Protected – Episode 20
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MAGIC. Walking around with a big gauze on my hand is not fun. I mean Am so embarrassed. I can’t believe Selene got the slip on me like that, ugh. Am trying to make dinner with one hand. Guess what? It’s not working. I power through and finally concoct something. I set the table and I ring the bell, I stand with my hand behind my back. It’s late in the evening so all of them should be back. I don’t want to have to explain to everyone that I was attacked by Selene They all come down and I greet “Hey magic, did you get the grapes?” That was Justin, I nod. “They are right on the table” “Thanks little one” He takes his seat, julliet and Alec does too. Justice enters and takes his seat. I feel my chest swell with an unknown emotion.. He looks so handsome . He speaks without turning to me. “Why aren’t you sitting magic?” Oops. I didn’t think of that. I quickly make an excuse. “Am going to eat in my room” All eyes turn to me, even Alec drops the yam he was nibbling on. So much for incognito magic. You idiot. “What’s wrong?” Julliet asks. “Are you sick? Or wait, are you angry at any of us?” She looks close to crying. Jeez. Where did she come up with that? “No, no, I don’t hate anybody, I mean am not angry at anybody and am not sick, I just want to be alone” “Why?” Justin asks and I almost growl in frustration. Do I need an excuse to be alone? “Itty bitty, what’s wrong?” I sigh. “Nothing, am just…” “What happened to your hand” Alec asks. In my nervousness I brought my hand forward to wring. I can see some speck of blood , I think I pulled my stitches. Magic, you moron. Justice seats up and points a finger at me then at the seat beside him. I quickly take my seat. “Now, tell me Emilia, what Happened to your hand?” I spout out everything and when am done I take a deep breath. “Let me get this straight, Selene attacked you?” I nod Justice asks calmly and I nod, he is so calm so am positive he won’t be angry. Am also sure he won’t think am a pushover. “Selene attacked you and you didn’t instantly call me, you even went to the hospital by yourself, stitched your palm by yourself without me there,” “Uh oh” Julliet says I nod my head,. I don’t know if he is asking a question or stating a fact, i just nod again. His voice is rising and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I shift back in my seat. “First off baby girl, you do not get hurt, secondly, you tell me when someone threatens you, and thirdly, Selene is dead” “Justice….” That was Justin. “You can’t kill Selene, it’s going to take a lot of work to hide her body” “I don’t fucking care” I almost gasp, they are talking about killing a woman like they are discussing the weather. “Let’s think about this guy’s, my son is sitting here, I don’t want him to think violence is the best answer” “Violence….awesome” That was Alec, julliet is also not surprised. Am wondering, are they used to this?. “Justin, get me Selene’s location now” Justice says and Justin leaves, nodding. What? Wait, his family knows about Selene but not what she did? It must be hard keeping such a secret to himself. I open my mouth, his eyes cut to me in anger. Ok….. “Justice,….” I start. “Not now itty bitty” I scowl. “You did it again, you used your name for me in anger”. He turns to me. “You do not get to do that right now magic, you made a mistake when you refused to call me as soon as you were hurt You do not get to be angry, you do not get to make me feel guilty, you as well as hell do not get to be hurt without I f-king doing something!” He used the f word twice now he must be angry. I almost slap myself. Of course he is angry magic. “Can we stop cussing?, My son is sitting right here” Alec just stuffs more yam down his throat and watches the drama. I don’t know what made me do what I did next. Oh wait. I know. Am sick of the tension. I frown and he raises an eyebrow, I scrunch my face up and I let the water works start. I cry so hard. He falls for it. Jackpot. “Baby…..” He pulls me from my chair and into his lap. “You don’t have to cry” I sniffle . “You don’t have to hurt Selene, well not physically” I glance at at julliet and she gives me an hidden thumbs up. I go on. “We don’t have to stoop so low as to hurt her, we can just take something dear from her”. He Pat’s my hair. “Are you going to cry?” I shake my head. Justin enters. “I peg her location at her family mansion, seems they are having some type of soiree, she Is planning” What? How did he get that so fast? “That’s it” Julliet says “That’s what?” I ask through my fake tears. “We get you to the party tomorrow evening” She says. “Yes that’s right, you go and justice deals with her from there.” Am not comprehending. This family, seems thier mind works together. “Yes, that’s what we will do, I am I was sent an invitation” What? He turns to me, justice. “Get ready bitty, we are going to a party” Who are this people?


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