The red shadows vs spider gang
the battle ground
“Fear” nah one tin wey i don live to
overcome,fear go only keep you for darkness,e
go prevent you from taking chances,you go just
dey draw lines but nor go fit cross lines,you fit
live your life crossing lines or live am drawing
lines, as i dey so,no time to begin draw line i go
take my chances after all the secret agent get
all better quality even from im dress to im skills
but nah still one head we two get,so notin to
fear i ready to cross line!
i carry head up look oga frank for wia im bin
stand nahim i hear gun sound pkaa!!! as bullet
waka pass my shoulder,sharpaly i turn in a
swift motion only to sight one of oga frank men
as im just dey stagger with bullet wey hit him for
chest,then i look peson wey shoot,u guess
wrong,nah Stevo save me from being stabbed
by oga frank men wey don stand up with im last
strength and was about to stab me with im knife
for back but Stevo sight him and send am to
plenty just full my head,but ontop all nah the
red agent,im nah my biggest wahala now,time
to know who sabi pass,i nor fit fly for air and
begin release bullet but i fit stand for ground
and make tins happen
i motion my boys say make dem trow my
dress,but i change mind as that one nor matter
again so i just grab my neckles like
chaplet,after i don wear am,i waka go meet
oga frank wia im stand like weak devil
“look my eye,i never finish with you,but as tins
take be now,i purse ya matter!,i go come back
for revenge,shebi na man you be?,remember
this,i nor go kill you” but” e get plenty way to
kill a man as per sey something nahim must kill
a man,i go kill you but i nor go kill you,nah
proverb,go prepare i go come back face to
face, till then oga frank,i yan then catch the
ak47 wey sentino trow give me,i match outside
as my guys follow me for back till we reach wia
our moto park,everybody jump enter as we
zoom off,festac straight
“hello! mama,yes i don free now,i yan enter
“good,now spana,see i need ya help more Dan
i don ever need am before,big mama yan for
“mama shey na about the agent matter?,i yan
“spana that guy deadly,nor go tink sey nah
police matter,you go need to put in ya best or
else my family go remain ontop danger till gawd
come,big mama yan
“i dey in charge notin fit happen,all i need nah
ya co-operation,i yan
“you dey always get my support spana so nor
just find excuse,she yan
“so how much im dey request?,i yan as i don
already get my own plan
“100million U.s.a dollars,she yan
“watin??,nah aeroplane go come carry am?,i
yan as i stand for my parlour dey face the big
plasma tv wey hang for parlour
“imagine, the guy just too get big eye,she yan
“gather the money,i yan
“wetin,spana you dey craze??,she yan
“remember wetin i first ask you,”co-operation”
“spana dat money too much,she yan
“pass ya life,pass ya family,pass ya husband
career?,mama you get pass that money far
far,so just follow me co-operate if you still want
make im die,i yan
“so if you fit kill am,why giving him the
money?,she yan
“now listen mama,i go still return ya money,but
if i must meet that secret agent onto say him
dey invisible the only tin wey go make am show
face nah if the money dey ground,i yan
“oh! i don get ya liver now,so you go carry the
money go meet am then once im show face you
go finish im up,she yan
“gbam! tem! tem! mama wey rugged,ya brain
just sabi grab fast mama,i yan
“hmm!,ok if na so then i go make quick
arrangement now,i go send am with my
husband executive bus so that police nor go fit
stop dem for road,she yan
“till then mama,i cut the phone then face my
now everi body look hia,i yan as my guys turn
dia attention to wia i stand
i begin yan dem how the tins go take go, after
we don agree ontop the plan,as usual i
calculate tins with my personal gun man
“Stevo” as we agree again ontop the level wey i
sample give am
no action taken without boosting moral,notin fit
turn possible if we nor turn our brain
spinning,so we waka go settle inside moral
room,nah dia we begin pump jombo,coke nah
must do,as the tin essential to us like breast
milky take essential to small pikin, so we gather
spread coke begin snuff dey fly our souls enter
cloud,but e pain me as i nor see any angel fo
space till by phone begin ring
“i shake head as i grab phone look the
screen,the number be like text massage abi i
don too high,onto say my guys dey make noise
inside the room i waka open door go parlour
as i shuk head enter parlour nahim i sight
something,but e comot sharpaly for my
bacony,i no waste time as i jab up rush go
bacony sharpaly,nah there my eye clear,him
show again,the secret agent,i sight him zoom
off ontop red power bike,but e get paper wey
im drop ontop the pavement wey dey for front of
my gate
i rush down as i grab the paper,nah address
and location for wia i go meet him once we don
gather the money,i smile as nah wetin i just
want be that
1 hour later,spider gang don fully load inside
golden dragon and the executive bus wey the
money dey inside
after driving like say nah heaven wey dey
go,finally we shuk head enter agege for
lagos,the area too resemble ghetto,as nah
area boys full all the street,no street wey we
drive enter wey we nor go see area boys
drinking or smoking jombo like tissue paper
e get one street we enter nahim we sight like
six area boys dem,they carry wood block road
as each moto and okada dey pay dem money
before den go pass
i waka come down immediately we reach dia
“ah!! alaye!!,bouncer le leyi oo!,one slim guy
wey wear trousers,singlet wey i nor fit tell if nah
white abi black,then leather sandals
“em!! bullet!!
“clear road make dem pass,one fat guy yan
from one shop wey nor far from wia bullet dey
collect money for road
i just stand dey watch as the guy (bullet) and
others take clear wood comot for road
“come,i yan
“baddo! im dey call you,bullet push one tall guy
wey draw tattoo for im hand go front
“no nah you bullet,i yant
“ah! oga mi,twale baba i don comot the pkako
finish nah
“no e get wetin i won follow you yan,i yan as
the guy bounce come meet me
“wia red isolation dey,i yan
“ah! i talk am,nah bouncer una be,oga just
drive go front,corner enter that small road wey
enter that bush,you go see one house wey
dem never build finish eh!,nahim be red
“you do well bullet,i yan as as i turn go enter
moto then my guys dem turn go park as nah
only me go fit enter the place,
15 minutes later i drive burst out for one
isolated uncompleted building,then i waka
come down
i drive the executive bus wey contain all the
money but as i take plan am the money nor
i surprise as eight guys take surround me
within seconds as i stand for dia middle,dem
wear red trousers without cloth for dem upper
body nah just red tattoo full all dem body
then the boss,oga pkata-pkata surface ontop
the one storey building,for dia middle wia i
stand i look up,the red agent fly comot from the
storey build as im begin rotate for air till he land
for my front kneeling down,im stand up begin
look me as everywhere just quiet like graveyard
i swear i won begin clap for am,all him stunts
just make me won begin clap for am
“no going back spana nobody dey com visit red
shadows and still waka go back alive,i be red
shadow,he yan
“i like ya ego red shadow,i carry ya money
come” but”
ontop all i carry my challenge come,nah either
you kill me carry the money or i kill you carry
the money,i yan
to be continued


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