Protected – Episode 30

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It’s 5 days after Christmas, it was awesome. We had a party. Although this time it was a small affair. I loved it. And also, it’s my wedding day. Surprise! Ha. I am so nervous. The ceremony starts in about an hour, we have to drive to the church. Am already ready. Kele steps in “You look lovely Emilia” She says and I almost cry. “No, None of that, Tammy will kill me if you ruin your make up” She says and I smile, swallowing my tears. Kele is my bridesmaid. I didn’t invite anyone except Maggie and George. I had no one to invite. Am not sad about it. My family is right here. “I love you magic, am really happy for you” Kele says and I give her a hug. The door opens. “Time for bride to be in church little one” Justin says as he steps in. He is the one giving me away today. I will have it no other way. I smile and take the hand he is holding out. Am wearing a simple white gown and my veil is edged in lace. I can’t wait to see julliet in church. Mr Maxwell Maxwells will be giving her away. I don’t know where he came from, justice found him. Am kind of getting that they don’t like him much. “So you wanna do this?” Justin asks and I nod. Let’s get me married. ****** Justice. If I was asked a year ago if I ever thought there will be an instant where I would be nervous, I would shoot the person a look and tell him to shut the hell up. As am standing here now in this church waiting for my soon to be bride I can feel my palm sweating. I glance at sage standing besides me, we are each other’s best man, he doesn’t looks much better. Petr leans forward and whisper. “I would appreciate it, if you guys don’t look like you are about to take a dump”. I scowl at him and I would have flipped him a middle finger if I didn’t think everyone was watching. I know Sage feels the same way too. He looks like he might just about kill the a- hole. The fool just chuckles, good thing for him that I like him. The keyboard starts and I stand straight. Here goes. The big double door of the church opens and Alec and Daniel step in first. I look beyond them waiting for my Prize. I see her. She looks Marvelous. I feel a rush of something in my eyes and I swear to you it is not tears. She smiles at me behind her veil and i feel my chest constrict. They get to me and Justin places her hand in mine. I see my father(The a-hole) place my sister’s hand in Sage’s. I smile at magic and everything is right in my world. Everything. Because everything I have, own, like and will ever dream to posses is standing right in front of me.. We turn to the minister and I prepare to make the best decision of my life. ******* Am so nervous. I clean my palm on my simple night gown. Am officially a married woman. Ha. Emilia Magic Maxwells. That has a nice ring to it. EMM. My initials will be killer. I glance for the thousandth time at the bedside clock. We are in a 5 star hotel for our honeymoon, we will be traveling out to my beach house in morning. We are to spend the night here. My husband is in the bathroom. Jeez, my husband. Still can’t wrap my head around it. The reception went off without a hitch. Except one time when it seemed a slightly tipsy Sandra was fighting with Justin. I just think it’s chemistry. Sage just shook his head and leaned towards justice. “Do something about that” He had said and I had frowned. If they like each other won’t they start a relationship by themselves? I didn’t get a chance to ask because Sage rushed julliet out of the reception hall. I think they are staying next door to us in the penthouse suite. I clean my palm again as I glance at the bathroom door. Am so nervous. The bathroom door opens and he steps out. His eyes immediately comes to me. “Hello wife” He says I smile. “Hola, husband” He smiles back at me and walk to the couch am sitting on. “Did you enjoy today” He asks. “It’s the happiest day of my life” I say. “Then why do you look constipated?” He asks with a chuckle. “Justice!” I say as I hit his chest playfully. He grows serious. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to little bit” He says and I smile. I believe him. “I want to ” I say. “You sure?” I nod. He picks me up and slowly makes his way to the bed. He deposits me in the middle and leans over me. “I love you” He says. “And I love you” I reply. ******* Moving was the first thing to wake me up, as I open my eyes I glance at the bedside clock. Past two in the morning. I had been spooning with my husband. “Where you going?” I ask sleepily. He kisses my shoulder. “The bathroom , will be back in a moment” I nod. “I want chocolate….” I say sleepily “I will see what I can do baby” I nod, I lean my face up and he kisses me. I fall back on the bed as he rises. After a moment I hear a door open and I don’t bother lifting my head, a shadow falls over my face and I smile. “Do you have my chocolate?” I ask. A hand clamps around my mouth and my eyes flies open. “Don’t make a sound.” The gangster says and I nod quickly. He pulls me from the bed to standing. The sheets fall away and am left standing in just my undies. “What did you tell them, did you tell them about my face?” I shake my head no, fear pulverizing my bones. “Where’s your husband?, You girl are a hard person to find, been tracking you for close to 5 months now,.. Even had to send that fool Collins to rattle your man to see if he would let up on the security for a sec but no, he tightened it” Wait? Collins was in cohorts with this man. And I had a security detail I didn’t know about? “You have to come with me, I don’t want to hurt you, am just scared, I don’t want to go to prison, I have to kill you, it’s the only way” I am afraid but I nod, I have to get this man out of here before justice returns . I don’t want anything happening to him. I point at my night gown and he let’s me go. “If you shout, I will kill you here and now”. I nod as i pick my nightie. I quickly put it on and step towards the door. He follows. Am filled with hope that we are almost gone when …. “Hold it.” Justice says calmly. I can hear the fear in his voice. Fear for me. The gangster produces a gun and my chest constricts. “Don’t want to hurt anybody, just let me go with her” Justice just raises an eyebrow and I think. Oh hell.

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