Protected – Episode 26
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MAGIC. “Wake up sleepy head” Someone says and I turn my head slowly. “Kele?” “No mother Teresa, come get up”. I sit up and I instantly notice it’s bright out very bright, like I slept in bright. I also notice justice missing from the bed. “What are you doing in here?, This is Justice’s room”. “Don’t I know that?” She says slowly with an awed voice. She turns around in a 360 degree circle, like she is trying to take everything in at once. I stand up quickly. “We have to get out now, he doesn’t like people in his space come on” She just rolls her eyes and plops on the bed. “Kele!” “Oh come on, is the guy God? chillax” I shake my head. “You don’t understand, he is God in his own rooms so come on” She isnt listening to me, she stands and starts touching stuff. This isn’t good. I open my mouth but she beats me to it by turning nonchalantly and sayings… “He sent me in to get you” That takes the wind right out of my sails. “What?” “Well he kinda commanded me in to get you but you know what I mean right?” She asks this while perusing a photo of me. Wait what? A photo of me? Am laughing on that photo, it seemed he took it on the day we went shopping. That felt like ages ago. I feel something sweet burn in my stomach. He keeps a photo of me on his nightstand. I smile as I think. “Why are you smiling like a loon?” Kele asks and that brings me out of my reverie… “Am not smiling” I state. “Am sure you weren’t, you looked like you were trying to divest your body of a real nasty poop” Eww. “Yuck kelechi, you still haven’t changed” She rolls her eyes and drops the photo. “Change and go where? it’s been just two months, not 7 years.” Those words bring me back to reality. “Yeah, it’s been just two months.” She turns to me fully now, when she hears the somber note in my voice. “So………About yesterday……” She starts, I open my mouth to apologise but she beats me to it. “Am sorry i was a b-ch,” Am shook. Literally. Let me tell you something. The relationship I have with kele is umm kind of dysfunctional. If you haven’t noticed she is kind of take charge, I am not. It takes a lot from her to apologise, she never does, if there is a female version of Justice? Kele is the person. I really appreciate her going out of her way to apologise. I really do. I feel tears rush to my eyes. I really missed my friend. “Oh…kele” I say as I rush her into a hug. “Ok…we are going to do oyibo film, no problem” She says this while returning my hug and I laugh through my tears. Kele is not good with display of affections at all. I break the hug and I stand back. “Am sorry too, am sorry I said all those mean words, I know you are not jealous I was just scared of what you thought, you know you mean everything to me and more, I really love you.” I say this and she wipes the tears from my eyes. “I would kill you if I thought for one minute you meant what you said Emily, I really would” I smile. I know she would too. “And am also very happy for you, if there is anyone that would escape a life of slavery and get herself a hot rich boyfriend, it would be you, you are awesome like that.” She states with finality and I smile. “He’s hot” I say. “Ok……, We are bragging, that’s a low blow Emilia-Magic, a low blow.” She says and I giggle, she joins me. “So we good?” She asks after the giggles subside. I nod. “Yeah, we good” She smiles and am awed, my friend is hands down beautiful, but when she smiles, she is kick-ass. She has a lethal smile. “So since we are done with this drama, I made breakfast, let’s go eat” She says. Shit. I totally forgot about break fast. But . …. “What did you make?” I ask, she winks. “You just have to wait to find out.” We walk hand in hand out and as we descend the step she says. “I would have thought you would have gone for the other brother, what’s his name? Justin, yeah Justin” I shake my head. “He’s my guardian angel, not my boyfriend” She rolls her eyes. “You have ties to two hot guys, lucky you” I just smile. “Sooo, is he single?” (I know some people want to die, I just know it, high b.p, is alright, am not that wicked-bebe) I throw her a look. “Behave kele” I say. “What? Am just joking, I know she belongs to the redheaded one” (Sandra, because she dyed her hair red) She says. “How did you know?” I ask. “I was surprised and angry not blind she was literally eating him up with her eyes” I shake my head. Just like kele to guess what took me eons to guess, in a day. We step into the dinning room and it is at that moment I remember I stood up at night to change into one of justice’s Polo’s. Somebody shoot me. Infact let water carry me and go far away. Far away. All eyes turns to us and zoom in on our linked elbows. I think I heard a collective sigh of relief. “Good morning people, I am kele, the friend of this tree stump standing next to me. I am sorry for the drama yesterday, please take good care of me” Kele is nothing if not an extrovert. And tree stump? Please. I am drop dead beautiful. I smile at my thoughts. “I also made this amazing spread in front of you, am sure when you taste you will drop magic as your cook and hire me” She says. Everyone is looking at her like they don’t know what to make of her. I understand the feeling. She takes a sit beside Alec. “So you are the oyibo pikin?” She says to alec. I almost die. Alec looks confused for once in his life, he turns to sage. “Dad? What’s oyibo pikin?” I almost gasp. Alec now calls sage dad? I know of the mystery surrounding his birth. This is an improvement. Everyone looks surprised too. Julliet looks like she about to die from glee. Sage, the big man that he is just takes it in stride. “She means a foreign child, son.” Alec nods and turns to kele. “You are a cool chick, I like you” Alec says. Kele nods and fist bumps him. “So are you going to kiss me good morning or do I have to force you?” Justice asks and I and i think everybody seated turns to him. I lean down to kiss his cheek but he turns his face at the last moment, I end up pecking his lips. The brute. He smiles and I finally take my seat, beside him of course. I look around the table and I see we are having Korean for breakfast. I burst out laughing. Kelechi always wanted to be a chef just as much as I always wanted to be a fashion designer. The difference is that she was able to go to a catering school. She went all out. I think she used all the ingredients she could find in the kitchen. Am sure she was trying to impress and apologize in her own way. She made some….I think she called it bulgogi the first time she made it at home. Some chicken meat shredded, marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, scallions, and black pepper, and finally grilled. She made some noodles too, with half fried eggs on top. She really went all out. “You want to share what’s causing you humour uh, ugly?” She ask. She knows why am laughing, she knows I know the meaning behind this gesture. “You are so sweet kele” I say. She just sticks her tongue out at me. Uh. So mature. I grab my fork and I dig in. Um. Wow? After a while justice says. “As much as this tastes like eating at a five star restaurant, I would like you to refrain from calling my girlfriend a tree stump and also refrain from calling her ugly” I hold my breath. Kele doesn’t take well to commands. I wait for the explosion. She just bursts out laughing. “No problem giant, I will also have you know that she is my best friend and you can just shove your commands in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.” She says it with some much humour you won’t detect she was doling out a curse. Sage bursts out laughing, everyone follows. Justice just looks stunned. Alec turns to julliet. “Momma, can we keep her?” He asks. Uh, someone has a crush. It was at that very moment that I felt content in all of my life. I smile so widely I feel my face would split. My eyes finds justice’s and he winks. Yup. Content.

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