Protected – Episode 23
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“Ok let me get this straight, she fell right on her
face, like on her face on her face?”
Julliet asks.
And I nod.
She bursts out laughing again, well they burst
out laughing.
Tamara and Sandra are here too.
Sage is too.
It’s the morning after the party blast last night.
We are having breakfast, we have a full house.
Tamara didn’t go home last night and Sandra
slept over.
We are having breakfast and rehashing, they
seem to find it amusing.
Well I know I found it amusing.
“Man, you’ve gotten weak, that blow was too
small, kill her more”
Sage says and am surprised.
Ruining a girls life and her relationship with her
parents was not enough?
What was their definition of enough?
“You should know me better than that sage,
that was the beginning”
He says meaningfully at sage and sage nods.
Seems sage knows about Selene’s folly.
He has a dark look in his eyes. Sage.
I almost shiver.
Poor selene.
“Just as long as you don’t kill her, that’s all am
“Trust me lil bro”
Justice says and turns To me..
“Hey baby, you got chocolate on your lip right
He says.
I wipe with a serviette.
He leans forward and cleans my lip with his
thumb .
I smile.

I turn to my meal and I see everyone watching
“I can never get used to a softer side of
Sandra says.
“It’s because you only like soft guys brat”.
He says affectionately and everyone groans.
She sticks her tongue out at him and I smile.
“So what are we doing today?”
Julliet asks.
“Am going to the office”
Justice and sage say simultaneously.
Julliet shakes her head.
“Nope, nada, zilch, we are having a pool party”
She says with glee.
“Yay! Partay!”
Alec shouts and I smile.
“Ok if you guys need anything let me know, I
will be in my room”
Justice turns severe eyes to me?
He asks.
Am sorry am I invited?
I smile nervously.
“Am I invited?”
“Hells yeah”
Julliet says and I smile.
Justice just shakes his head at me.
Opps again.

After breakfast I change into a bikini and one
of justice white sleeves.
My bikini is in pink and it’s perfect.
I make my way down stairs and i grab the
drinks cooler with one hand, I was going to get
the other one but my gauze.
“Let me help you with that”
I turn and I see sage.
I smile at him and I thank him.
I stop at his next words.
“I like you magic, I really do and i like the way
you make justice feel”
I smile.
“But let me get this straight, if you hurt him or I
find out out you are here for any other reason
than you said in the first place,
I promise you, I will destroy you, I will ruin you
and you won’t know where you start and where
pain ends.
Are we clear?”
My smile drops.
Well that answers my question about Sage
He sure knows and he has misgivings about
“Sage, I promise…..”
“For you and for me I hope your promise mean
something magic.”
He says and I understand, he I scared for his
He loves his friend.
I drop my cooler and I hug him.
He looks surprised.
“Thank you Sage”
I say.
This big dangerous man is scared for his
I can see it.
I lean up and k-s his cheek.
“I promise to let you when it all get too much
He nods.
He has lost some of his severe look.
I pick my cooler and I leave.
I walk to the pool and I see Alec playing with
another little boy.
I turn in a 360 degree and I see sage settle
behind julliet.
She looks like an angel in a white bikini.
Sandra looks like devil impersonation in her
blood red bikini.
She is in the water with Tamara who is in a
blue bikini.
And here I am in pink.
I must look like Barbie.
I see a man discussing with Justin.
Am confused, do I know him?
I drop the cooler and I sit on a chair .
“Do I have to tell you to get your a-s here
I hear justice holler .
I blush.
“Get your a-s over there magic”
Sandra shouts and I stick my tongue out at
I stand and I make my way to justice.
When I settle beside him he pulls me into his
He settles a big sunglass on my face and i
After a while I ask.
“Who is that?”
I nod at the man.
“That’s Tamara’s boyfriend petr and her son
I nod as I pull close to him.
He k-ses my shoulder.
“So Sage gave me the talk”
I say as I lean to grab a pop drink.
“The talk?”
“The ‘if you hurt him talk'”
I say with a smirk.
He groans.
“That sappy Fool”
He calls at sage who is talking to Alec.
“Yo, fool”
Sage lifts and turns his head as if he is really a
“Yes moron?”
“You love me don’t you?”
Justice asks.
And I giggled.
“You sure you still a man, you sappy moron?”
He asks and justice flips him the bird.
“I will appreciate if you stop calling the father
of my unborn children names brother”.
Julliet says and I almost burst out laughing.
“And I will appreciate it sister if you don’t refer
to that A-hole as the father of your unborn
children sister”.
Now i laugh.
This family, even though dysfunctional, they
love themselves.
“Yes julliet, just because I know it doesn’t
mean i want to hear it, or think it.”
Justin hollers as he takes a swig of his drink.
“JJ, you are siding with justice?”
She asks indignantly.
“That’s what it is sister kin”
Justin says and she flips him the bird.
I laugh real hard.
Sandra laughs too.
Tamara just shakes her head as she snuggle
close to petr.
Am sure she is used to this..
Justice k-ses my shoulder again as Justin and
julliet continue bantering.
“So tell me itty bitty, do you want anything?”
I decide to be a little mischievous.
I open a button of my sleeve.
“Hmm, I want a lot of things”
He smirks.
“You sure you ready for where you are going
with that?”
He asks as I unbutton the sleeve and throw it
“Wow!, You go girl!”
Julliet shouts and I blush.
Justice just continue watching me.
“The question big guy is if you are ready for
this package”
I say loudly for the others to hear.
Sage and Justin and Petr shout.
Alec and Daniel just gorge themselves on
apples and chocolate.
“Challenge! Challenge! Challenge!”
Every body shouts.
And I try to raise an eyebrow like him, I fail, I
just raise both.
“So, watcha gonna do about it big guy?”
I didn’t see it coming, i swear I did not..
He rolls me over and lifts his hand.
“Tickle monster!”
The others shout .
I am below him.
I frown.
What’s that?
I soon find out.
He raises his hands and descends on my ribs.
I squeal.
Oh my God.
This was tickle monster.
I laugh so hard.
“Stop, please stop,”
I beg him.
“You want me to?”
I nod.
He countinues.
“You really want me to?”
I nod.
“K-s me”
He says.
I yell.
“Oh well”
He countinues.
“Please stop”
“You know what I want, itty bitty”
“Just k-s the man sister”
Tamara says.
Oh hell.
I mash my lips with his and he instantly stops,
pulls my head to him and deepens the k-s.
I raise my hand to his shoulder and I hold him
to me.
He breaks the k-s and whispers in my ear.
“Taste good baby”
I blush and I close my eyes as he nuzzles my
When I open my eyes I connect eyes with….
I pull away as i sit up, justice rolls up with a
He says with a question, he follows my gaze,
they all do.
He stands up.
“Who the hell are you?”
He asks with the coldness of the former justice.
I stand and I hold his arm.
“It’s alright justice, that’s my friend, kelechi”

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