Protected – Episode 29

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MAGIC. I am watching him sleep, he is sleeping so quietly. I woke up about about 4 hours ago, it’s just past 7, I could not sleep. I hear a knock on the door and I get up gently and pad to the door. I open it and Justin is standing there. “Good morning sister, you doing okay?” I nod as I step out, not wanting to disturb justice. “You sure?” I nod again. “I wanted to talk to your man” “He’s sleeping” I say. “Well wake him up, he might want to hear thi….” The door opens and justice steps out, immediately pulling my back to his front, he places his chin on my head. “You were awake weren’t you?” I ask. I feel his nod on my head. I turn partially. “Couldn’t sleep?” I ask. “You weren’t sleeping itty bitty, I couldn’t sleep” I lean up and peck his lips. “I love you” I pronounce. “I love you” He says back and I finally smile. “Since that is done can we get back to why I am here?” Justin asks. I totally forgot he was standing there. “Well?” Justice demands, seems he doesn’t like Justin interrupting.. “I have a lead” Justin says and justice nods. “Let me put on a shirt, I will be down stairs in 5” Justin nods and walks away. I kiss Justice’s chest and I say. “Am craving coffee” “Am craving you” He states matter of facty. I blush. “Am going to go prepare some,see you downstairs in 5?” I ask, he nods. I begin to walk away but he calls after me. “I love you” He pronounces. “I love you more” I say and he smiles, I smile too and i go downstairs to the kitchen. I begin to make coffee, I check the fridge on what to make for breakfast but kele shows up. “What are you doing?” She asks. “Am trying to make breakfast miss obvious” I say and she rolls her eyes. “Am sorry I led your guardians right to this place magic” She says as she helps me break some eggs. “It’s alright, they would have come sooner or later anyways” I begin to toast some bread and she fries the egg. Julliet enters. “Good morn…..” That’s all she gets out before she runs to the sink and starts puking I walk to her with a bottle of water from the fridge. “I think it’s time you see a doctor Jules.” She nods while rinsing her mouth “Ya, I think so too.” After I finish making breakfast I set the table and I see that justice and Justin and Sage and Petr are already there, they seem to be making plans. I set the table with Sandra and Tammy and Kele’s help. We begin to eat and conversation flows. “So….., Are you going to tell me what you think Just?” I ask. Am sure he has connived with justice to keep me in the dark but am having none of it. He glances at justice and I do too. “Itty bitty…..” “You have to tell me, it’s about me” I say. He sighs. “Fine, tell her” Justin nods. “We believe the present wasn’t from your guardians” I nod, he continues. “I believe actually that the present came from one of Justice’s ex partner, Collins.” What? “How’s that my business?” I ask. Everyone stares at me like I just asked why the sky is blue. “Magic, you are dating one of the most powerful men in Nigeria, am sure I don’t have to tell you that you might be a target” Justin states. “Oh” “Yes, oh is correct,. My boys are currently trying to pinpoint his location so we can bring him in for questioning” I shake my head. It doesn’t make sense. “If this guy is mad at me then why did he use such a message, blood and a cryptic letter saying I can’t hide for ever? Hide from what?” “We don’t know how his minds work yet magic, that’s why we want to bring him in for questioning. When we do , I am sure we will get to the bottom of this.” I nod. Am good with that for now. At least it’s a relief to know my guardians haven’t stooped to the level of sending threat messages.

I finish my breakfast and Sandra and Tammy help me clear the table. As i go to sit again justice pulls me to his lap. He kisses my cheek, I just snuggle closer. I don’t want to be away from him. I don’t know why, I feel like we are both living on borrowed time. “You feel it?” He whispers I nod. God please let nothing happen to my relationship with this man. “Am never going to let you go baby girl” He says to my hair and I smile. I turn to the table to see sage frowning at julliet. “You ok little bird?” She shakes her head no. “What’s wrong july?” Justice asks “I don’t feel so good justy” She says. “I think she Is preggo” Kele says while casually texting on her phone. Andrew no doubt. Everyone halts. “I mean come on, she has been having constant morning sickness, it’s so obvious” She says as her phone pings again. Julliet looks scared, sage just looks neutral. I think congratulations are in order. “Am going to be an aunty! Again!” Sandra says excitedly. Leave it to her to dispel the tension. The guys begin to congratulate sage and julliet, I stand up and hug her. She is starting to look happy. I turn to justice and he is grinning. “Your gonna pay for putting my sister in a family way without getting her to the altar moron” Justice says to Sage. “I plan on changing that very soon, like in a week soon” Sage says, julliet turns to him. “We are not getting married in a week Sage, there are many plans to make, lots of plans” Sage just shrugs. “You have one week to make them then, little bird” “But…..”.. “Am not staying one more day without making you my wife little bird” Aww. She melts at that. I can hear wedding bells. She smiles and leans up to kiss him. “Ugh, gross” Both Justin and Sandra says simultaneously. Those two have chemistry, they are just not accepting it. I smile as I settle back into justice chest. “Wanna get married?” He whispers in my ear. I nod. “Really?” He asks suddenly serious. I nod again I turn to him and whisper. “I don’t see why not” I say. He sets me gently on my chair and he gets on one knee, the table quiets. Oh. My. World. “Emilia Magic, please marry me, I carried this ring all last night waiting for the right moment but it was ruined, it was supposed to be your gift, am sorry it’s late, please marry me?” I just nod, dumbfounded. He slips the ring on and kele woots. “Ya, baby!” Kele shouts. I laugh as he stands and gives me a big kiss. He pulls me from my seat and into an embrace. I smile and I ask. “So this was supposed to be my gift?I thought you got nothing for me, I wasn’t complaining.” “Yeah this was supposed to be your gift, also with the car in the garage and a beach house I got for you in the Bahamas. And also with the studio i opened for you in the basement, all this was supposed to be your gift but timing” I nod. “You got me all that?” “I will get you the world if you want baby” He says and I laugh as i bury my head into his chest. I hear Sage say. “So who’s sappier now? Asstard” “Screw off asshole” I laugh louder. Am so happy. “Oh I know what, let’s do a double wedding” I raise my head at julliet pronouncement. “Should we?” I ask. “Hells yeah” All the girls shouts and we squeal simultaneously. “How do you cope with the squealing?” Petr asks. “We just do.” “We have so many preparations to make” Tammy says. I nod. Not for once did I think that it was too soon or it was too fast. I am just going with my instinct and my instinct says I should marry this man. I glance at him and he is laughing at something Petr said. He looks gloriously handsome. Yup. Good instincts. A/N.. I am a big fan of spontaneous surprises, I just lav ’em. So I was thinking, if you guys are interested in a story about Justin and Sandra. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Even on Facebook, I will try to respond.. Thanks for reading! Namaste! (Ok, am stuck on Namaste as a greeting, bear with me *wink*)

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