Protected – Episode 25
See all episodes here » MAGIC. It’s the night of the worst day of my life. I thought the worst day of my life was when a man was shot and killed in front of me but no. This is hands down the worst day of my life. I single handedly ruined my relationship with my best friend and my boyfriend AWOL. My life. Le sigh. I made lunch and he didn’t show up. Everyone was present but he didn’t show up. I still heard him punching the bag in his workout room. I took some lunch to kele and she still did not say a word to me. I made dinner, he didn’t show up. I took some dinner to kele and I see she didn’t touch a bite of the lunch I set for her. I just exchanged trays and exited since she still isn’t saying a word to me. Every one was present for dinner, I think they stayed to make sure justice doesn’t kill me and my friend. Now its bedtime and I have nowhere to sleep. Oh there are more than enough spare rooms but I can’t seem to find it in me to pass the night in any. I am currently standing in front of justice room like some type of stalker.

I open the door and I enter. I see him leaning against the headboard, legs crossed, wearing glasses and reading a contract. Hot. I climb the bed and snuggle close to him. I am taking a risk being here and acting like nothing is happening. He doesn’t say a word, he just closes his contract and takes off his glasses, he sets them on the nightstand. He pulls me close. That was a start. Thank God. He is quiet for a while and am tense. “Do you really think am using you magic?” He asks softly. Am surprised. I think he heard us. “No, I don’t think so justice” He’s quiet for a while, I think he has let it go until I hear him ask. “Then why the hell did you never tell your friend about me? Are you ashamed? Do you think am too old for you?” Ok… So he didn’t let it go. I can hear an underlying current of anger and insecurity. I sit up crossed leg on the bed turned to him. “I have never been ashamed, I will never be ashamed and I will say this. You are perfect for me justice, you are not too old, you are not too young, you are just perfect” I say this while stroking his face. “Then why? Why didn’t you tell your friend?” I take a deep breath. “Because I was scared, because I thought I was living a dream and I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to have you all to my self, I wanted to keep you to me. I wasn’t ready to share you yet, am sorry if you got the wrong impression, please forgive me.” I say as I bend my head.. He sits up crossed leg turned to me and he lifts my face up. “I love you” He says and my breath hitches. “I love you so much magic I feel like it’s too soon and it’s too late all at once, I never want to hurt you, I love you” I feel tears come I let them spill. He swipes them away and I wish he wouldn’t. They feel refreshing. “I love you too, I love you so much justice and I feel like it’s too soon and too late all at once, I never want to hurt you, I love you.” I say and he smiles and it’s so worth it. He kisses my cheek. “Your Friend has spunk” He says and I laugh. “You don’t know the half of it” I say and he chuckles. “But I think I ruined our relationship though, I said some harsh words to her today. She thinks I am not here of my own free will.” He strokes my hair. “She will come around darlin’, I promise” He says darlin’ so sweet, he even dropped the g. Oh my. I nod my head and he positions us for sleep. “Aren’t you going to eat?” I ask after a while as I feel sleep threatening to pull me under. “Am good baby girl”. I nod and I sleep off. I feel better than before. I guess this isn’t the worst day of my life after all. ********** JUSTICE. When I finally hear her breathing get even I gently separate us and I stand. I have to make somethings straight. I heard all the harsh words her friends said to her today. Am sure all of the island heard too. They were very loud. I appreciate that she has a loyal friend, I really do but she is making my girl feel bad. That’s a no no. I stand in front of magic’s door and knock. No response. I knock again. The door flies open. “What do you want?” Ha, at least she is not a scaredy cat. I enter the room with out invitation. What the hell?, It’s MY house. “Your kelechi right?” She rolls her eyes. “No, am queen Elizabeth and I’ve come to your house” Sarcasm, that I can do. “Ok kele, am here to give you the talk….” She lifts her palm I stop. What? “Only very good friends Call me kele”.. Who is this girl. I would have loved this attitude if it was directed at someone else but to me I find it irritating. I ignore her. “Am not going to hurt your friend, am not out to kill her, am not going to rape her and am not going to sell her. I know you are scared and that’s why you said those shitty things today, I understand. But let me just make one thing clear, you hurt my girl and I don’t like that, she is sleeping bur I feel she is restless. This is because she feels she has hurt you. You will make things right tomorrow, I don’t like her being like that. If you don’t I promise I can make you disappear and she will forget you, make no mistakes. I hope this was a good talk for you, girl, because it was for me ” I say and I make my way to the door. “Hey” She calls, I turn. “You can call me kele” She says and I nod. I exit. Seems I got through to her. Good. I enter my room and I wrap myself around my girl. She moans sleepily. “Where did you go to?” She asks. “Sleep angel” She nods and sleeps. After a while I do too.
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