Man to man
live to cross line!
with accuracy international As50 sniper rifle
well positioned few metres away,he shuk eye
look inside the camera”correct” he yan,im carry
face towel wipe the heat wey dey gather for im
face like
sey nah marathon race im bin dey do,boss
everi tin don set,he yan
“good,i yan then face my opponent
“challenge?,red shadow yan
” challenge,i yan as i send signal to my guy sey
make dem show face onto sey the matter nobi
one man army at all
within few seconds spata and erotic dem
surface sharpaly as dem spread stand for my
back,red shadow begin laff,i just bon face dey
observe tins,no neckles hang for dia neck,so i
begin look wia dia weak point fit be,i still dey
reason tins wen sharp sword shuk head enter
my belle
i carry head up look red shadow and smile,i get
my own for body too,i yan with heavy punch
wey send red shadow go land wia im boys
stand,i drag the long sword comot for my belle
then trowey am as i begin match forward nahim
he send one of im men sey make im attack
they guy tear race with im head position to give
me spare but i quickly dodge it as the guy fail
brake go land wia my guys stand,spata nor
waste time as im grab the guy head turn am
360 degree e’ make sound kwa!, then he carry
knife cut off im head pkata-pkata
noo!!!!,dem shout and charge towards us,like
sey i bin dey sleep for wia i stand red shadow
swung im sef up and land one kick wey bend
my mouth go oneside,i recover sharpaly stand
up and look my guys,everybody don ready for
fight as red shadows face spider gang,one tin
be say red shadows too get skills,dem just dey
beat my guys up and down
i touch my mouth look my hand omo blood just
dey drop,reason be sey metal nor fit harm us
but any other tin like punch dey enter wella,red
shadow begin prepare for attack,im spread two
legs carry one hand go back and the other
hand for front like sey im be jet li,omo i begin
fin kpako sharp sharp becos if i face am with all
this im moves nah hell fire straight,as i nor see
any pkako around,nahim i gather moral fold my
hand wella like say nah hammer
iyaaaa!!!!! i rush am with better blow hand for
air waiting to land ontop im face once i reach
but some tin hit me towwaa!!!,i begin wonder
watin hit me for wia i lay down for ground,abi i
miss road go jam wall becos one teeth dey
ground already, i manage stand up nahim i
sight red shadow standing for my front with im
one leg raised up as im stand with one
“only one kick,one teeth don comot,i give you
one more chance before i go finish you,try ya
luck again,red shadow yan
“i begin look ground,as a warri brought
up,peson nor fit chop yam ontop my head like
this,time don reach
i close my eye tight begin pray make e work but
as devil take wicked reach,my liver fail me,why
e be sey nah wen i need extra ordinary strength
e dey fail me
“nah ya last chance be this,i nor get time for
delay,red shadow yan nahim i open eye
i look red shadow but as im take move back
suprise me,nahim i look around as i sight my
guys fighting ruggedly with two by two
“i send Stevo signal sey make im get ready
becos if im fail,e mean sey nah death be
that,red shadows go use us do pepper soup if
Stevo miss or mess up the plan
after sending the signal,with vex again i rush
red shadow but with my sense functioning well
this time,im do forward stunt fly pass me as i
won grab am,sharpaly i turn with punch nahim
my hand jam with im leg wey im don release for
kick,he miss balance land for ground,no time to
delay as i don get small opportunity so i rush
am for ground but im slide comot
sharpaly,thank gawd for spata wey trow long
kpako give me,confirm i yan as i dive the
plank,i begin hear bottle smashing sound,my
guys don frustrate nahim dem come dey use
both bottle and kpako dey tear dem apart
with the kpako well positioned for my hand,the
idiot begin do stunt as im fly up go stand ontop
the executive bus,naso spata release one
kpako wey fly from back hit am kpo!! for
head,im loose balance again fall comot,i rush
am begin beat nonsense comot for im body
immediately he land for ground,im try jab up
but i send am back with heavy blow then
continue my beating till i don belle full,sharpaly
before he go regain im strength i drag am up
but the kind kick wey im release for my chest
push me go jam for the executive bus,i use
back land for the bus door,i remain dia as nah
Time to do the do,with speed red shadow fly up
begin spine around as im position leg to kick
me,i just rest my back for the bus pretend sey i
don weak finish,as im won land kick for my
head i slide the bus door open nahim red
shadow land inside the bus containing the
money,i close the door gawm!! and lock it
wella,i tear race as all my guys shuk head enter
different direction begin run,red shadows
gather the bus as dem begin try to open the
door so that dia oga go com out,then Stevo
from wia im dey fire the sniper,i turn look as the
bullet take dey com with speed like flash,nah
that time red shadows realise watin won
happen as dem scatter but e don too late,the
bullet jam the bus for wia we don fix explosive
boooomm!!! every wia shake as fire scatter i
dive enter bus lay down flat, even for wia i hide
some red shows carry fire for body dey scream
as dem run dey fin water abi some tin wey go
help dem off the fire,i jab up with my dagger as
i begin cut dia throat comot,jazz nor fit work for
this one again,even if bullet nor gree enter dia
body,fire don weak dem finish,so with better
stabbing,one by one we begin send dem go
5mins later every wia don calm but smoke full
the whole place,nah the ones wey begin run on
time only fire affect but the ones wey never run
go far dem body scatter every wia
as the moto don turn scrab iron we force the
door open,red shadow nor dey any wia,then i
look well nahim i sight only im left hand for
ground,fire nor gree burn am well but e show
sey im body scatter,but how com e be only one
hand i see,i suppose see other body parts
onto sey big mama go need prove before she
go believe sey red shadow nor dey alive again i
grab the hand rap am well then jump down as
we begin match go meet Stevo for wia im
dey,the guy nah king
but i never too sure whether red shadow die
abi im never die?
e fit be?
i nor know?
yes nah im suppose die….
nah only time go tell but for now as i take see
tins even if im survive am,him life go don
bend,abi im go even return stronger?,i begin
reason for mind as we match dey go
to be continued……….]


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