Protected – Episode 24
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Am still frozen.
I dont know why I can’t seem to sum up
enough excitement.
Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been talking on the
phone, texting each other.
I have enough updates on her to be safely
sure that our relationship is on the good track
I remember texting her my address one night.
But am so surprised she is here.
“So, I came all the way to Lagos just to make
sure you were not added to a local body
peddling society
And all I get is you standing over there like you
just saw a car wreck”
She says with here kele attitude and I finally
get my self.
Justice drapes my sleeve over my shoulders
and I wear it and button.
Kele watches this speculatively.
I can see as clear as day that she doesn’t like
this situation.
At all.
Like at all.
I throw a smile at justice and i walk slowly to
Just for a moment I wonder who let her in and
let her walk this far without alerting any of the
When I get to her I throw myself at her she
catches me.

This close I feel a sense of melancholy.
I smell her kele smell.
A special blend of cherry scented perfume and
a cinnamon spice scented perfume.
I missed her I realize.
She kisses my cheek and she breaks the hug.
“How have you been?”
She asks and I nod.
Behind me I can hear the others breaking the
up the party.
Am so sorry one of my problems ruined things
Not that kele is a problem.
I feel justice walk up to us behind me.
I turn to him because kele does so as well.
“Kelechi, meet my boyfriend justice, justice
meet kelechi my bestest best friend”
All through those many phone calls and texts
not once did I mention I had a romantic
entanglement over here in Lagos.
I can see the betrayal in her eyes.
I don’t know why I never told her.
I felt like she would not approve.
Justice just raises an eyebrow at her and then
turns to me with cold in his eyes.
What now?
“It’s getting chilly out side magic, bring your
friend in”.
He says this, I look around and i see everyone
has gone inside.
Seems they wanted to give us privacy.
I nod my head and I lead kelechi inside.
When we get to my room I begin to strip the
“When were you planning on telling me?”
She asks and I halt on my way to my closet.
“Do you know how worried I was?, I thought
maybe something would have happened to
She doesn’t let me get a word in.
“You were so naive, I was like, since am free I
should come here and help you get sorted,
Imagine my surprise when I come in and I see
you looking all cozy with the master of the
“Kelechi…. please….”
She suddenly gasps.
“Is he making you do things? Is he forcing
you to do things?”
I open my mouth but she countinues.
“Grab your things, we are leaving this house
now, come on”.
She countinues.
“I knew it, I knew something was wrong, I felt
it, how could you be so stupid Emily?”
Now am getting angry.
“Just hold on for a minute there kele”
She stops at my outburst.
“What makes you think I want to leave? Leave
and go where?
And also I would appreciate it if you don’t
insinuate that my boyfriend is a rapist.
I mean come on, is it so farfetched that I could
get an handsome, rich boyfriend?
These people have been nothing but a
blessing and good to me.
They literally pay me to eat for them.
I have been here for 2 months and I feel better
than I have felt in all of my life!
So don’t badge in and assume things, don’t
come in here and act jealous kele.

I realize I raised my voice so I take a deep
“Is that so?
If they are so good then what happened to
your hand? Uh?”
We both glance at my gauze …
“Accidents happen kele, even you know that”
I say.
She laughs dubiously.
“Two months in the city and you think you
know it all? You think you are a big girl now?
You are still a blind naive village girl magic, the
earliest you get that the earliest we can leave
“I am not leaving, you are not my bloody
You are nothing to me,
Nothing you hear me?”
She is quiet for once.
I regret the words I said as soon as I said
But I go on.
“Just be happy for me kele, that’s all I ask”.
She doesn’t say anything so I sigh.
“Am going to go prepare lunch now, it’s what
am paid to do,
You can stay here for the night, till anytime you
You can use my room.
I will find somewhere else to sleep.”
I say this and I lean down to kiss her cheek.
She is staring at the TV, she doesn’t say a
I sigh.
I go get a change of cloth and I walk to the
I change.
I have to go cook but first I have to go get
kelechi’s carry on from the ground floor.
I glance at her as I exit she is still standing, but
now staring out the window.
I exit and I go downstairs.
I see everyone looking pensive.
Am sure it’s not for me.
I listen and I hear grunting coming from the
work out room.
Am surprised, the room is far away.
I finally notice that justice is missing.
I glance at julliet, she doesn’t meet my eyes.
I feel the weight of sage eyes on me and I look
at him.
There is disappointment in them.
Oh hell.
Today did not go as planned.
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