Fire for fire!
From look of tins,even if i go escape e’ nor go
be easy tin,as oga frank don order im boys sey
make dem carry me go tie ontop one chain wey
hang up,like Jesus Christ wen im dey ontop
cross,naso dem take hang me with chain,but
everywhere dark nobi small,so e hard make i
see dia face well,but one tin sure,my people go
“Mr spana, im call my name as he waka com
front stand,with cigarette for im mouth followed
by plenty smoke wey begin find dia escape
root to run comot from im mouth,i fit take tins
easy wit you,only” in one condition,you ready
to co-operate?
look me well oga frank,wetin i resemble
you,asin wetin you see wen you open eye look
my face,i nor be bastered!!,notin fit make me
fear,i be rock wey notin fit move,look i advice
sey make you and this ya bastereds free me
before the calamity wey dey front go land ontop
una,i yan based on say i don feel am say my
people don get clue say i dey danger
“Hahaha!!!,plenty years as police officer,plenty
experience on how to handle fools like you nah
my work,but incase you decide to get sense
and accept my simple offer i go free you without
affecting even the hair wey dey ya body,oga
frank yan
“wetin be the offer?,i yan
“now you’er talking,
“yes boss,
“bring him down,chain am for that chair make
im follow me talk business,oga frank yan
“i begin watch as skyB,the guy get body with
big chest,im waka go push one iron rode as the
chain wey bin hang me up begin drop me come
down jejely,dem nor gree make my leg reach
ground before surrounding me with gun from
different direction,but that one nobi case, so i
calculate tins,peson wey dey important apart
from oga frank nahim i need,becos oga frank
nor gree near me as im just stand far dey
control im boys
as i dey stand for ground,with only trousers as
dem don wipe off all my dress tey tey!,one guy
rush my back with handcuffs,as two other guys
grab my right and left hand go back sey make
dem handcuff am keep for back
i kept my cool till one hand enter inside the
hand cuff,like sey i won do backflit i carry head
go back as i grab the guy wey busy dey
handcuff my hand i grab im head as a support
then fly up with a flying kick wey send the other
two guys wey bin hold my hand go jam head
for iron,sharpaly i twist around then seize the
handcuff guy up,with my hand inside one
handcuff i use the handcuff circle him neck and
hold him tight as defence victim
ka !kra! ka! kra!,i begin hear gun cork for
different corner,but everywhere dark,nah few
people i dey see as i begin turn around dey
face any side i hear gun cork,still holding my
defence victim tight as nah im i go take
surrender others and shield myself
Pam! pam! peson begin clap as im waka go on
the light switch pkam!
everywhere brighten as i sight plenty men wey
wear black with red cap surround every corner
with gun well positioned for dia hand,all of dem
pointing at me,i begin turn around in confusion,i
bin think say nah only oga frank with just five
other guys
“Hahaha!!,i like am as you take confuse,e’
sweet me as you take see tins for ya sef sey
apart from being police d.p.o,i be cult head
too,so wetin you think now,make we talk
business abi?,oga frank yan with wide grin
i just deaf and dump for wia i stand for dia
middle,still thinking wetin i go reply abi plan my
next move wen one voice interrupt everybody
“free am make im go!,
everybody shock as we turn look wia the voice
from come
standing ontop one iron nah one slim guy wey
wear red dress from head to toe, im wear red
jacket wey long reach ground,red mask cover
im face then for im waist nah two golden pistol
oga frank with all im guys comot dia gun from
my side as dem now begin focus and point the
slim guy
who be you?,oga frank yan
secret agent”,the slim guy yan
nah who you be im secret agent?,oga frank
yan still pointing im gun
late chief ayawu’s secret agent,but i nor com
hia for interview so free him
maka why?? who be you!!,oga frank bark as all
the vein wey full im body shuk head begin
the red guy fly up from wia im bin stand,for air
he release multiple bullets within seconds all
oga frank men from a to z full ground as the red
guy land stand for ground gawwam!! with the
two golden pistol for im hand
i nor just believe watin happen now now now,as
i begin turn head dey look how oga frank men
take full ground with bullets wey scatter dia foe
head for exert point
now you know who i be!,never mess up with the
devil,the red guy yan as im begin waka round
the warehouse
as for you spana”
how im take sabi my name i begin wonder
tell ya boss wetin you just witness for you nor
match me at all,i need my money or else i go
destroy everybody”he still dey yan when the
entrance blow as the iron gate collapse then
spider gang surround everywhere
i turn look wia the red guy stand but i nor see
anything again
to be continued……….


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