Protected – Episode 27
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It’s been exactly 4 months and a week since I
first got into the maxwells household.
It has been going fine.
Did I say fine?
It has been going, splendidly, spectacularly,
marvelously, awesomely, beautifully well.
Oh God I have never been so happy in all my
After kele left, that was two months ago, she
spent a week.
A week of fun and good food.
After she left things went back to normal, no
quarrelling, just the same old routine.
I even started school.

Am studying art, with fashion as my major, I
commute everyday and that has been
It’s all thanks to my boyfriend.
Yes my boyfriend justice.
We haven’t heard anything form the witch of
the south Selene.
Everything has been surprisingly dull and at
the same time lively.
There has been no sighting of the gangster,
none at all.
Justin says that at this rate the case will be
So bad the man wasn’t caught and is still
allowed to roam free.
Am free from watching my back at all times.
Justice is happy too, even though he didn’t
jump the way I did he is still happy .
He even professed his will to protect me no
matter what.
I feel protected.
It’s December.
The month of so many possibilities and the
month of our Lord Jesus.
It’s 21st.
Yup my birthday.
I am currently in the kitchen with julliet and
Sandra and Tammy and kele.
Yes kele.
She came for my birthday..
She arrived Lagos yesterday.
Isn’t it amazing?
We are Trying to make a big cake for justice’s
Although he told me not to bother but I want to.
I mean he is my boyfriend.
The house is full of streamers and party lights.
We brought out some of the Christmas
decorations and used some for the birthday.
Some of his friends are coming over.
Speaking of friends, I have been in touch with
Maggie and George.
We even went out to get our nails done the
other day. Maggie and I.
I am gradually turning to a city girl.
She told me about Selene and her
Apparently she wasn’t able to find a job.
No body wants to hire an herpes patient even
though it’s now out that is was a rumour.
I think the joblessness is also due to justice’s
My man is is fierce when it comes to revenge.
I like it.
“I think am going to throw up”
Julliet says and that brings me out of my
“Just go sit and watch chicklet, I won’t
appreciate it if you throw up all over my
Kele says.
Am concerned.
“Are you alright Jules?”
I ask.
“Ya, am just feeling very nauseous”
I exchange glances with Tammy and Sandra..
She has been feeling nauseous for some days
“Don’t you think it’s time you go to the doctor
and check whats wrong?”
Sandra asks while leading her to a seat by the
kitchen counter.
Julliet shakes her head.
“It’s nothing, I think am just having a mild bout
of food poisoning”.
I roll my eyes, she can’t see me.
She has been having a ‘mild bout of food
poisoning’ for a week now.
Tammy just sighs.
Kelechi exclaims.
“Am done with the cake, time to go make the
finger food now people”
“This looks good kele, I will prepare the salad
Tamara says.
Kele nod.
“I will shred the cabbage”
I say as I walk to the fridge.
“I will just shred the turkey then”
Julliet says.
We all shout simultaneously.
Julliet could not cook save her shredding
turkey will be too much of a work.
Yes, it will.
And she might just throw up too.
“Jeez people, thanks for your faith in me”
She says wryly and we burst out laughing.
When we finally get everything done about 3
hours later we get dolled up.
Party is starting by 6 and into the night, it’s just
past 4.
We have to hurry.
I get dressed in a jeans short shorts like
seriously short because kele whistled when
she saw it.
And a pink crop top that’s off the shoulders
with a one blue hand glove.
It’s kind of my accessory.
It’s official, am a Barbie girl.
I have lots of black shamballa’s on my hands
with a thumb ring and a gold charm bracelet
Justice got me.
I have a drooping ear ring on one ear and a
stud in the other with fake nose piercing.
Am kinda going for the gothic look.
Tammy did my make up.
I look lit, if I do say so myself.
I pair everything up with a high heeled platform
I rock.
I smile at the mirror.
I totally don’t look like Emily the village girl.
I look like magic, justice’s girlfriend.
I go down stairs and i see everyone is present,
i was kind of the last.
So much for being a good hostess.
Justice turns from where he is bantering with
Sage and takes a good look at me.
His eyes darkens.
I smile.
He strides to me.
“As much as I like that amount of skin on
display baby girl, I also don’t like them being
on display for my friends”
He says and I stick my tongue out at him.
His eyes darkens more.
“Make no mistakes Emilia, you are 20 and fair
game right about now”
I frown not getting his meaning but when his
eyes slips downward to chest level and stays
there for a beat I blush.
This man.
“It’s my birthday too”
I pronounce.
“Am aware”
He says finally leading me to a seat, the
dinning room is packed, all the furnitures
removed and replaced with chaises.
Alec and Daniel are having a sleep over at one
of thier friends, I think the party is not suitable
for under 18s.
I glance up and i see everyone having a good
I snuggle into his side and he pulls me closer.
We stay like that for a while before he gets up
and gets me a drink.
When he returns we are bombarded by his
friends and soon conversation is flowing.
I never knew a governorship aspirant can have
such crude friends.
I have never heard such dirty words in my life.
Everyone one seems to take it in stride.
Even kele.
Soon it’s gift opening time, his friends leave us
because justice made it clear it’s family time.
I wanted justice to go first.
He just raises his eyebrows and says.
“Do I look like I open gifts little bit?”.
I open the first one and I see it’s from Justin.
I shred the wrapper open.
Inside I see it’s an online voucher for 2
months fashion courses from Marc Jacobs.
I squeal and I almost throw my self at him but
justice holds me back saying.
Ohkay, moving on.
I open the next one, it’s from sage, it’s a pair
of handcuffs..
“For when he misbehaves”
I laugh and I open the remaining gifts.
I got an anklet from julliet.
A watch from Sandra.
A make up kit from Tamara.
A necklace from Petr.
A new drawing pad from kele and a set of
coloring pencils.
I love.
And finally I get an handmade card from Alec
even in absentia.
I almost cry at that, justice just kisses my
“Uh, we have one more for you magic”
Sandra says, as the official gift handler of the
“Who’s it from?”
“Anonymous, ooh, seems you have an
Justice growls I just smile as Sandra hands me
the box
I shred the wrapper open and I open the box.
The smell assails me first and the sight follows.
I scream flinging it away from me.
Inside the box is filed with blood , rotten blood.
I begin to shake and sob..
Justice pulls me close, the party gets quiet.
“Justin, get on it”
Justice says and Justin gives a sharp nod.
Sage holds julliet, Sandra and kele back.
Petr does the same to Tammy..
Am crying so hard I have almost gone into
“There’s a note”
Justin says as he returns and bends to the
“What does it say”
Justice demands.
“‘You can’t hide forever”‘
He says .
I sob harder after hearing that, justice pulls me
closer and strokes my hair .
Sage begins to lead the guests to the door.
Justice sets me on his lap and consoles me.
Kele strokes my hair from the other side.
Sandra is at my feet taking off my shoes.
Julliet is pulling off my glove.
Tammy is wiping off my makeup.
The guys stand in a circle.
Am surrounded, am protected.
I hear from the door way and I lift my head.
“What the ever loving goddess?”
Kele exclaims.
That is right..
Because standing there in the flesh are my
My aunt and my uncle.
Today didn’t go as plaNNED.

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