wor people, 2mins later i still hang for bathing room door dey look Bola as she just busy dey do her womanly tins, “make sure sey you rape me finish wit ya eyes rubbish guy,Bola yan “eh! so you know sey i dey hia sef,i yan as i now enter the bathing room full to be continue


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