Protected – Episode 21
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After that announcement last night I was
Dinner countinued as usual.
If I was someone else I would probably be
scared for Selene.
Justice got this looks in eyes and I knew all hell
will be let loose soon.
And here I was my greatest fear was not to be
It’s the next morning.
I am in the kitchen, as always making
breakfast, am trying to toast some bread and
fry some bacon.
It’s going smoothly.
After breakfast I go to my room. And I start
watching TV.
What ever justice said yesterday about a party
must have been a joke.
I settle into my bed and I almost burst out
laughing because the movie was a comedy.
Oh I so love my white movies.
I was getting to the best part when my door
burst open.
Sandra and julliet and another lady sweeps
into my room, acting for all the world like it’s
What now? cue Rihanna’s voice.
“Hello Ma Cherie”
That was sandra, i get up and kiss her cheek.
“Hi, Sandra, julliet”
I turn to the other lady.
“Oh, magic, this is Tamara, my cousin”
(So who remembers this lady? Comment.)
I exchange greetings and I see that they have
a big garment bag with them.
I open my mouth to ask but julliet beats me to
“Tamara, is a stylist, she is good with make up
and colours”
That’s cool but what’s my business?
She answers my unspoken thought.
“You are going to a party with justice, you
have to look the part.”
Are these people for real?
“Are you guys for real?”
“I don’t know what that mean but yes, we are
That was sandra, I shake my head, this is so
I take everything in, Sandra is perched on my
bed, julliet is standing in front of my dresser
and the lady Tamara is going through my
design pad.
Well what?
“Isn’t it too early to start dressing up? I mean
it’s just past 12”
They look at there selves and burst out
“No bella, getting ready is never too early, well
come on, you have to get your hair done”
That was Tamara, she pulls me in the direction
of my bathroom.
Before I know it I am being undressed, my hair
is being fried, ok maybe not fried but it felt like
My nails are getting polished, my legs are
That thing hurt so bad.
I am plied with chocolate and gossip.
I found out Tamara is a mother of one, she
lives with her boyfriend they love themselves
but they are not married, his mother is a witch.
I find out that Julliet went through a tough time
when she first arrived in Nigeria from the
(If you wanna find out, refer to my first novel
( The Homecoming ), can’t talk about here)
She had a really tough time.
Then finally I find out that Sandra has had a
crush on Justin forever.
Well what!
“I mean the first time I knew I was in love with
him was when he helped me from the rain
about 2 years ago,
He covered me with his jacket, it was so hot, I
wished he would have kissed me.”
Sandra gushes and I almost die, I blush
deeply, talking about k-sing and any form of
intimacy is still a tricky subject for me.
They notice my blush.
Of course.
“Tell me bella, you’ve never k-sed justice?”
Tamara asks and I blush.
“Eww, Tammy,.that’s my brother”
“Oh shush girl”
Sandra says.
“Well? Tell us, I want to know too.” julliet says
I shake my head.
“Oh come on, don’t be shy”
That’s Tamara .
“I have k-sed him..”
I say hesitatingly
The three of them say and lean from there
“Well go on”
“But am scared that I don’t know how to do it
I say and they lean back.
“Am sure you are superb at it”
Julliet says.
I ask insecurely.
“Yeah baby girl, I mean the man is smitten with
Sandra says
I smile and blush.
“Yeah am sure he is, I mean wait, how am i
sure? I feel like I am not up to standards, he is
rich I am poor.”
“Don’t let him hear you say that sweets, you
are a Maxwells now, even if it doesn’t work out,
you will always be a Maxwell,
You don’t have to care what people will think,
he never says sorry for his decision, he has
never, he will never”
Julliet says and I am reassured.
But wait.
“He never says sorry?”
I ask.
“He never, not ever”
“But he told me sorry the other day”
All eyes turns to me in surprise and
“Justice told you sorry?”
I nod.
“Oh my God magic, you totally tamed my
Julliet says and I smile in confusion.
Tamara says and she turns me to the mirror,
she has been working on my make-up.
I look at my self and it takes me a while to
realize the reflection am staring at is actually
my self.
I look so beautiful, yes I do, and am me.
I turn and I feel tears rush to the surface.
“No no, you can’t cry, you look too beautiful to
Sandra says and I smile.
“Thank you so much for this, I love you guys.”
“We love you too”
We hug and share a moment.
“And for the dress…”
Julliet produces a long red dress.
I gasp.
It’s an original Michael kors.
“I can’t wear that, it’s sacred”
They roll there eyes.
“We know you are a cloth freak magic but you
tots deserve this, it is a limited edition”
Ok, that was not helping the case.
I take a deep breath and I grab the gown I
walk to the bathroom and I change.
When I come out I feel like am walking on air.
They look at me in awe and am nervous.
I step in front of the mirror and I look at myself.
The gown is blood red, it has a droopy back
and front, you can see the dimple on my back
It’s rightly scandalous.
I love it.
The front is embedded with little pearls, I was
showing a lot of cleavage.
I love it.
I smile at the girls.
Julliet produces a silver high heel and I feel
like Cinderella.
I wear it and I totter on the heels, I almost fall..
I looove it.
I wear studded pearl earrings anda dropping
pearl necklace a diamond bracelet all provided
by julliet.
I almost cry, I look prettier than Cinderella.
I turn and I hug them again.
This time Sandra hands me a silver clutch
purse and am set.
Through all this I can see it’s almost 9 in the
Now i see why they wanted us to start early.
I walk downstairs with the girls leading me.
I gasp inaudibly.
He looks so handsome in his black tux and
black inner shirt.
He turns to me and I forget to breath.
He is staring at me and I am immediately
He takes my hand when I get to the last step
and he raises it to his lips and k-ses my palm.
“You look beautiful bitty”
I blush and he k-ses my cheek.
“So you ready to kick Selene’s butt?”
I smile and nod.
Tonight will be a good night.

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