Protected – Episode 22
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Am so nervous, Jesus, we got to this shindig
about 20 mins ago and I feel so out of place.
Even though am wearing a kick-ss gown and I
look pretty enough to eat, am just still me a
green girl from a backwater village in onitsha.
I sigh softly.
Am on justice arms and that alone should have
been enough, but the looks am getting are not
He has stepped away to talk to some
I know what julliet said and I understood but it
so hard you know.
I walk to the bar, am feeling kind of dizzy.
I signal for a waitress and she steps forward,
she is wearing a black gown, I notice the
catering staff are wearing something similar.
“Good evening ma’am, how may I help you?”
Am instantly taken aback, me ma’am?.
If I hear.
“Oh, please just call me magic, I love your
dress by the way”
“Thanks ma’am, am zinny, am the head
waiting staff, those guys over there are with
me, they are Abdul, Fabian, Carmen, Mandy,
godiya, ola, Vicki, Amma and Dare, we were
just admiring your dress,
They want me to let you know that you look
beautiful and we are prepared to serve you
well this evening.
If you need anything just signal”
I almost die, am overwhelmed, I can’t believe
people think am pretty, I mean, what?
“Thanks Zin, I will let you know, right now can I
please get a glass of sparkling water?”
“Right on that”
She steps away and returns and she gave me
a sweating glass of sparkling water, I take a
sip, refreshing.
As I take another I feel Justice’s presence
beside me and I turn.
“Am so sorry about that bitty, I had to make the
rounds with some of my colleagues”
I nod, I understand.
“S’oright, I made a friend”
I signal at Zin and she steps forward.
“Hi, zinny this is my…..this is justice,my …
guardian, justice, zinny, my new friend”.
He throws her a nod and she looks starstruck.
I won’t blame her, she looks exceptionally
handsome tonight.
I can’t believe we haven’t placed a label on
what we are, I was almost going to call him my

Thank God I saved my self from experiencing
that embarrassment.
I mean what would I have done if he had said
we were not dating.
Somebody shoot me.
I take another drink and he gently massages
my neck.
Soon we are approached by an older couple.
Justice stands straight and I know, I just know
this are our guests.
The man is tall and Noble looking, like he is
from old money, he has dark hair with some
streaks of white.
In his days am sure he sowed some wide oats.
The woman on the other hand looks like a
force to be reckoned with, she has attitude.
She breaths and walks it.
Her head is held high, she looks to be in her
late 30’s but I know she is older, much older.
The thing that strikes me most is her silver
eyes, they looks like molten silver.
I can see pain in there depths, deep pain, she
has experienced a loss.
A staggering one.
I can see the same pain mirrored in the man’s
But when they see justice, they smile, they
respect him.
And he respects them too I can see, the way
he is standing changes, his demeanor
changes too.
He drops his arrogance.
They get to us and he bows waist deep.
I like I should curtsy.
“Maxwells my man, bring it in”
The man says in a boisterous voice.
Justice embraces the man, I mean a full
“George, it’s so nice to see you, thanks for
your invitation”
He separates and turns to the woman, he
bends and kisses her cheeks, both cheeks.
“Margaret, you look stunning as always”
“Oh justice, flattering will get you everywhere”
She says in a surprisingly soft voice.
They turn to me and am assaulted with nerves.
“Margaret, George, this is my girlfriend ,
Apparently he has no misgivings on giving our
relationship a label.
I feel good.
I smile and I give a little bow.
“Good evening madam and sir, thanks so
much for having us, it’s a great party”
Am surprised when I am pulled into a hug by
Margaret, ha.
“You look so beautiful my dear”
She says this while kissing my cheeks.
I smile and blush.
Magic style.
“Thank you madam”
“Please call me Maggie or mother, am as well
a mother to your boyfriend”
I smile, pleased.
George shakes my hand and I greet.
Justice leads all of us to some seats and I seat
beside him.
“So tell me magic, where are you from?”
She says this while reaching for her husband’s
hand and immediately I can see they love
Where was Selene spawned from?
“Am from ontisha ma, my name is Emilia magic
I say and I see her exchange looks with her
Am sure they don’t approve, now that they’ve
found out am not from a wealthy socialite
But surprisingly they don’t let it show.
The conversation goes on and am instantly
pulled in, soon am bantering with George, am
siding with Maggie.
I laugh, I see we get some looks from the other
Time flies, justice gets me a drink.
We talk with the Efosa’s some more.
I find out they are from a part of Edo State but
settled in Lagos State because their company
is doing good here.
They are so warm, making me feel welcomed.
We even exchange numbers, Maggie and I.
I ask again, where was Selene gotten from?
A ditch?
Then again the snake has not shown herself
My gauze pulls at me, making me remember
the pain of the glass embedding itself into my
As if I conjured her up she shows up.
Magic why?
“Greetings parents”
She says as she leans and kiss George’s head
and kiss Maggie’s cheek.
She settles herself in a seat beside justice.
I don’t like that, i lean forward and I place my
hand on Justice’s arm, he turns to me and kiss
my cheek.
I glance at the Efosa’s and they look
Poor people.
“So justice, fancy seeing you here”
He just turns to her and gives her a cold look.
She places her hand on his arm too and I
clecnch his arm.
“I would appreciate Selene if you don’t touch
me ”
She looks taken aback and she drops her
hand, looking pissed.

I swallow a laugh.
The conversation is dead.
This woman singlehandedly ruined the mood.
That’s a fit.
We are approached by a man.
“Congrats, Selene, on the baby, that’s a
wonderful news”
I frown.
The man walks away and she looks at him as
he goes with a frown.
Her parents frown too.
A woman in a blue dress comes up and she
hugs Selene.
“Selene!, You are having a baby! such a good
news, but wait,….”
She mocks whispers.
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. What are you going to do about the herpes?”
Maggie shouts.
The woman walks away and I finally get what
was happening.
I almost smile.
Selene begins but another, wait about 5
people approach us.
All around I see people whispering about the
sickness Selene has.
Selene is looking around and I see maggie
looking around pissed.
“What is going on?”
Selene shouts and I hear laughter.
Maggie is so embarrassed George is looking
“Selene Imade Efosa, you have herpes?”
Maggie scream.
“Mama, I don’t…..”
“I am so disappointed Selene, I can’t believe I
gave birth to this excuse for a child”
George says.
“This has to stop, Selene, your accounts are
frozen, your houses and cars you can’t use,
untill you cure your self, until you become more
responsible, you are cut off, better go learn
how to work”
Maggie says and I was correct, she has
“But mama…,papa….”
“No buts imade, you are cut off, I can’t believe
George says.
It pains my heart to cause this people pain but
Selene deserves it.
It will be a sight to see the princess reduced to
a pauper.
She growls and walks away, on her way she
slips and falls on her face, the tray a waiter is
holding tips and falls on her body.
Embarrassment complete.
Justice pulls me to my feet after that.
“We will take our leave now, am sorry about
this evening”
We stand .
“Am so sorry about this justice,we will talk
tommorow in the office”
Justice nods and pulls me outside.
When I get out I burst out laughing.
Yup, tonight was a good night.
) A viral infection, caused by Human
alphaherpesvirus 1 and Human
alphaherpesvirus 2, marked by painful, watery
blisters in the skin or mucous membranes or on
the genitals
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