protected part 32

Protected – Episode 32
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“You said what?”
“You are….”
“I heard that part, but how…..?”
“We suspected, the first day we met you, we
thought it was a mistake, I mean there are
other children named magic all over the world
am sure.
When you were born we named you after a
charactet from our favorite book,
About 6 months later you were kidnapped, your
nursemaid took you away.
We searched for over 5 years but I had to stop
because Maggie could not bear the pain
I stagger back into a chair.
I mean I always thought my name magic was
unusual, I just thought it was something in
I never…..
“So you are saying my aunt and uncle are not
my relatives?”
He shakes his head no.
“You are an Edo girl my love, we found out the
people you were staying with were your
kidnappers, your aunt she was your
I don’t believe.

“But why, ? didn’t they ask for a ransom?”
“We sent them a ransom many times, I believe
they didn’t know what to do that’s why they
never brought you to us”
I nod dimly.
My guardians were never my guardians.
I understand now, why my aunt always seems
angry at me, never letting me talk to strangers,
why my uncle found no qualms in ogling me.
I never felt like I belonged.
Until I met justice….
I glance at my husband then to George.
“Justice knew? They all knew?”
He nods.
“They all did, after the party I brought my
suspicions to him, I mean you had silver eyes
like Maggie’s and Selene’s,
We did a DNA test, it came out positive, we did
some investigatons, we found out that yes,
your aunt and uncle we’re indeed responsible
for the kidnapp,
Am so sorry magic, am so sorry that you went
through all that, we were devastated, we
I shake my head.
“Please leave”
I say and he pauses.
“I have to think about it, please I want to be
He nods.
“I will be here for you my sweets, your mother
is just beyond the door, she is in pain for your
pain, baby girl”
I don’t say anything and he exits.
I bring my leg to the chair and I wrap my hands
around it in a ball.
They knew, they all knew and they never said
I feel used.
Is that?……
Is that why Justice dated me?
Because am rich?
I feel tears come as everything I believe is
What do I do?
2 weeks later.
I am painting on my pad as designs come.
I raise my head and I glance at justice.
He’s still unconscious.
All his wounds are healed but he is still in a
coma, the doctor said it’s not unusual.
It’s been two weeks.
It has been a hectic 2 weeks.
After my meltdown, I finally talked to George
and Maggie.
I can’t believe Selene and I are siblings.
Far be it for me to say her finding out was a
She made a big scene and called me some
names that I haven’t heard before in my life.
Mom just told her to shut up and she shouldn’t
forget that she is still on probation.
Apparently my elder sister does not like having
a sibling.
It’s nice getting to know my parents.
My former guardians has been sent to jail for
kidnapping and maltreatment of a minor.
The gangster is still awaiting trial and Collins
the gift sender is enjoying a six month
It hasn’t been a dull two weeks that’s for sure.
I spoke to the guys and they told me they kept
it a secret under Justice’s command.
Kele is overjoyed and she seems to believe I
should ask for a private jet as some sort of
welcome back home present.
I smile as I think this thoughts.
I miss my man.
I bend my head and I continue.
I miss Justice so much, I think as I paint.
I can’t believe am hearing voices, I shake my
I lift my head to see justice trying to sit up.
I scream a little.
I fling my drawing pad down and I run to the
“Don’t move, don’t move, I will get the doctor”
I make to turn away but he holds my arm in a
surprisingly firm grip.
“Are you ok baby girl?”
He asks and I feel tears rush to my eyes.
Just like justice to ask about me when he is
just waking from a coma.
I nod and he let’s go.
I run out of the VIP room to the nurses station.
“Please get a doctor, my husband is awake”
“Yes Mrs Maxwells”
I run back to the room and I see he is
unconscious again.
I feel like I dreamt the whole thing.
A doctor enters and I tell him.
“It’s ok Mrs Maxwells, it’s not unusual for them
to loose strength and fall into a sleep ,
It’s a progress that he is finally awake”
I nod my head in relief.
The doctor does some inspection before he
I sit on a chair beside him and I rest my head
on his arm.
Thank you.
People it’s coming to an end, wanna specially
appreciate All of you guys.
I love you all.

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