Protected – Episode 33
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Justice. It’s been a week and am getting fed up. Am at home at my insistence and am almost to my full strength. My family’s walking around me on egg shells and my wife… My wife does not let me bloody touch her. No, not that way. I mean, she doesn’t let me touch her at all and am bloody fed up. She slinks away at any sign that I am about to touch her, she only let’s me do so when I need help. We go to sleep spooning and I wake up at night to her lying at the other end of the bed with her back to me. When I touch her she tenses. WTF? The said woman enters the room and lean against the door jamb. “I just spoke to Mama and Papa and they said that they will be out of the country for a while” She says. It came as shock to me that she has found out about her position. Am damn Happy. At least I don’t have to keep it a secret again. I don’t respond to her statement, I just beckon her with a finger. She instantly grows weary, See what I am talking about? She steps forward. When she gets to touching distance i pull her to my lap and nuzzle her neck. She moans softly. “Justice…” “Tell me why you’ve been avoiding me” “Justice….” “Magic….” She sighs. “We have to talk” My body tightens, I don’t like her tone. “What’s wrong?” I ask. She stands and I let her, she takes a big step back and I frown. What’s going on? “Justice I think we should take a break” I scowl. “Define break exactly” I say. “We have to stay apart from each other for a while, to see if we are compatible” She says. I frown and sit up, I feel a twitch in my back, damn I hate being this weak. “No, don’t stand up, you don’t have….” “Do not tell me what I can bloody do magic, do not!” She shuts up and stands back. I stand up slowly and she takes two steps back. “Now tell me you mean by a break” “Justice….”

“Just spit it out magic” “You lied to me” I freeze. “What?” “You misled me for close to six months, you didn’t tell me important things about my self” “Magic….” “How do I believe you are not with me because you found out my parents are kind of rich? How do I know you didn’t manipulate your self to like me, or worse you didn’t manipulate my feelings for you?” I don’t respond. Am speechless for the first time in my life, she had these misgivings in her mind and she is now just saying it? “Say something J, please” I still don’t respond. She goes on. “And you made all of our friends lie to me too, I don’t think we are going to work, You don’t view me as an equal.” That catches my attention. “What did you say?” I ask. “I…._ She starts I interrupt. “I don’t view you as an equal?” She nods, albeit a little nervously. Good, she should be nervous, Christ I don’t believe this shit. “When have I ever put you down? I have been nothing but loving, I have taken care of you, cherished you, I love you, what else?” She shakes her head. “You do not understand justice” I laugh. “Please , by all means, make me understand” ******** Magic. “Please by all means make me understand” He says in a mocking tone. “Don’t be like that justice” “Don’t be like that?! Oh, she says don’t be like that!, You stand there and tell me not to be like that? You stand there and tell me you are thinking of breaking up my family and my heart and you tell me not to be like that.!” He shouts . “You lied to me justice” “To protect you!, What would you have felt if you were told that some of my guests were your parents?! Do you think you would have stayed and accepted? You would have fled, forgive me if I didn’t want to share you!” He says and my heart break. I think I have made a big mistake bringing up this topic. “You know what?I think you are right, I think we should take a break, we know nothing about how our minds work” My heart breaks. No, please. “Justice….” “Maybe, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married” He says and my i die a little. “Justice…” He turns from me and walks to the door exiting. My heart shrivels up in my chest. What did I do?

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