protected part 31

Protected – Episode 31
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“I don’t want to hurt anybody, just let me go
with her”
If this fool from hell thinks he is going
anywhere with my wife, he has another thing
I presume this man is the gangster.
I had heard voices in the bath room and I
I had gotten a feel for the conversation and I
knew what was happening..
Thank God hotels keep phones in their
honeymoon suite.
Justin has been alerted and should be on his
way here.
Sage is standing at the door right now and that
should be enough backup.
Well that was what I thought untill the man
produced a gun.
Now am scared, not for me but for my little bit.
“Just let her go and we will come to a
I say .
“Am sorry man, it’s nothing personal, she has
to go, you too.”
I frown.
“Why don’t I offer you some money and you
can travel out of the country, no one will find
you abroad”
He seemed to be considering the offer.
I would prefer he didn’t consider it with a gun
to my wife’s head.
I send magic a look.
Just hang in there baby…
“What do you say man, money and you will
disappear, I can get you 10 million this night”
He shakes his head.
“No I don’t trust you, no, if you and her die,
everything will be solved, solved,
Your brother, he killed my brother, he killed him
back there in the garage, you and her have to
He has to feel pain”
Am getting that he is panicking, that’s not
good he has a freaking gun to my wife’s head.
I say as I take a step forward.
He points the gun at me in panic, magic
whispers in fear.
“Dont come any closer!, I will shoot her! Don’t
come any f-king closer”
I begin to panic.
“Don’t take a step or I will shoot you and kill
I nod as I raise my hand..
“Leave her and you can take me, please I beg
I say and he trains the gun on me more.
“Don’t say another word!”
I nod.
I think he is a loon.
I hear footsteps coming from the hall outside.
He hears it too.
“You called the police?!”
I shake head.
I look around and I see what looks like a
heavy sculpture.
When he glances at the door again I lift it and
It hits his leg making him buck and fall.
Thank God for the years of playing high School
Magic runs to me.
I pull her in for an embrace.
The door opens and Justin shouts.
“Your hands in your head”.
The gangster shouts and I hear a loud bang.
Magic screams and I turn, I see Justin tackle
the gangster and I think.
Ya, everything is good.
I turn to magic with a smile and she is crying..
I open my mouth to ask but I feel moisture
seep out.
I touch it and bring it to my face.
It’s blood.
I frown, that’s all I know before the world turn
He might not live.
That’s all I can hear in my head, it’s all that
has been ringing in my head for the past 5
My husband is currently lying in a coma and he
is showing no signs of waking.
Am sure I look like death.
I can tell you I feel like death.
The doctor said there’s a fifty fifty chance of
him waking up.
Since the bullet lodged in a part of his spine he
has gone into a coma.
After he was shot I vaguely remember Justin’s
men carting the gangster away and Justin
calling an ambulance.
I remember the feel of blood on my hand as I
try to put pressure on his back to stop the
Am so scared.
I hold his hand now hoping for a twitch,
anything that will tell me he has woken up.
I rest my head on my hand and I pray, I pray
to God that he should listen and bring this man
After a while I feel a touch on my shoulder.
I turn and I see the guys standing behind me.
“Want you to go and freshen up baby girl”
Sage says and I shake my head.
I see julliet looking worn out, Justin doesn’t
look any better.
Sandra looks like she has been crying for
I feel tears rush to my eyes again.
“I can’t”
I whisper.
“Am gonna stay here, I promise to let you
know if he makes any movement”
Sage says and I nod.
“You promise?”
He nods.
“I promise.”
I stand and I take the bag kele is holding out
to me.
I kiss sage on his cheek and I turn to julliet.
“Take care sweets, the baby”
I whisper and she nods.
I walk to the adjoining bathroom and I take my
I feel so dizzy, I haven’t had a thing to eat in a
I can’t stomach anything.
I exit the bathroom and I hear Justin arguing
with someone.
“You can’t tell her about that now!”
Who is he talking to?
I step out and I see everyone has left except
Sage who is leaning against the wall and
Justin who is talking to…. George?
“She has to know..?”
“What she shouldn’t be doing now is stressing,
her husband is in a coma”
“She’s m…..”
“What’s going on ?”
I ask .
Sage stands straight.
“It’s nothing little one..”
I just sigh.
“Just tell me”
I say .
George starts and Sage throws him a look, he
Sage turns to me.
“Listen to me Baby girl, no matter what you
hear, no matter how it may seem that justice
betrayed you, have it in mind that he had your
best interest in mind ok?”
I nod.
Am scared.
Justice, I think, I need you.
They both exit leaving me and George.
He smiles at me, I would have returned the
smile had I had the strength.
I just say.
“Tell me George”
“Just tell me, I can take it”
He nods.
“You, magic are our daughter, I and Maggie’s
I feel a wave of dizziness overtake me.
Say what now?


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